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GamesRadar: "The early-access Battlefield 4 Beta started on Tuesday, and we’ve been playing a hell of a lot on both PC and PS3. It doesn’t go public until Friday, so we thought it’d be great to share a few of the fun moments we’ve had playing it so far."

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HarryB1751d ago

kiss my ass dice and kiss my ass EA too. You guys bring out a beta its not even playable for most PC users. We all have good PCS not a single person I know can play this game. Everyones got an issue.

You guys wait and see tomorrow if they dont patch it, you will see what we are dealing with on the pc.

Sam Fisher1751d ago

Hostile, we are. }:) . Eat a snickers.

iNcRiMiNaTi1751d ago

I noticed u get better performance if you turn on hyperthreading. With it off I was running somewhat 60 fps with lots of dips to the 30-40 range and used 100% of my cores but HT on I don't see the dips as much and it mostly dips in the 50s and only using up about 60% of my cores. Also I heard if ur using Nvidia cards don't use the beta drivers, the WHQL 320 drivers work better but I haven't tried that and still use the beta drivers

bumnut1751d ago

While I agree that it does not run great, it is far from unplayable.

saas111750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )




HarryB1750d ago

That doesn't make a difference. It uses up to 98 percent of the gpu. No game takes up that much. And its the beta not peoples pc.

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RBlue_Desire1751d ago

1. Made the skyscraper collapse.
2. Pressed the wrong button and killed a man
3. Captured every Conquest point, solo
4. Shot a helicopter off the skyscraper roof… from the ground
5. 'Batman' killed a guy from the roof
6. Blew a hole through a wall and parachuted through
7. Killed a man through a roof

sAVAge_bEaST1751d ago

I know, love the map design,. Can't wait for the full game.

PunisherPR1751d ago

I had to update my nvidia drivers to 331.40 because it was crashing.Been running prety good on ultra now although it sometimes dips to 45 fps when things get to crazy.

bamillington1750d ago

Got cornered be by a river near a bridge with just a hand gun and a granade launcher with a tank and some solders after me. I took out few guys with hand gun granade launched at the tank just as he shot intersepting it just as another soldier jumped down trying to stab me I intersepted and took him down,all while he skyscraper is falling. I manage to take the flag where the building fell will dust all over the ground fantastic .doesn't happen in any others game