Saudi police arrested GTA V local distributors

According to a report published by NG4A.COM stating that the Saudi police have been arresting many of video games distributors of video games in Saudi Arabia and specifically Qassim region whom selling GTA V to local stores.

GTA V has been banned in Middle East and its PSN stores.

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

i bet none of the people supporting this have even played gta5, probably watched an r rated crime movie before though

MajorAly1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

More over, pirated copies were being sold by these people. Even if GTAV was banned there, these people should've been arrested for piracy alone.

ala_7671777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

True but still people will find a way to play this game in Saudi Arabia! Though the one they arrested they were selling pirated copies!

THamm1777d ago

They look like bootleg copies anyhow

chikane1777d ago

why would gamers in the Middle East need gta5 for .. i mean theirs enough death and violence right in there own back yard

Grap1777d ago

it Show how much ignorant you are. Statics saudi Arabia has less crimes and killing than USA.learn the facts not fox bullsh!t

Muadiib1777d ago

It's amazing what you can accomplish in a totalitarian society huh.

oIITSBIIo1777d ago

Seriously where do you get all this stupid ideas about us from ? Your media is really full of shit .

RioKing1777d ago

And yours isn't? Please, give me a break. Middle eastern "media" is 90% propaganda, whereas Americas is 85% :)

Salooh1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

We have the same life as you but there are some circumstances where you see death / unjust and it's a little complicated to explain . In a short way , Terrorists are the Wahabia . Bahrain / saudia rulers are one of them but they act depend on their limit. If you talk with them you will see them like hitler but they still don't have power because they are afraid of their interests so they show their muscles on the people of their countries but try to shine/hide their acts from you.

However , the wahabia in iraq / syria / Afghanistan are the true complete face of their thinking. suni + shia = real muslims , they are not involved in these acts because their believes forbid the acts the wahabia do .

Other then that , we are like you but with different believes . As Grap said , saudia people respect what you call human rights more then any people. Crime are very low compared to your countries because of our believes , people do it them selfs , government doesn't have to do with it at all because they are the ones that steal and kill ..

Salooh1777d ago

Note : There are different views so i don't expect agrees. Just take my opinion of how i lived and looked at the situation here in middle east :) .

xHoii1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

That's a bit too much for him to understand, don't you think?
I mean he could hardly read half of it, but then what do you expect, he probably has a reading age and a reading span of a 7 year old.

shahab911777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Stfu that crap. Nonsense. Shias are real Muslims?. Oh give me a break. Shias and barelvis are born out of innovation. First go study then come here. Quit spouting that nonsense of yours here where people won't understand you.

You must be a Shia babbling this gibberish here in a gaming site. I remember you calling Wahhabis as kafirs. Just who the heck do you think you are?. Come out of your delusional retarted mindset.

Terrorist are the Wahhabis? Yeah I suppose this Assad of yours will also be a wahabi then? This piece of shit shia is big terrorist just like his father. Grow a pair and speak against him.

Salooh1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

@shahab91 don't start that again ^^ . Aren't you tired of these same stupid arguments ?. ALLAH created us all equally , shia say SHAHADTAIN / PRAY like you / go to HAG with you / do Ramadan..etc So who are you to say they are not muslims ?. No one in earth can decide that , only GOD judge in faith. As for act , shia don't harm sunna , So why don't we get over this ?. That's the reason we are behind and weak , because we fight about stupid small things .

Wahabia bomb them selfs , that's just one simple reason to why they are not muslims , i can give you tens of solid reasons , but most people agree that wahabia are terrorists. So if you want the truth about them you will find it easily . Just apply quran on them and you will see what i mean..

As for Asad , i don't care if he's gone or stayed . As long the killing stop , so both sides are to be blamed. The opposition at first was right but after the killing started it lost it's purpose . No future with the opposition to the people . I for one have a feeling that asad will be killed(Not that the opposition is strong , they will get help) but that won't make things better , opposition will fight each other and that will show you how the opposition only care about their interests not the people.

shahab911776d ago

Wow. Amazing huh. Giving me a lecture to stop judging people while you yourself called Wahhabis as kafirs. Who gave you the right to call them kafirs. I don't even understand why you and people like you call them wahabi. They just prefer the viewpoint of Abdul Wahab. Point me where is he wrong. All of his works were against idolatory in Islam. I respect him for that. But you people ridicule the name of Allah "WAHHAB". If you have any problem with them can't you properly state where they are wrong instead of ridiculing name of Allah. I can give a ton of their beliefs that are totally in accordance of Quran and Sunnah. They are Muslims just like you. Yes there are bad people amongst them. But so is the case with every community and religion. Where does so called WAHHABIs say kill kill kill. I admit there are some extremist but not all of them. Yes, you are absolutely right Allah will judge amongst us. I have met many salafi scholars in my life which unlike your belief are not extremist and they are very nice people. I have met some Shias, in fact I have Shia friends but they don't ridicule salafis. If Wahhabis have done something wrong Allah will judge them. But don't go calling them kafir or terrorist ( whole community) yet.
What breaks my heart is that instead of stopping that foolish chikane from posting nonsense, you are showing these western people on this site how Muslims are divided and how we hate each other. I think this article shouldn't have been posted at all. These kind of articles become a laughing stock for some of these western people to mock our Muslim countries. You can look down in the thread and you can find a person with a username having such derogatory remark against Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Report him like I did.
In the end I would like to apologize for my attitude I sounded a bit harsh. I am sorry my brother if I offended you. And I am sorry that I spoke bad about Shia, actually that was in rage, I totally lost My mind when I saw your post. Lastly, I just have one request. Don't call any Muslim a kafir. I am not calling Shias as kafir. And you shouldn't call Salafis as kafirs. Lets show these western people that we are brothers.

Salooh1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I agree on many points you said, But i'm not afraid of saying the truth , if we are weak then we have to face it not hide it. These people also need to know the truth. Yes , i believe that in some bad family's there are good people. That's applied to Wahabia ( that's the only way to call them , they call them selfs sunna but they have other believes then them so i can't call them sunna ) . But most of the wahabia i saw are extremists. They hate anyone who disagree with them , they bomb them selfs which is against sunna / shia believes which came from quran . You see what they are doing in iraq / Afghanistan / syria ?. These acts are against islam that's why i call these people kafir and i think you agree with me on that. These are the roots of wahabia , they even destroy graves like if they are doing a heroic thing.

I know that there are good people among them but they support these acts , they are silent about it , so they are part of it unless they started to defend their believes.

There are racists in sunni and shia but they never go to that level . Respect for you ^^ , the more we open our mind the more we learn about the truth . So these arguments are not bad if it's like this :) . I never harmed a wahaby . I try to apply quran to all people , sunni / kafir / shia / wahabi ..etc , that way , we all live the right way. As long we don't harm each other we are good , fighting with mind , believes are good . Argument =/= fitna .

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