Games of the Generation: LA Noire

GamerNode Senior Editor Mike Murphy writes: "Toward the end of this seventh console generation, certain games emerged that dared to question just what makes a video game a video game. Though not as extreme a case as Heavy Rain, LA Noire is without a doubt one of the most notorious examples. The game’s insistence on a more story- and character-focused experience provided gameplay that harkened back to classic adventure titles made by LucasArts and Sierra Entertainment in the ’80s and ’90s, yet remained innovative enough to become something all its own..."

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HeyImBen111782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Havn't played it yet, but i havn't heard thaat good things about it. Should i try it?

rigbybot1271782d ago

Absolutely! This is an amazing game.

GrizzliS19871782d ago

disagree. the only game this gen i havent completed to the finish. Horribly boring. agonizing.

that goes without saying that i am level 13 on PSN and never attempted to hunt for a single trophy. Just regular playthroughs and whatever i get, i get.

Meaning, i played a ton of games lol

NukaCola1782d ago

I really liked it. It's slower but I am a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series and Cing games on the DS so I was all about solving clues and stuff. Get the DLC too. When it went multiplat they cut content from the game. It's all really good so play it all. Don't expect a GTA game. It's a ton on interrogations and clue solving. A decent amount of combat and a small bit of exploring challenges. I found the mysteries and investigation portions the most rewarding and the face tech was really good.

I hope Team Bondi's next game is even better.

GarrusVakarian1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I loved it. But my friends didn't. It's not for everyone. I loved the facial animation tech and how its so detailed and so subtle that the slightest eyebrow twitch or eyeball movement can give signs of guilt, i loved the era the game was set in and the story was decent. It was a little repetitive at times but the department you work in changes as the story progresses so it wasn't too bad.

If you like anything to do with detectives, you should love it.

Dante811782d ago

Depends. Do you like detective adventure games? If yes, then you will probably like it. On the other hand, if you are pew pew pew-aholic then this might not tickle your COD bone.

3-4-51782d ago

I've been wanting to maybe play this for a while. It's got to be pretty cheap by now, might go give it a try.

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iamnsuperman1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

No. No. No. God No. Hell No..........

This game is flawed at its core. Its gameplay is basically walk around aimlessly until your controller vibrates, then you interrogate someone, then you go somewhere to chase someone, then you interrogate them with the end goal of choosing between two or three suspects (usually two). Rinse and repeat for hours on end. The story wasn't even that good. One of the worst games I played this generation (to be fair I try to avoid crap games but this game is a pretty looking piece of crap)