Sandbox Mayhem In the Big City – 7 Potential Activities for GTA’s Future

The Grand Theft Auto series from start-to-finish has upped the ante more and more over the years with what you can do. The biggest contender is San Andreas with sports, dating, fast-food employment and the occasional bit of skydiving. Grand Theft Auto IV turned down the quantity for the quality; dates were more inclined to your earlier actions and activities had their own unique controls. Each had their own unique rewards for completing them as well such as methods of evading the police or restoring your stock of essential items and ammunition. GTA 5 is out, and we personally want to see a few different activities alongside the rest either through patches or downloadable content to add some extra flavor and immersion to the game as a whole. Let’s count down some ideas for doing something besides shooting random people on the sidewalk.
From HalfBeard's HUD.

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Grave1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Don't know why you can't drank sum malt likka an roll sum dice foo?!

sovietsoldier1818d ago

casino's, that way you can rob them if you dont win.

Jovanian 1818d ago

they should do zombie DLC like in RDR

Pillsbury11818d ago

They should add san fierro and las venturas maps to go to online. That would be awesome because all they have to do is add new areas and things to do.

1818d ago