Will The Xbox One Live Up To Its “No Jerks” Promise

For the last few months, Microsoft has been saying that the new reputation system being used with the upcoming Xbox One console will cut down on the number of crap-talking tools that have historically kept some gamers away from taking advantage of online multiplayer games. Now the company is explicitly marketing the Xbox One as a “No Jerks” experience.

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malokevi1778d ago

As long as I'm playing, there will always be jerks on XBL.

Mike134nl1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Ofcourse there will always be jerks online, thing is if the system works they will be playing with other jerks. But hey it could turn into a giant circlejerk

nukeitall1777d ago

I think there will always be jerk, and people can be cool most of the time and jerk every now and then too, so this won't eliminate it.

However, if the community is spread across a wide population of different people, then in theory you should end up playing with people more similar to you. That means, jerk or no jerk, they are similar!

I see only one way to get rid of jerks (as in drastically reduce it):

Make every Xbox Live account link to a real facebook profile. When you are no longer anonymous, people start thinking twice about being @ssholes.

Combine this with the fact that MS charges you a fee for the account, then it gets expensive to be an @asshole.

Goku7811777d ago

Probably not, because some of their most die hard fans take offense to everything.

Hicken1777d ago

If the MS fans that are on this site actually buy the XB1, it'll be jerk resplendent.

CrossingEden1777d ago

Maybe because people like YOU constantly harass us. -_- I'm actually glad people like you will be on a different console.

nukeitall1777d ago

Look here, Xbox One news, but we got the Playstation fangirl Hicken in here attacking gamers that like Xbox One.

Guess we know who the jerk is!

malokevi1777d ago

amen, brother. Will be more then happy to rid myself of the N4G SDF when XB1 drops. Go our separate ways, never to meet again!

*sigh of relief*

GT: killing machine

Ketzicorn1777d ago

If they can keep MS PR staff off of Live then they should be fine.

LaidBakLazyHippo1777d ago

i bet people will abuse the system...

kratos_TheGoat1777d ago

there will be jerks in every console like pc, ps3, 360 wii u, etc just ignore them by mute them that sometimes I will do

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The story is too old to be commented.