QJ.Net: New PlayStation Store Impressions - Bigger, Better, Faster, and Sexier

QJ.Net writes: "Sony's repository of online goodness was given a new set of clothes a few days back, coming as something built into PlayStation 3's firmware 2.30. We're all for the UI change, but is this really just a matter of pure aesthetics plus easier and faster content browsing? Or is Sony taking steps toward the right direction? If so, what possibilities have they opened up with the overhaul?

At one point or another, you might have visited Sony's online store even if you aren't the online shopping kind. You might have trolled the virtual store for things like demos, videos, wallpapers, games, etc. It has been there since the PlayStation 3 hit the shelves and well, as early PS3 adopters would know, it has gone through little tweaks since then (background downloading and PlayStation Network button on the XMB, among others)."

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chaosatom3333810d ago

I am waiting for the icons to be cached to my hard-drive, then I can give my verdict.