EA cuts Probst's salary to $515,000

Electronic Arts halves compensation for executive chairman Larry Probst from $1.03 million following appointment of Andrew Wilson to CEO.

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majiebeast1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Poor guy now he is less rich!

nick3091694d ago

With 515k a month i wouldve bought 10 of each console + pcs. I wanna cry for him /S

LostDjinn1693d ago

"Electronic Arts has cut executive chairman Larry Probst's ANNUAL salary from $1.03 million to $515,000 effective October 1" - Man, if he was getting 515k a month he'd be wipin' his butt with C-notes.

HammadTheBeast1693d ago

Depends. If he's living in a good house in an upscale place, 500 k isn't a whole lot.

He's probably busy paying gas every 20 minutes for his lambo or Aston martin.

aCasualGamer1693d ago

I think it's morally wrong to get that much salory, from any line of work, especially knowing that there are people out there starving to death. But hey, as long as his wifey is getting paid.

Army_of_Darkness1693d ago

Wow! Getting your salary cut by half would definitely suck ass, but its obvious that his company gave him a simple choice.
Either get a salary cut, or leave.

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HammockGames1693d ago

We'll know he's hurting when he starts posting spam links on N4G.

C'mon spammers! This is your chance to actually help somebody!

/Giant S

zeal0us1693d ago

Yet he's still making more money than most of us

nukeitall1693d ago

Maybe because Larry isn't busy on a website or playing games?


James-GAMES1693d ago

Hey Ill take that salary lol.

Pancit_Canton1693d ago

I want at least 1/4 of his salary.

Raven7221693d ago

By the gods! How will this man survive on only 500,000?!

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The story is too old to be commented.