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EuroGamer: "I want to see the skyscraper fall down, but I just keep missing it. One moment it's there, a gleaming, glass and chrome monument to capitalism right at the centre of Battlefield 3's Siege Of Shanghai map. Then, inevitably, I get bored, killed, distracted, wonder off in order to capture a flag, or - if I'm feeling particularly brave - commandeer a tank, and when I get back to check in on the towering building, well, the skyscraper's already gone."

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venom061813d ago

it's a damn beta... and thats it.. use it to help DICE test the servers load and get a feel for the guns. People were complaining like about the BF3 beta and the game went on to sell 20mil copies and win all kinds of awards. It DOES NOT represent the final game we will be playing @ launch...

ExPresident1813d ago

Except for the fact that DICE has said platoons won't be included at launch, and to look for the release early 2014 which is a joke.

I can deal with everything else in regards to bugs, glitches, a lack of planned Day 1 features that aren't included simply b/c this is a beta. But to have such an importance feature missing entirely is a crock.

BallsEye1813d ago

Exactly. I just played beta yesterday on last gen consoles and it looks awful ! way worse than bf3. Why? Cause it's beta!. Bf3 beta was crappy as well, low resution and muddy textures. Dice sucks at betas.

OrangePowerz1813d ago

Metro wasn't a great map, but way better than the map they have in the BF4 Beta. It's a bland looking and empty map with a scripted Skyscraper tumbling and the novelty wears off fast.

Allsystemgamer1813d ago

its not designed for last gen consoles tahts your problem here

bumnut1813d ago

Its not dices fault, why would they design a game to run on 2005 hardware? You should be grateful it is even releasing on current gen consoles.

BallsEye1813d ago

I guess you guys can't read with understanding. I'm saying that bf4 will run and look great when it will go retail with probably minor glitches. I was there like many of you in bf3 beta and I remember clearly it had same graphics issue. Decreased resolution, bad textures, weird animations. I do agree that metro was better than the map they gave us in bf4 beta but it's not about that.

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GuyThatPlaysGames1813d ago

IT ALWAYS REPRESENTS THE FINAL GAME! They just put that up there so fanboys like you can say "oh they'll fix that for sure by the time it's released". They never do! What you see in the Beta IS THE FINAL PRODUCT! BF3 beta was horrendous and full of bugs and then on launch day, the same bugs and glitches were still there lol. Believe what you want tho

Blastoise1813d ago

It does though. Battlefield 3 had a beta and came out with tons of issues (Mav elevators, OP guns, squad matchmaking problems). BF4 is less than a month away, I feel It may launch with a few issues again. There are still BF3 bugs to this day.

3-4-51813d ago

I feel like most people don't understand what a BETA is.

This is play testing. Your still TESTING the game out.

It's NOT final.

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SeanScythe1813d ago

I would love to help test but not at the cost of my system breaking. The damn beta locked up my PS3 3 time in less than 10 mins. Forcing me to hardboot it, once they get that fixed I'll get back on the beta.

MiHX21813d ago

cough cough BETA Version cough cough

D3acon1813d ago

not going to bother reading the article. I read the summary and you get a few clues when it comes down. Car alarms start blaring, the ground shakes and then the sound of it actually coming down.

As many have pointed it is a beta and at least on ps3 the graphics and textures aren't the best and there is a lot of pop in. The initial feel take about an hour to get use to as the controls feel a little sluggish but you can increase the sensitivity and it feels good, I even like the new lean feature.

To me the guns feel a lot more accurate and I believe the hit detection seems better, however there is still some input lag with the weapons, which is more like a glitch when you're switching guns and sometimes it doesn't work for a few seconds, all part of a beta.

One thing I do hate and have always hated is weapon progression. I would rather have all weapons unlocked in the beginning for a level playing field. Never enjoyed game companies doing this whole unlock crap.