Infinity Blade 3 Review—Best Awakening Yet I TheKoalition

Garrett Glass of TheKoalition writes:
The original Infinity Blade was an anomaly for me. It was a repetitive game with maximum graphical appeal albeit with little exploration. And yet, I think of Infinity Blade as one of my favorite games because it has some of the most addicting combat to grace not only iOS devices but across all consoles. So while Infinity Blade was the most fun, glorified tech demo that I’ve ever played, I’ve noticed that sequels have aimed to eliminate some of the repetition while maintaining the theme of passing generations and rebirth. Infinity Blade 3 seems to have the strongest set of genes, and it only took a couple of generations.

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rbailey1753d ago

Definitely the best game in the series so far.

garrettglass1753d ago

So you've finally started the series?