UGO: Don King Presents Prizefighter Preview

UGO writes: "When it comes to the world of boxing, few figures have been as prolific or as well-known as promoter Don King. With an unrivaled hairdo and a strangely endearing capacity for butchering the English language, King has groomed some of the best boxers the world has ever known while maintaining a flamboyant image for the media. Really, it was only a matter of time before his personality was stamped onto a video game. Now it's coming on June 10 in the form of Don King Presents: Prizefighter for the Xbox 360, developed by Venom Games and published by 2K Games.

Behold the Spectaculosity in Don King Presents: Prizefighter

Perhaps the coolest thing about Prizefighter is the presentation of its single player story mode. It unfolds as a retrospective documentary, complete with live-action cutscenes, looking back at the created fighter's career just moments before he steps into the ring for his final fight. Players are forced to use a heavyweight bruiser with the nickname "The Kid" in this mode, but his appearance can be altered significantly thanks to a seemingly robust face and body modeling interface."

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