UGO: Soul Calibur 4 Hands-on Preview

UGO writes: "Marathon sessions of playing fighting games are a bit of a rarity in my gaming life. I can't say I can attribute any particular reason to my ability to avoid the late night bleary-eyed endless play that so many other genres suck me in to. It could be the lack of a progressing story, or the sometimes dauntingly deep controls to master, but there's something about fighting games and I that just don't mesh well. That being said, now that I've preceded this with the rule, I'll introduce you to its exception: the Soul Calibur games.

Many a night I've sat amongst friends, passing the controllers around as we pitched Voldo against Taki for the umpteenth time that evening, not even realizing that none of us really like to play as those characters (Well... maybe I love Voldo a little, but the reasons are beyond even my own understanding). And therein lies the magic of the Soul Calibur games-somehow they are just an absolute blast to play. Deep in the annals of Namco Bandai is hidden some kind of fighting game voodoo, where developers surely hoot about, sacrificing interns to bring forth the great Soul Calibur from beyond beyond."

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