This Is Why Trans People Rarely Speak Up When We're Misgendered

The game journalist who was humiliated at Eurogamer speaks out about how she faced further death threats and abuse from gamers even 72 hours after her story went public.

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majiebeast1811d ago

The world is filled with bigots.

StillGray1811d ago

I don't know why anyone would hit a "disagree" button on this post. You're obviously correct.

Anthotis1811d ago

People suffering from gender identity disorder misgender themselves.

PoSTedUP1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

edit: let me simplify my rant: their is no reason you shouldnt speak up. youre not gonna get hate mail Or controversy everytime you speak up, only in this rare controversy that happens when you tweet your problems @americasbiggestcorporation on the World Wide Web and make such a big deal about it. imo.

dont twitter your problems @americasbiggestcorporation on the World Wide Web. you did not know you would attract negitive people? well deaththreats come with the attention and comotion you foolishly brought on yourself, youll recieve them no matter who you are, people will recieve them just for complaining if they complain on the Web. youre not special. should have contacted MS privately. speak up in person, people actually have empathy in person. on the web, no one gives a crap its sad and cowardly.

death threats come with most controversy, not by being transgendered. the hate comes after the fact and 98% of the time its gonna be discriminatory. this article makes it seem that if a transgendered speaks up they are always gonna get death threats. no, only in this kind of scenario, and in this kind of scenario, everyone is hated equally.

Loki861811d ago

@Anthotis - If know nothing about the issue you are posting about, just keep it to yourself. This type of trash is not needed.

SilentNegotiator1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Because Dale started the hullabaloo by being offended that a barely transformed person could be mistaken as a male in a wig and escalating the incident.

Then Dale said s/he didn't want public attention while simultaneously alerting press with a Tweet that basically said "I hope a big deal is made out of this in the media" and talking to press.

It's Sarkeesian all over again. The sentiment isn't wrong; the execution is hypocritical. And then the media makes the center of the whole thing about death threats from a small minority of idiots and trolls.

Any time one of these issues gets pushed with unjustified amounts of force, there's an equal and opposite reaction to it. That is why people would disagree that this is about bigotry.

Loki861811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

@Anthotis and agreers - GID or Trangenderism happens in the womb, it is not a choice nor a disease(mental illness). Please get your facts straight before making such uneducated responses in the future.

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jerethdagryphon1811d ago

My 3 maxims .
Harm no one by action or inaction
Be who you want to be
And live as you wish to live.
Saddly not enough people follow simple nicitys

So shes tg meh fair enough no need to attack her over it
And the presenter was in the wrong there. Post op tg in most civil8zed world are legally the sex they choose

IcicleTrepan1811d ago

I agree that it's shameful that this person was treated this way.

That being said, I don't really feel this article really needs to be on this particular site. This story is now beyond the scope of Microsoft/Xbox One or video games.

The people that are sending in death threats are not 'gamers', they're homophobes. I just don't think this is related to this site anymore. I am certain someone will disagree with me and say that it absolutely is related, but that is how I feel about it. I come here to read about news on video games, not to read stories that try to politicize video games.

StillGray1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Gamers can be homophobes too, or in this case transphobes.

WeAreLegion1811d ago

There has to be a different word for that. I don't think people who oppose homosexuality or transgender sexuality are actually afraid of them.

Activemessiah1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I find the whole "phobia" thing ludicrous... Being scared of something and disapproving are two different things... Transphobia is a ridiculous word with a ridiculous meaning... that goes for all the other so-called phobias too.

1811d ago
FunAndGun1811d ago

yes, it is fear.

Go to any comment section on the net about this topic.

People feel threatened that society will crumble if gays get the right to marry.

People feel that it will some how degrade their own marriage if gays get the right to marry.

People feel that there is a gay 'agenda'...I am a homo and I don't even know what the 'agenda' is except looking for equality.

It all boils down to fear. If you don't agree with homosexuality that is your right and voice, but people actively seeks to prevent the pursuit of happiness of others. It has ZERO affect on your life and pursuit of happiness, so why do you care so damn much?

It is fear.

Godlovesgamers1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

"Homophobes"? That's a word perpetrated by homosexuals to insult anyone who doesn't accept their "lifestyle" choice.

Nobody fears homosexuals, we just don't agree with it and we're not going to have such a stupid agenda forced upon us to condition us to thinking "gay is normal/natural".

It's a person's choice if they want to choose the "alternative lifestyle" but don't force everyone to accept it and insult those who don't, meanwhile trying to put it on the same level with the civil rights movement.

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yarbie10001811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

This story has changed from the beginning. The writer wrote Kotaku and said they regretted saying anything. Now they are writing about it today for the Huff Post.

I don't care what sex they are - just sounds like an attention whore.

It isn't like Microsoft or Xbox is responsible for a comedian. So i don't understand why this is such a big story

Ketzicorn1811d ago

If he was at an event representing their company then yes they were responsible for his actions during that time. I think the matter was overblown a little bit as from what I read I don't think it was his intention to demean or embarass her but MS and the X1 division have to deal with the backlash.

ziggurcat1811d ago

"It isn't like Microsoft or Xbox is responsible for a comedian."

they hired him, so yes, they are.

Drithe1811d ago

I think it is stupid. Should you pick on someone who thinks they are the opposite sex? No. I think they need help myself, personally. But one thing I am absolutely against, and you have to be a damn fool to even think it is ok, that is it is ok for a grown man, who thinks he is a woman trapped inside, to take a piss with my little girl in the same toilet room.

I cant believe idiots think this is ok. It is not. Politically incorrect morons think this and should realize just how stupid they really are.

If you don't want political views on this site .... don't allow them in the first place.

End of line.

FunAndGun1811d ago

so what would happen if your little girl grew up and identified with being trans or gay?

Drithe1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

If she is gay, then she is gay. As long she picks a somaon man to make my mighty grandchildren with I could care less. I would love to train them for football or girls softball, which ever one comes of course.

If she ever came to me and said she was a man,I would tell her to look between her legs and make sure. Once she did I would tell her to quit being a dumbass.

jeeves861811d ago

Congratulations on getting the World's Most Insensitive Parent Award! If this theoretical situation were true, she'd grow to resent you, cut off communication, suffer severe depression and possibly commit suicide. Congratulations! It's all your doing because 'you' want grandchildren to play with. Forget what makes her happy and feel right.

FunAndGun1811d ago

yeah, I kinda figured that would be your answer.

what a sad dad you are. I feel sorry for your daughter because she obviously doesn't get unconditional love from her dear ol' dad.

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