OXM UK: Unreal Tournament 3 Preview - It's finally coming to Xbox 360 and it's shaping up nicely

OXM UK writes: "One thing you're reminded of when playing Unreal Tournament 3 for the first time is how old skool it is.

Not old skool in the sense that the graphics are made of four-coloured pixels, or there's a 'save the president!' storyline underpinning the game or anything like that. Rather, Unreal Tournament 3 is old skool in the sense that you can just pick it up and run 'n gun straight away.

While there are more complicated modes to uncover, as well as hoverboard controls and other bits and pieces, this is about Unreal Tournament 3 on the 360. It works like a charm. The frame-rate is silky smooth, the split screen works without a hitch and the graphics are sexy."

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