Outlast Review | Saving Content

Excerpt: "Not surprisingly, the asylum houses many unstable patients, most of which willing to rip you limb from limb. With no way to defend yourself from one of these hulking creatures of misfortune, your choices are to run or die. While running, you can press Q or E to look over your shoulder, you know, just to make sure the bone chilling sound footsteps are indeed following you very closely.

Most often you can run, break line of sight, and hide in a locker or under a bed. They’ll do a simple investigation, sweep the area, and then return to their patrol. While systematic, you’re too paralyzed by fear to notice. Make a mistake and hide while they’re watching, and they will find you, and pull you out from where you are and toss you aside, giving you a chance to escape like it’s a game. Stay too close or get cornered, and you’ll be bludgeoned to death or ripped head from body as you watch your final moments bleeding out."

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