Transistor: No Plans To Bring It On Xbox One, Will Not Shoehorn Functionality Into DualShock 4

The PlayStation 4 has been raining indie titles since E3 2013, one of the bigger titles being Supergiant Games' Transistor. But given that it will be coming to PC later, does that mean it could eventually arrive on Xbox One? Not likely, according to creative director Greg Kasavin.

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majiebeast1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Going from Bastion being console exclusive to not getting Transistor at all, something big must have happend between Microsoft and Supergiant games.

us_army1696d ago

seriously... People should not sleep on this title, it is beautiful.

abzdine1696d ago

Transistor looks so promising. glad i'm gonna be able to try it on PS4.

Enemy1696d ago

Considering they're aiming to lock the game 1080p/60fps on PS4, and coming off from the hugely successful Bastion, anyone even mildly interested in the genre should be looking forward to it. We haven't seen much yet but there's been enough information to go around to get me hyped.

The music is, yet again, beautiful.

Software_Lover1696d ago

Or maybe its sony's turn?

You guys/gals read too much into everything.

Kayant1696d ago

Why would they do that? Its coming to PC aswell so it means something likely happened if not why would they not have XB1 in mind condsidering it's new indie policies.

Blacklash931693d ago

I doubt anything happened particuarly between them. Microsoft has been irking everyone for a while.

SuperGiant is most likely just debuting on the console they think will have the best initial install base.

Xsilver1696d ago

i wonder if their relationship with MS is as bad as other devs said theirs were maybe thats the reason they are no plans to release on xone.

ZodTheRipper1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

It's just that these devs realized how good such a relationship can be after working with Sony. Before, most of the money their games made on X360 went straight back to M$ - and they were treated very disrespectful by MS for being a small studio. Sony shows them respect and even supports them actively.

patsrule3161696d ago

He did say 'I’m happy to see Microsoft also making a push to make it easier for independent developers to self-publish on their next platform. As a game player I’m looking forward to both systems.' So if there is any significant bad blood, it wasn't hinted at in this article.

5eriously1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

It's so sad. That what you get when you are an arrogant fool of a corporate giant that looks down on everybody. Well deserved too I presume!

WeAreLegion1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

They might be part of one of the programs Sony has for indie devs. In exchange for timed exclusivity (three months, I believe?), Sony helps fund a game.

DigitalRaptor1695d ago

Sony's Pub fund? I'm not so sure about that. That only usually happens with games eventually going to PC. i.e. Guacamelee, Papo & Yo.

Transistor is on PS4 and PC on the same day.

WeAreLegion1695d ago

Oh, ok. Thanks for the info.

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