Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns XIII - The Story So Far

Square Enix has released a Japanese story digest for Final Fantasy XIII in the run-up to Lightning Returns' launch.

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3-4-51746d ago

As soon as this is released they can focus on other games.

Making 3 of these took money away from possible new IP's.

UltimateMaster1746d ago

They should just have made an add-on content in FFXIII-2 to finalized the story rather than a completely new one.

The stories don't really match one another besides a few character coming back in the story.

KonsoruMasuta1746d ago

Making 3 of these made money for new IP's.

worldwidegaming1746d ago

hardly. it saved them a lot of money on rehashing the same graphics,artists and game engine.
once the ship is made modifications are way cheaper than starting from stratch!
They know around how many will sell and so the risk is smaller than making a brand new IP
(or releasing the next final fantasy..hint hint...gotta buy a ps.
id wish they make a new IP but after that Final Fantasy XIV release they have been finding ways to squeeze a dollar untiil it screams!
(the rerelease of Final Fantasy XIV:ARR is great!)

Nerdmaster1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Without english subtitles? So what's the point for posting it here?