Transistor and the Secrets of the DualShock 4

Posted by Greg Kasavin // Creative Director, Supergiant Games -

While being part of a small independent studio like Supergiant has its share of challenges, it’s got a lot of advantages going for it, too. For instance, one of the ironic differences I’ve experienced going from a very big game studio to a very small one is that things can often move a lot faster when there aren’t too many people around to say “no.”

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GiggMan1747d ago

Cool. Glad to see people utilizing the controller. I for one like the light bar, can't wait to see how they use the speaker.

FamilyGuy1747d ago

"You know what? The controller has a speaker on it, too. We’re looking into that"

I expect/hope that whenever the sword is speaking or if it whispers at some point that the audio would come out of the speaker. That would definitely add to the immersion/feeling.

byeGollum1747d ago

Nice, indies using the tech at their disposal.

Xsilver1747d ago

Sounds Awesome i guess indie devs really think outside the box.

XtraTrstrL1747d ago

Sweet, I don't think any of the DS4 features are gimmicks, glad to see devs utilizing them in unique ways so early. I especially love the touchpad, so many things can be done with it, and at the very least it can be used for extra buttons.