Rockstar has “About 45 Years Worth of Ideas” for Future of GTA, Including GTA 6

Rockstar president discusses GTA V DLC and GTA VI.

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gaelic_laoch1780d ago

WOW? World of Warcraft is old news we are talking about GTAV now!


hiredhelp1780d ago

Rockstar has “About 45 Years Worth of Ideas”

wait mm im 34 now oh man them ideas better come quicker

gaelic_laoch1780d ago

Once your hands and eyesight hold out you will be fine!

3-4-51780d ago

You KNOW they've been planning GTA 6 Next Gen game for a while now. Probably at least 2-3 years.

THC CELL1780d ago

Hope u have full matrix in them ideas

Sam Fisher1780d ago

Im glad that R* is making it in life, they are probably the only dev team that dont give a f$&k and im proud to play all their gta's (my favorite of all time was london's cut) hope they enjoy the money that they worked for :).

shaun mcwayne1780d ago

I hope you get the chance to start a superhero job like kick ass.
At the start you are a bit rubbish and have to look for peoples cats and stuff, then you get to meet your arch enemy.

Sam Fisher1780d ago

Would be cool for a new bully game, like " bully 2: rise against your nemisis

KonsoruMasuta1780d ago

It's going to be something when we can reach photo realistic graphics.
Any guesses on how many GTAs we have until then?

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The story is too old to be commented.