Most Overlooked Games of This Console Generation

The level of quality in games today is higher than it has ever been. With more games in the top tier, occasionally some great ones get overshadowed and slip through the cracks. Critically Sane looks at a number of titles that have been far too overlooked.

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WeAreLegion1776d ago

You Don't Know Jack didn't sell because it's a quiz game AND it's freaking hard.

joab7771776d ago

Kingdoms of Amalur was amazing. Still havnt finished it yet but I am gonna. Mafia 2 was really good but I really want a mafia game that lets me start out and work my way to the top, mat be an open world with choices. The goal being to become the most badass don ever. Maybe u merge or eliminate the other families, pay everyone off, create allianves, take over businesses and buy property. Now after playing gta v, hopefully next gen brings a killer mafia app.

CriticallySane1776d ago

I was really sad KoA didn't go bigger. Poor game had poor timing, being so close to Skyrim.

Would love to see a reworked Mafia. Something done in the same vein as Godfather 2, but, you know... good.

GryestOfBluSkies1776d ago

mafia was excellent. just got kingdoms from ps+, so I look forward to playing that. i dont know why a trivia game would make this list, but i remember enjoying YDKJ in the late 90s

CriticallySane1776d ago

Try out YDKJ. It's really, really, really, good.