Phil Spencer: Primarily Cloud Based “things” are “incubating”

Users have been wondering about how the cloud would be used, Phil gave an answer.

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malokevi1815d ago

Awesome. the res thing... common sense. We should all know that. The cloud thing? HELL YEAH! I can't wait to see what sort of stuff they come up with. Hopefully some crazy persistent-world MMOs/FPS.

Halo 5... Halo 5... come hither.

Abriael1815d ago

Honestly I'd much rather them use as well as possible the local CPU/GPU, having to rely on the internet connection all the time is good for MMORPGs when all you need to receive are very small packages of data with position of characters and things like that, but we'll see.

malokevi1815d ago

No doubt that whatever they build will rely as much as possible on local processes. That's just... the easiest/common sense thing to do. What I'm excited for is how they can build on that existing power with remote processing. For games that leverage the tech, obviously they will be "always online" games.

Of course, there will be plenty of games that wont use the cloud. But I'm excited for the ones that do.

P0werVR1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Well, seeing the transitioning of games like The Division and Destiny. You can already see where cloud computing comes in. Especially if they can use computing rendering capabilities.

Without a doubt within 2-3 years, average connections will increase. With companies like Google Fiber lighting the fire under major ISPs arses shows that it is inevitable will be in a fiber land by then.

Conclusion? Xbox One truly is future proof and Azure has HUGE potential in the realm of "multiplayer online" gaming.



They have more than enough hardware capabilities to develop great games for now, example by it's launch titles. But as time goes on, the playing field is changing and Xbox One is readily prepared. Bigger worlds (enhanced graphics), intuitive A.I.s and newer gameplays.

I believe Microsoft is NOT JOKING when they say Xbox One will last more than 10 years.


Ummm yeah, Im 21.

But that doesn't have nothing to do with this. Answer to your assumption: DEMAND!

Simply because of digitalization, the demand is increasing here in the states. From e-commerce to e-insurance or just digital in general is without a doubt pushing that demand, and Google and other companies are pushing that bar up.

Government influence:

MizTv1815d ago

They should of just made better hardware instead of relying on the "power of the cloud"

limewax1815d ago


No offence but I'm guessing your fairly young since you're under the impression the average internet speed will be significantly better in a few years.

Most places only have internet that is 4x faster than it was over a decade ago. In fact very few places are even registered to be upgraded in the next few years in the UK alone, not to mention other countries.

In reality the average internet speed might be at a level that could make cloud technology a possibility in another decade....when the Xbox One's life cycle is at an end.

JokesOnYou1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Well I think its both, seriously why cant folks grasp the idea that even a offline single player game can be "enhanced" with the cloud. 1st you just go to work and make any game lets say Ryse for example the best you can make it running only on local hardware. 2nd you go back and optimize more with online/cloud in mind, basicly upgrading things like the AI now adapting to your in game behavior, changing items and charachter locations dynamicly so that they are never in the same place, making npc respond with realtime comments based on when you started playing like "Good Morning" or whatever time of day it actually is, or even yes games load faster and perform better when connected to the cloud because non essential computing tasks (dont need to be done super fast upfront) can be offloaded while online= you still get a great offline experience just CONNECTED its BETTER. No one loses the game will be just as great as it always would have been but for those of us who can/have a good connection get improvements that don't come at the cost of the best the devs were able to create with just local hardware.

shoddy1815d ago

Dependant on teh clowdz is unreliable.
Internet connection could lag often.
the gaming experience will be inconsistent.

if the cloud could make games run 1080p 60fps then there is no need to upgrade hardware for the next next gen

UltimateMaster1815d ago

What's with those headlines anyway?
They're so inaccurate most of the time or just make the Xbox One look less appealing.

nukeitall1815d ago

The differentiating factor this next generation are going to be the cloud. I mean, nobody else has previously made so much computing power so cheaply and so available around the world.

MS is in a unique position to offer this as one of the companies with the most computers in the world:

“I[Steve Balmer, CEO of MS] claim there really are almost no companies in the world, just a handful, that are really investing in scaled public cloud infrastructure,” said Ballmer (see transcript ). “We have something over a million servers in our data center infrastructure. Google is bigger than we are. Amazon is a little bit smaller. You get Yahoo! and Facebook, and then everybody else is 100,000 units probably or less. So the number of companies that really understand the network topology, the data center construction, the server requirements to build this public cloud infrastructure is very, very small.”


Simply put, there is no console maker that can match MS in cloud.

ALLWRONG1815d ago

Welcome to the wall of damage control and spin.

denawayne1815d ago

@Joke - I think you get disagrees just because it's you saying it. Everything you said makes sense to me. The best part about the cloud is, as a long time gamer, it's a technology that has yet to be used on consoles the way MS is intending to use it. I'm imagining new and exciting ways to play future games. To me, it's not about who has the better graphics anymore. It's about who can give you the better experience.

shadow27971815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )


Could you explain to me why the cloud is needed for any of the things you just listed? I mean, the game reacting to the time of day? Games have done that the past couple generations. Game reacting to your in-game behavior? Psycho Mantis comes to mind, from PS1. Random item placement? Again not new. Local machines can do all these things.

The cloud is better for storing either large amounts of shared data (Drivatars in Forza) or game changes that will happen frequently or in unanticipated ways. Sunset Overdrive will give players topical items and character skins, for example.

Microsoft hasn't been very good about telling us what the cloud will actually do for gaming and how it will work. That's why so many are skeptical. The current cloud slogan seems to be "wait and see." It'll be interesting what they come up with, particularly things that can't be done on other platforms. I'm sure they have a few things up their sleeves.

scott1821814d ago

Good for microsoft and sony for both having cloud capabilities.... not sure who's will be better for gaming. We will wait and see i guess.

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Elit3Nick1815d ago

Lol at the sony fanboys downvoting everything, but I can't wait to see how halo 5 will look, 60fps, use of cloud, hopefully an increase of max players in big team.

malokevi1815d ago

Easier to perceive downvotes as validation around here, if you're an outspoken Xbox gamer.

I'm with yah on the player increases. It's about time that counts go up. 32v32 spartans? Holy smokes, Batman!

I wan't halo 5 complete with Kinect and cloud juices.

GutZ311815d ago

I'm all for the future, but you do realize halo 5 will have no help or development from Bungie?
Halo 4 had partial help from Bungie, but I wasn't thrilled with its outcome.
I am fairly pessimistic about the people working on projects that are not their own, look at what became of spyro the dragon...

BlackTar1871815d ago

If it increases players does that mean people wth barely adequate connections will be tossed out the room or how does that work? Is the Xbox the higher end console where you have to meet dress codes to get in? Serious question.

Xsilver1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

@malokevi "I wan't halo 5 complete with Kinect and cloud juices"
Now gather around everyone this a true delusional xbot what real halo gamer would say that i mean seriously i know real halo fans and i never heard those words use all together in a sentence. hes too far gone no saving him now.

malokevi1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Who cares? If you have DSL, then you aren't playing. Can't stand the heat? The kitchen is not an ideal place to be.

I hope they floor this stuff. Why make concessions for people with bad connections? Why make concessions for people without an Xbox? I want games fully optimized to take advantage of the privileges I am fortunate to have in my life. If that means some people can't play... TOUGH! XD

Don't pack heat? Don't roll with thugs.


I play Halo on a weekly basis. Nobody cares what you say, boyo. Your cynicism is showing.

edit: act like it? What is that supposed to mean? All Halo players are carbon copies and must obey the rules of Halo, and ensure that the series stagnates as an 12v12 player FPS with no support from all the XB1s awesome feature set?

Just because what is obviously your console of choice doesn't have cloud/sensor out of the box doesn't mean Xbox gamers don't want to see what these things can do. Pigeonhole yourself all you want, I'm excited for everything the Xbox brings, whilst also excited for what PS4 is bringing. Not everyone sees the world as being so black/white.

I'll act like I want, buddy boy! Don't like it? Lump it!

Edit again: What a terribly valid and comprehensive response. You are a credit to your species!

Why are you such a depressing sod of a person? Go duel-shock ur ballz, if that's what your into. Nobody cares!

Xsilver1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

@malokei well act like it. you say you don't care but you still respond so obviously u do boyo.
Edit lmaoooooooooo dude cry me a river u surely need therapy, i think its time for you to get off the internet .

BlackTar1871815d ago


Well lucky for you MS isn't taking your business decisions. Because if they did they would discontinue the xbox. You can't survive as a business on catering to the 5% of the country who have the internet speed to take full advantage of the cloud. So thankfully for gamer everywhere we won't have MS commit suicide like that.

That said depending on what the haul is the bandwidth requirement could be smaller which would help alot. Not sure as im not a engineer at MS.

But int he end the way you act is suicide you will never cater to only 5% and turn a profit unless your product is of much higher value.

FlunkinMonkey1815d ago


"Easier to perceive downvotes as validation around here, if you're an outspoken Xbox gamer."

Haha, whatever makes you sleep brother.. Dangerously delusional.

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AngelicIceDiamond1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

So achieving 1080p and 60FPS is up to the devs for the most part.

MizTv1815d ago

You need the hardware to do it

cell9891815d ago

you are one exited xbone fan

malokevi1815d ago

No doubt about it.

The dawn of a new era approacheth.

Patrick1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

yep, you "exited" reality thinking the Xbone and MS was all that. lol

The dawn of a new era approacheth and thankfully, Sony will lead the way.

nypifisel1815d ago

The cloud doesn't work like that. Persistent worlds have existed since the 90s. It's called server side managing. It's not a new exciting cloud, it's how all MMOs have worked since their dawn.

DigitalRaptor1815d ago

Shhhhh. they'll hear you.

Sadly gullible people will take corporate spin, and run blindly with it.

JamieL1814d ago

@ DigitalRaptor
I agree 100%, just like "the power of the cell", and "8GB of gddr5"?

nypifisel1813d ago

The cell? Sure! But how the heck does that apply to the fact that the PS4 got 8GB GDDR5 memory? It's simply much better memory than the Xbox One.

DoubleM701814d ago


Why so many disagreements on your post? We are living in 2013 people don't want to see new technology pushing game developement? Why are people taken this stuff so personal? If Microsoft say they can do new things with the cloud it's only good for gamers. Sony and Xbox fans alike.

nypifisel1813d ago

Thing is, they're lying about the capabilities of "the cloud".

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ape0071815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

im not sure about the cloud enhancing gfx thing but I get that it enhances online play

GiggMan1815d ago

It can't enhance graphics. If you notice not even Microsoft will even come out and say that because it would be false.

Elit3Nick1815d ago

um Microsoft did say that, like, 2 days ago. How about you actually wait for it to release before out rite deny it...

Rhythmattic1814d ago

Lets get to the basics, "infinite power of the cloud"

MS's words.

Cueil1814d ago

in 05 we had flip phones with 1.5-2 inch screens... cloud computation is coming... in the mean time you can offload a lot to servers on MP based gameplay

mhunterjr1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

I doubt the cloud could do much to improve graphics, but it could aid in making experiences more immersive.

I'd like to have ai that can respond to voice conversationally. I'm not talking about typical voice commands, I'm talking about AI that can hear what you say, interpret context and tone, and respond/react accordingly. That type of processing would need to be cloud powered.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Kinect playing a more integral role in what we would core gaming. No i don't want to flail around while playing Halo5, but if I wouldn't be opposed to using hand signals to issue orders in a tactile action game. I also wouldn't mind if heightened emotion (as measured by the heat rate monitor) had an effect on what took place on screen. I'm no developer, but I'm sure their are folks in the industry who could make use of the tech.

christocolus1815d ago

man ms sure knows how to get me all excited and guessing atleast one out of the rumored games from rare and 343 are fully cloud based......anyway im leavin it to ms research to come out with some cool stuff.

christocolus1815d ago

whats your problem mr?...does my opinion bother you?...why you guys troll this hard is beyond me...its an xbx article if you hate it so much then leave.....thanks

Cueil1814d ago

Spark is almost completely cloud based... you have issues with reality?

FITgamer1815d ago

First, you're entitled to your opinion. Second, not sure how i'm trolling. I just mean it must be nice to be so naive embracing everything Microsoft says with open arms and as full truth. Im guessing your in the 16-20 age group.

christocolus1815d ago

Dude comments like yours are the reason n4g is this way..i cant be excited about a particular device or service because others dont feel same way ?...i own an xbx and a ps and i enjoy both but ms xbx live service has always amazed me..and iv had so much fun with friends playing a few kinect games...i love some of the work ms research has done in the past even outside gaming and i respect ms as a company and even now ms research is working closely with ms first party studios to find ways to innovate their whats wrong if im excited about that,the cloud, kinect etc? ms has been looking for ways to move this industry forward and unlike many here i appreciate them for organisation is perfect they have made a few mistaeks but nothing bad enough to make me ignore them could place me between 16 to 29 or even 10 to 16 doesnt need to learn to respect peoples views and opinions and if you have to reply to comments then do so in a mature and reasonable way.....that said i do look forward to the amazing things ms ould do with their cloud..atleast im being optimistic.

buynit1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

"im not sure how im tolling"

I believe you, im sure its hard to tell when your head is so far up one particular companies ass just getting past the smell is hard enough.

So now ppl are naive for hoping that it all works out and embracing it, you Sony fanatics get so dam butt hurt its crazy.. Then you have the nerves to call your self a Gamer! Lmfao!

You must be in the bitter 50-60 age group..

rainslacker1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )


I'm not going to comment on your excitedness, there are others that are as well, and more power to them.

But when 95% of your initial comments sound like they're written by MS PR department it's kind of hard to take you seriously. On top of that, the way you write,particularly in your initial postings, just isn't the way people speak unless they're from some disney'esque sitcom written for people between the age of 9-15. It's only when your confronted that you sound immature and start acting all defensive, immediately railing against the evil powers of the Sony fan boy brigade.

If you could once, just show some modicum of criticism for MS, which they deserve no matter how excited you are for the system(same as I do for Sony), maybe it'd be easier to not think your a shill.

Note:I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that your not a shill, and actually do want to be taken seriously. Believe it or not, there are Sony fans on here that aren't out to get anyone, or incite flame wars. Some of us just like to discuss.

solidworm1815d ago

Amazed that people are still falling for this cloud enhancing graphics crap. This shit as been debunked already countless times by devs on all sides of the argument.

Regis1815d ago

Assuming people don't talk bad about the console in an article then you should know where the bubbles are going if you only have two now.

mhunterjr1815d ago

I'm skeptical myself, but nvidia disagrees with you

buynit1815d ago

Debunking something before its even out... Im amazed at the tunnel vision a lot of you have..

Foxhound9221814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

There are these people called developers. They are the ones who make a game before it's released. They are the ones saying it's a load of s***... So far, the only people praising the cloud are Microsoft CEOS and Microsoft first party developers who are obviously financially obligated to say positive things. When the people that have first hand experienceand are developing games say it's useless, then it's most likely useless.

buynit1814d ago

Really... So its the developers that makes the Games! I didn't know that makes.. /s

Considering its untaped technology i would assume ms first party devs have the most advantage and unlimited access to prove ppl wrong... Just cause certain devs can't do certain things doesn't mean all devs can't do that certain thing. I would much rather wait for ms to prove right or wrong with their devs.. Until then you can take what every devs you are talking about and shove them...

denawayne1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

I'm assuming you think graphics are the only thing you can enhance on a game.

solidworm1815d ago

Seeing as Im talking about graphics then that is exactly what Im stating ffs. Youd need the server exchange in your kitchen and an internet connection knocking out thousands of mb,s of data a second. Maybe in 20 years wel see this but seeing as MS have had Azure some years now and yet no 360 game looked like real life dont you think its time you dudes woke up and smelt the coffee.

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