Why SteamOS Will Probably Flop

Pixelvolt takes a look at the ways in which SteamOS could potentially fail, while remaining hopeful that it succeeds.

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DigitalAnalog1691d ago

Flop? It's absolutely free and optional.

cleft51691d ago

Absolutely. SteamOS is basically Linux but branded as SteamOS so it's probably going to be a little impossible for it to fail. Beside that, SteamOS isn't about the immediate future, but what the future of PC gaming will look like in 10 years or so.

When Valve first came out with Steam in like 2004 it was

Grave1691d ago

I remember when Steam came out and it seemed the entire gaming world was against it. There was soo much hate lol. Valve has made some serious progress since then. They were able to make good decisions and satisfy their customers. With their track record I have faith in Valve.

Pintheshadows1691d ago

In fairness when Steam first came out it was a bit of a mess. I remember installing Half Life 2 and using Steam for the first time. Hardly a good experience but look at it now. I see the same fate for SteamOS. Bumpy around launch but eventually it will find its feet and then some.

thisismyaccount1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I don´t think something for free can ever flop. Does not mean, because it´s free everyone is going to get it....

What i do believe can and prolly will flop are the SteamMachine, the premise behind it of a PC in the Livingroom.

The problem with it is the price :

User >A<, which does not own a PC or has a weak PC/Laptop (can they offer a PC, capable off rendering A.Creed 5 and WatchDogs 2 at 1080p for under $500?..under linux?)
User >B<, Console Gamer (most likely not interested...)
User >C<, PC Gamer - semi hardcore (1x Screen)... unsure, prolly not interested, streaming only.
User >D<, PC Gamer - "hardcore" with 3x Screens or more beyond 4K.... of course they d.g.a.f
User >E<, Handheld gamer... prolly too young
User >F<, The iphone gamer... blargh!

JsonHenry1691d ago

Flop? No. I can install it and run my games without having to buy windows. The 2nd and 3rd world countries alone will ensure it is a success.

come_bom1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

It probably will not flop, but i think it won't be as big as some people are making it out to be. All the games i have on Steam and all the programs i use work with Windows, so I'm sticking to it. I don't see much of a point for SteamOS (at least for me).

nirwanda1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Valve own a huge share of the pc games market, if the majority of new games come out with a steam os version as well as a Windows version but the steam version runs faster then everyone will just migrate to steam os for a better experience.
People spend lots of money on better hardware to get better performance and if they can do it with a free upgrade then its a nobrainer.
P.s I didn't agree or disagree nobody can predict the future.

webeblazing1691d ago

if you dual boot its a huge advantage and plus you can try it out and give your input

Fishy Fingers1691d ago

Deliver on the performance boost and let me dual boot it with Windows easily. They can count me in. Adoption maybe slow, but potentially this could mean never having to buy a copy of Windows again.

e-p-ayeaH1691d ago

yeah that´s a big factor for all pc gamers out there.

jeffgoldwin1691d ago

At the very least, shud give MS incentive to make a better product than windows 8.

Kuse1691d ago

So many click bait articles...

Grave1691d ago


Cant wait to see N4G light up come the end of November ... /s

Allowen1691d ago

The SteamOS will rock on!

What I'm worried about is the Steam console that might cost too much.
Having a Nvidia gpu means no unified ram and gpu+cpu in the same chip.

Sony and MS went with AMD for gpu/cpu for a reason:best performance for the lowest price possible.
That is some thing that Steam console with a Nvidia gpu will not be able to compete.

kevnb1691d ago

there is no steam console, just machines branded as steam machines.

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