Battlefield 4 Is the Game With The Most Scalable Graphics in History

Battlefield 4 is now in beta, and one thing immediately became apparent to many PC Gamers testing it…Well, to be fair it’s two things: the first are the usual performance issues that are pretty much endemic of a game in beta, and that hopefully will go away soon enough. The second elements is that the game’s graphics are the most scalable in the history of gaming.

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StillGray1778d ago

The game is freaking gorgeous, isn't it? I hope they iron out the black screen bug though.

Abriael1778d ago

It sure is. I'm quite sure they'll fix all the crap. That's what a beta is for, after all.

GuyThatPlaysGames1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

I'm a BF fan but I honestly don't see any improvement at all with the visuals (at least on the console). Everything still looks and sounds the same. Not saying that it's a bad thing.

Abriael1778d ago

I would say that the biggest improvement (and it's not a small one) is that the maps are much bigger and more dynamic.

As for graphics themselves, options are still missing, and effects aren't complete.

This article is about scalability though, not as much absolute quality.

byeGollum1778d ago

You'll need a hardware upgrade.

Frostbite 3 is all bliss.

Animal Mutha 761778d ago

I think the consoles are limited in scope so prob will be similar to BF3. PC on the other hand....

Oh and BF4 on XB1 is night and day better than 360. Its like playing PC on medium to high settings albeit it a lower res than the PC crowd would use. It was fantastic on XB1 when I played it with 31 others.

Kleptic1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

I had over 30 hours in the bf3 beta on PS3, and nearly 1000 hours in the released game on PS3...

and i can't even bring myself to download the BF4 beta on PS3 right now...saw the videos...I pretty much know what to expect from the mechanical changes...but i just can't bring myself to even try it...there is just no room to improve on the existing consoles imo...BF3 was already too much for it...

I guess i just knew with bf3 that it would be the last big shooter i played on that hardware...I'm no PC elitist...but its not 2011 any more...I don't care so much about the visuals...its the fluidity and input latency that i'm not going to put up with...considering the PC beta on low looks significantly better than the PS3 and 360, with a much higher field of view...its not even a debate imo...

Allsystemgamer1778d ago

im on PC here and its a vast improvement over 3

3-4-51778d ago

This gen it's harder to notice the difference right away unless you do comparison shots, and then it becomes clear as day.

This gen, it's about making the small things HD, and better graphics.

All the background stuff in games will be high definition when it used to be slightly blurry.

More things going on at once takes more power as well.

Eventually most will notice a big difference.

Might take 2-3 years though.

KazHiraiFTW1778d ago

I hope this is like the BF3 beta where the full graphics weren't displayed yet, because the BF4 beta looks seriously disappointing. Gameplay is ok but not really any improvement over BF3. I don't see any reason so far to spend over $100 for this game. I think I would rather just play BF3 and all the DLCs.

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ala_7671778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Graphics looks awesome but sadly its capabilities cannot be seen on next gen consoles.... And buying a Gaming PC is not my cup of tea cuz its xpensive!

Lior1778d ago

2fps when playing ultra at 2560 1440 at resolution scale of 200%with gtx 680 SLI it's very badly optimized seeing that I get 60fps easy at resution scale of 100% at same settings

CandyFace1778d ago

Dude it's not like 680 SLI makes wonders... You're trying to play the game in high resolution by itself then scale everything by 200%. It's not bad optimisation it's just too heavy for your 680 SLI. Optimisation is not the solution to everything even though many people believe it is.

Pandamobile1778d ago

Dude... 2560 x 1440 with 200% resolution scale is 14.7 million pixels per frame, compared to ~2 million for 1080p 100%.

With all the fancy shaders in BF4, it's not surprising that it murders your framerate. You're likely maxing out your 680's RAM and bandwidth (I'm pretty sure SLI doesn't actually double your VRAM)

Dee_911778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

This is great.For the people with not so high end pc's and thats not complete graphics sluts can still enjoy the game, the lighting is still pretty much there so you will still need a decent pc.I really don't understand why more games don't give you this much flexibility.But is this only for the beta or will it be in the final version?

ion6661778d ago

not on ps3. i sad now.

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Pintheshadows1778d ago

The low quality version reminds me of a really old school first person shooter with its crazy low resolution and very simplistic textures.

Pintheshadows1778d ago

Oh, hahahahahaha. You are so incredibly funny. I'm sure the ladies tell you that all the time though right?

PurpHerbison1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Actually, yeah they do. Lol. Besides my eyes, it's my humor that really reels in the women.

filipakos1778d ago

That feature may ruin quality but at least low-end pcs can run the game with no problem.Dont know for the eyes though

Kleptic1778d ago

have you seen the comparisons between low and ultra settings? Its not nearly as drastic as i least if you keep the resolution the same between the 2...

compare that to low on something like planetside that game, dropping all settings results in a playstation 2 title...static lighting, no shadows on anything, etc (and it still runs like shat on decent pc's haha)...

granted, ultra in bf4 looks ridiculous...but low settings were way better than what i would've thought...Also, i know the console betas do not included the retail texture packs...does the PC beta have this, does any one know?

ufo8mycat1778d ago

Judging from how even the PC version looks, I would say no.

filipakos1777d ago

im talking about this certain feauture(resolution scale) not ultra-low comparison.This makes your game looks like pac man but at least you can play.Also why watch video comparison when im already playing the beta?i know low looks fantastic

ufo8mycat1778d ago

I wonder if this is a similiar technique they use to get these sort of games running on consoles PS3/360?

This is a very handy feature, as there are many people that have weak PC's and introducing this option, can further introduce a bigger audience to the game, thus increasing sales.

SpitFireAce851778d ago

I wonder what this game will look like on
PS4 and the Xbone.

Allsystemgamer1778d ago

most likely medium settings on PC with some high

ufo8mycat1778d ago

I am honestly thinking low with some medium?

I think most of the extra power from the PS4/XBONE will be used for the higher res/60fps/and 64 players.

That can take a lot of resources.

Maybe I am underestimating the power of the PS4/XBONE.

SpecialK1778d ago

It should be on fairly high settings.

Considering that fairly low spec PC's are able to play current gen games at max/high settings with playable frame rates, next gen consoles should keep up for a year or two. Not max but Im expecting decent settings.

Abriael1778d ago

It's exactly the same feature they use, for instance, to run Ryse at 900p native but display it at 1080p

xrrated1778d ago

i wish they would fix this, you fire a rocket and get killed right after and the rocket disappears.

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