Preview: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Electronic Theatre

The Batman: Arkham videogame series has maintained a certain level of quality throughout its two iterations so far, with the forthcoming Batman: Arkham Origins looking unlikely to break this mould. Of course, this level of success breeds a desire to expand, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has seen fit to do so with a release on handheld formats. Sadly, at present it looks as though Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate could be the title to ruin this winning streak.

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NukaCola1814d ago

I saw the demo on Vita and it looks really good. I'm a sucker for metroidvania style games and the camera work and style look to work very well.

CocoWolfie1814d ago

I really like it, it looks different, good different :) the cartoon style cut scenes are a pleasant surprise too, my only issue would be with a few animations, other than that, ill keep an eye out for it!..