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GiggMan1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Wow it really is a new day and age when a Call of Duty multiplayer article appears and no one seems to really care lol.

I for one may be picking this up due to a lack of local co-op multiplayer games at launch. Got to justify getting 4 controllers and have some friends over for some splitscreen.

jimbobwahey1696d ago

I'll be picking it up because I think COD is fun and I enjoy playing it :)

GiggMan1696d ago

I feel you. I'm getting Battlefield for the online. Killzone for the single player (that's gonna be my show piece next gen game). I'll find room for CoD also.

Salooh1696d ago

lol , that video changed many cod fans mind on buying ghost. But if you still like it then have fun ^^. Each have different taste.

nukeitall1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Last time I got BattleField, I resold the game within 2 days. The single player was atrocious.

CoD is the game for me, because campaign is never a let down. Multiplayer, I prefer Gears of War, but love co-op on CoD.

So while I wait for GoW, I will play Titanfalls instead! :D

byeGollum1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

@ gigg...You're lucky you've got ppl to play with...

GiggMan1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Yeah, fortunately, plus my kids play too (13 and 11). I'm probably the only person in my "real life circle" that will be getting a next gen console at launch. Once it arrives I'm sure people are going to want to check it out and see what the hype is about. Unfortunately local co-op games are a dying breed.

It's no fun have a room full of people and everyone watching one person play a single player game lol. I prefer to have the option of split screen multiplayer, cheating looking at other peoples screen and all. The person with the least kills has to pass the stick lol.

Salooh1696d ago

Buy TTT2 , it's awesome when people gather in your house .

Majin-vegeta1696d ago

I don't know wether to laugh or just facepalm my head into a desk -_-.

Swiggins1696d ago

You can't facepalm into a desk...

Facepalming means you slap your face into the palm of your hand.

If you "facepalm" into a desk, you're just hitting your head onto a desk.

mhunterjr1696d ago

I don't know, this just seems like another way to make the game accessible to folks who don't want to bother figuring out how to be good at the game. 'I suck playing online, so I'll just play against a bunch of bots that look like online players'

solidworm1696d ago

Sure 9 yr olds will love it.

Swiggins1696d ago

Great, so I'll see you there? =D

BigShotSmoov0071696d ago

The time is coming where the interest for COD is getting weaker and weaker. Thats what happens when you come out with same game over and over again every single year. The appeal is at it's lowest level for this franchise.

xHoii1696d ago

Not really, maybe it's just the haters on N4G, I suppouse they got a bit tired of hating on COD.
But seriously have a look at this week's preorder figures, nearly the same preorders as last year if not more at this period of time...
I mean what's wrong with Ghosts? Yeah I'm tired of the shifty graphics, but I'm happy with everything else.. those kids you hate on COD I come from uni to play with a couple of friends and cry from laughter because of them.. Oh and I really don't find anything as competetive as Black ops 2s league play, it's tight and fast paced, out of the half a million ppl that are always on only about 30 thousand play that... Go on to that and then tell me cod doesn't need team work or skill, and yes I do enjoy it more than BF3...
Don't believe me and think I'm a kid or some casual gamer?
Well I'm top 1000 for bf3 score per minute based on hundreds of hours played, but you need to know that COD will always have it's fanbase :D
Oh psns xhoii btw, no friend request, just check.. lol hater

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