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The original Zelda is a special game for many and led to a game genre characteristic that inspired games for years. Ittle Dew does not hide his inspiration and despite many changes, which are sufficient to give an identity, anyone who has played the original Zelda can fail to see the similarities. Ittle Dew begins with our heroine shipwrecked and washed for an unknown beach. With just a moderately sharp stick and his winged friend and Tippsie as support Ittle goes in search of a way out of the island and any treasure it may fill their pockets.

She meets with Itan, a seller who offers to build a raft seaworthy in exchange of the mysterious artifact hidden in a nearby castle. He also has three unique items for sale, the sword of fire, ice wand, and wand portal. The main challenge and the most interesting aspect Ittle Dew is the creative combination of these items to solve puzzles and progress through the castle.

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