Ready to launch: ‘demand for PS4 is not really a concern,’ says PlayStation’s UK boss

EDGE: "SCE’s VP and managing director for the UK and Ireland Fergal Gara exudes an easy kind of confidence as we sit down to discuss PS4’s launchplan. UK preorders are strong, stock will be tight but shouldn’t be too scarce and Sony continues to present itself as the people’s platform holder. Here, we quiz UK boss Gara on the PS4 and Xbox One’s launch line-up, discoverability on PS4, stock concerns and how it’ll be positioning PS3 once its successor arrives."

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byeGollum1696d ago

There'll be one for everyone :)

UltimateMaster1696d ago

You'd better try to get a PS4 as soon as possible.
Because if you tough picking a PS4 up at the store at launch could be near impossible.

abusador1696d ago

Not a demand because Sony was so prepared for this and caught everyone by surprise with their announcement. When they announced it they basically had everything finalized and only had to make a few tweaks for mass production to start. It was very well played by Sony and i respect a company smart enough to learn from past mistakes.

Not to go off topic but if the Wiiu keeps just slugging along, im hoping it humbles Nintendo and directs them to make a more powerful system and invest in new ips. Sometimes starting off bad or failing is good for consumers. Nintendo isn't leaving console business so them failing wouldn't stop them from making the next Nintendo console.

Grave1696d ago

So .... why can't I preorder one from my local GameStop? They took my name and said they "hope" to have more for launch, but they don't know if they will.

Destrania1696d ago

You can't sleep on a console launch pre-order and be guaranteed it on day one. Sounds like that may or may not be as much of an issue this time for Sony due to how fantastic production is going. However, PS4's launch will be the biggest console launch in history, so you never know.

SmokingMonkey1696d ago

"Anybody who does NOT have a PS4 pre ordered please get in this line."

Bring a bo staff or something.