Former Bad Company lead designer on Bad Company making a comeback: “It won’t be the same"

David Goldfarb believes that if Bad Company makes a return, it won't be the same due to the fact that most of the people that worked on it have now left.

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Majin-vegeta1814d ago

Hes has a point they most likely will try to casualize it for the cod scrubs just like BF4 :(

FullMetalTech1814d ago

I agree. The same thing happened with Socom 4. The Zipper team were not the team that made socom 1/2 a success. Instead we got a COD, UNCHARTED Hybrid. So i can fully understand thats it dependant on how they envision the direction they want to take on it.

deathstriker1814d ago

He does have a point, but it sounds kind of cocky too lol. I like Bad Company but it wouldn't be that hard to keep the vibe... it was just a normal FPS with some mildly good humor in it. It's not like it was TLOU or anything like that.

3-4-51814d ago

uhh they didn't makes BF4 a casual game, what are you talking about.

Have you seen COD ghosts ?

lfPetrini1814d ago

Maybe BF4 doesnt seem casual compared to COD but it's damn casual compared to previous releases like Bad Company and Battlefield 2

dcj05241814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Exactly lol. What's casual about it?Someone explain. Looks like a updated BF2 to me. And BF2 was no where near casual. There are casual modes like domination or team-deathmatch but the real modes like Rush, Conquest and Obliteration are not really all that casual ( In cod you can snipe someone with a SMG, GOOD LUCK doing that in battlefield) I'd say its even harder than BF2 in some aspects because of bullet drop, bullet travel time and more recoil.Some one enlighten me because i don't get. Bad Company 2 is way more easy/Casual to me than BF2 or BF4. I don't get it. Enlighten me.

lfPetrini1814d ago

In Bad Company 2 you could destroy a tank with 2 or 3 RPG shots. Now it takes about one freaking million shots to take one tank down. In Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 you would lose the ammo in yout magazine when reloading, it wouldn't return to the ammo pool. That's hardcore. What we have now isn't.

nikrel1814d ago

BF3 did not have the same feel as BC2

BC2:VET was an amazing expansion, loved it.

I'm sure BF4 will be even further from BC2 than ever.

Drummerdude411814d ago

After playing the beta i can confirm it is very far from bc2. But again no game gives that rush and pacing that bc2 did.

NarooN1814d ago

To me, BC2 was the top BF game I'd ever played, it was up there with BF2: Modern Combat. Hell I even liked BF2: MC more than the "real" PC version at the time, lol.

I agree that the Vietnam expansion of BC2 was also brilliant. I gave BF3 a chance and couldn't get into it. BF4 isn't looking too interesting to me (not being blinded by hype) but I'll give it a chance and see if I can be swayed...

DeadlyFire1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Well this guy could always go to Activision and make a spiritual successor to Bad Company right?

Seriously though it won't be the same, but how do we not know that it won't be even better?

HaMM4R1814d ago

Because of what happened to the normal battlefield games. Battlefield 3/4 are just casual and CODified. I really hope they don't mess it up but knowing them, they'll completely cock it up. Make the solider feel light, remove all of the awesome destruction and make maps smaller to try and draw in the COD crowd. After BF1942 and BF2, BFBC (which I really wish they'd bring to PC) is probably my favourite battlefield game. If they make another I hope they go to the roots of what made bad company what it was.

WeAreLegion1814d ago

Bad Company had a fantastic campaign! The multi-player was fun, too!

Bad Company 2 tried too hard to be Modern Warfare, while also trying to make fun of it. It was nowhere near as good. :/ The multi-player was great though.

NarooN1814d ago

The characters and their ridiculously funny dialog was the only reason I even went through all of BC2's campaign.

But yeah, the multiplayer was excellent.

ExPresident1814d ago

H-Hour can't come soon enough apparently.

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