Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Why Boobies In Games Are Awesome

Boobies, so nice & supple. A perfect way to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to talk about them!

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CocoWolfie1776d ago

theyre a great appeal to both genders (mainly males) but i dont see nothing wrong with them :) it creates a less serious fun world away from all stuff we dont like :/

HelpfulGamer1775d ago

Bigger Breast, Bigger Awareness.

miyamoto1775d ago

Dragon's Crown
is one of the most definitive rpgs ever made
just cant get enuff of this great game

MontyQ1775d ago

sad part is sum nerds fap to cartoon women lmao

snipab8t1775d ago

Whereas you fap to real women...on pornhub.

Acquiescence1775d ago

Real women, cartoon women - both are equally fappable. I don't discriminate.

Heisenburger1775d ago

What the hell is "sum"?

What the hell is "fap"?

What the hell happened to using real words!?

*smashes keyboard*

Acquiescence1775d ago

It's not really her thumb nail I'm interested in.

fsfsxii1775d ago

Same here.
Can i lick that honey??

lfPetrini1775d ago

I might be the only one here who doesn't care fot XL breasts. I think small ones are way better looking, but that's only my opinion.

DrRobotnik1775d ago

I agree with you. To each it's own. But I shall never turn away any pillows, no matter the dem bewbs;)

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