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PlayStation 4 hands on; this could well be the greatest console ever | Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded writes: "I was already keen on the PS4 before I went along to this preview event. Now I am absolutely convinced that unless some kind of catastrophe strikes, it will be a legitimate contender for the greatest console ever." (PS4)

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PoSTedUP  +   697d ago | Funny
untill the Wii U Me He releases.

its looking that way tho just by the sheer ratio of epic launch games to awesome features.
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Ezz2013  +   697d ago
""Wii U Me He""

lol hahaha

OT: yes, sony is just doing every thing right with ps4
with pretty much nothing to complain about
it's going to be a very awesome beastly machine
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black0o  +   697d ago | Well said
to put it simple PS4 is the new PS2
Magicite  +   697d ago | Well said
PS4 = PS2 x 2
In other words - twice the games, twice the development speed, twice the exclusives and twice the FUN! :D
dantesparda  +   697d ago
"beastly" is not the word I'd use for either systems specs. And they are both struggling to perform 1080/60 right out of the gate. Then, dont forget, you got the developed to the lowest common denominator syndrome. Now let the disagrees begin, just my opinion, I call it like i see, I dont sweat any company
JamieL  +   697d ago | Well said
@ dantesparda
I agree with you on those points, and I think everyone loves it so much because it's in their comfort zone, it's familiar to them and change is never welcome. I know I'm about to become the most popular guy on this site for saying this but it’s just how I see it. All Sony has really ever done with next new consoles is upgrade the graphics. Anything else they did, was after it was successful somewhere else first. Example: Yes the PS2 was internet ready, but it just felt like that was added as a bullet point, they never focused on it until after the Xbox showed how much it was wanted, and it became a focus of the PS3, another is Move. That's not a bash, or shot at Sony because Sony is EXCELLENT at what they do, but to be honest I am ready for some new ways to approach gaming period, and from the looks of things now MS is in a better position to provide that, or I guess I could say, seems more willing to try new ideas. It seems like Sony is more focused on giving the gamers the same damn things we have now only prettier, and I understand this, they HAVE to play it safe with the PS4, they can’t afford another PS3. I also agree with most here that from a gamer’s perspective the PS3 was freaking awesome, it was. Sony is a business though and the only thing that matters in that category is “PROFIT” period, and as far as that goes the PS3 was a disaster. Also just for the record, I don’t know how either console will turn out, be capable of, or implement new ideas, so it could work out the exact opposite of how I think, but I don’t care what anyone says Sony has always put graphics first and foremost, and I’m just ready for more than that.
andrewsqual  +   697d ago
@dantesparda Well then call this. The Last of Us, decent looking game right? What do YOU think PS4 games are going to be like in 3 years time???
NateCole  +   697d ago
Jaime. Without Sony PS gaming as you know it now would not be where it is now.
Army_of_Darkness  +   697d ago

Every new gen console starts with improved graphics and performance otherwise, what's the point right??
Then over the years they start to show some new gameplay innovations after when developers get more comfortable with the console and I've seen that this gen wether you noticed or not.
Judging by your phrases to Microsoft, you must be really happy with most of the kinect games because that's what xbone is clearly improving on. So if you enjoy those innovative fitness, sports and invisible steering wheel games, then by all means go for it cause ps4 is definitely not for you... I however like to start next gen with native 1080p gaming on my console of choice because its my "comfort zone" before i begin to pay more attention to the other innovations brought by this console.
Sony has been the gaming company that has the most variety of games to play so i can't seem to understand how you think that they dont do anything new??!
You probably don't even have a ps3 talking like that.
T2  +   697d ago
@Jamie - disagree, sony started many new trends whether they focused on it or not. The sixaxis controller was new, not really well liked, so they didn't add much for it. ps3 had mouse/keyboard support, bluetooth, web browser, file sharing and file streaming... all features I used frequently...
Now they are adding sharing of game play, which I will also use, downloading while playing, faster OS, previewing other peoples games, restart without booting up, and potentially other features (look at all the features added by updates in ps3)... these are all features that are not essential but add up to create a great experience...
And they still have move and pseye for those who are into it, peripheral support for wheels, headsets, etc...
I love sony products (360 was a great system too) and I am excited for all the features they have announced.
FamilyGuy  +   697d ago
Feature-wise I'm extremely impressed with the PS4. Every user-requested feature that they couldn't do this gen or wanted to improve on was done with the PS4. In addition to that they've added amazing features some of us never even thought about.

@ PC guys talking specs

Who cares? It has some gorgeous looking games and as a console we won't have to put up with half the hassle you pc guys deal with. Acting as if there's no trade off with that boosted pc spec power. Money, configuration, driver support and other technical hurdles like actually knowing what you're doing.
Consoles have an ease of use that PC gaming doesn't.
JamieL  +   697d ago
@ Army_of_Darkness
Man you are getting way too emotional about my comment. I wasn’t personally attacking you, and the fact you get so defensive about an honest but different opinion than you about a corporation is strait up weird. I gave Sony credit where it was due, but you were probably already so mad by the time you got to that part it didn’t even register. You get so mad about my opinion that you can tell what I own, and see right through my secret agenda huh? I am a gamer man, and I own them all, I really hate missing out on any game just because I don’t own the console, so I always try to get them all.
You say
“Judging by your phrases to Microsoft, you must be really happy with most of the Kinect games because that's what xbone is clearly improving on. So if you enjoy those innovative fitness, sports and invisible steering wheel games, then by all means go for it cause ps4 is definitely not for you”
So what if I do like those games? What’s it to you? I am a unique case but Kinect has improved core gaming for me. 2 years ago I was in a motorcycle accident and lost complete use of my right (dominate) arm, I had to have a custom controller built for me, and any command that Kinect can handle verbally that keeps me from having to push a button with the limited amount of fingers I have (down to 4) is SO helpful to me. Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 are examples. I also acknowledged that neither console is out yet, and I could be dead wrong, but I guess you missed that as well.

I’m just glad folks like you aren’t in charge of gaming; otherwise we would be looking forward to the world’s prettiest version of Pong. You should also look into what Corporations are, and what ALL of them are about. I don’t think you’d be so quick to worship, or feel the need to defend their “honor”.
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JamieL  +   697d ago
@ joe
Look man I agree, I didn't mean to make it sound like I was trying to say Sony's never brought anything to gaming, hell I like PlayStation, I would hate to see what gaming would be without Sony, but I’m just looking for more than a graphical upgrade this gen, and it's also disheartening to see how resistant to change most gamers on here are. There is just way to many conclusions jumped to before anyone’s seen either of them.
I admit at first MS policies sounded bad, but that’s just without knowing the whole picture, or knowing why they are doing it. This same thing can be said about nearly anything in life, but damn man change has to start somewhere, and popular opinion amongst the N4G crowd is “Anything unfamiliar is the worst thing ever for gaming, it’s all about specs, specs, specs, specs,specs, specs, specs, specs,specs, specs, on paper”, there is no denying that.
PoSTedUP  +   697d ago
@jamie- ×_×... where do you think kinect came from? ps eyetoy was the first to have face tracking and using your body and movements as a way to control and interact with games.

youre comparing Real pioneers and inventors to a company who was founded on stealing ideas.

why do you think everyone is using 4 shoulder buttons and duel analogue sticks?

why do you think blu-ray discs are a now a standard for gaming? and that a blu-ray player is now in the xbox one?

online gaming and services where you can downoad games and playing online were around b4 xbox live, jus not intergraded into-one probably due to slow broadband connection. it dates back to the 8-16bit era, it was bound to happen after 20 years of trying lol.
socom was the very first sucessful online competitive game on consoles imo.

sony pushed the CD as standard for consoles (they helped create the first CD) and even invented the very CD player.

made dvd a standard too.
they were the first to have memory cards (shit they probably even invented the first mem stick lol)

sony has nothing to prove and has added a lot of innovations/ standards to gaming each gen.
most companys will use other ideas and add to them, it always has been happening in the industry.

3D gaming...?

and i guess you can now include the speakers and touch pad/button on the ds4 (didnt actually research that one but oh well)

i believe the first voice commands through a mic and headset were from socom on the ps2.

hell i could be wrong on all of these, but i think its true sony have been improving way more than just graphics each gen, to say otherwise is pretty ridiculous. as well as everyone else has too except for the real shittty companys that never saw the light of day.
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nirwanda  +   696d ago
I think you need to check out what the dreamcast did for gaming before the ps2 came out.
Seamen did voice controls.
Samba da amigo did motion controls.
And very popular console online gaming started there pso, quake 3, cho cho rocket etc.
Also the n64 brought popularity to analogue controls.
And I personally owned 2 cd based consoles before the ps1 launched.
Also I was playing 3D games as far back as my spectrum/amiga days with stunt car racer, castle master, elite etc.
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DigitalRaptor  +   696d ago
@ JamieL

Your second comment just shows how you ignored Joeorc's main point.

I love how people emphasise PS3.5, when the reality is as follows for PS4:

1) Play games as they download
2) Watch live streams of games your friends are playing and jump into the multiplayer feature of that game within seconds.
3) Jump into another person's game over the network, to take over/co-op.
4) Stream classic games when Sony lets you in 2014.
5) Download the single player and multiplayer separately.
6) Smart systems calculate games that you want to play and downloads them automatically.
7) Application and game multitasking and state switching.
8) Instant resume - playing a game? Turn off PS4 -> go away for an hour -> turn the PS4 on and instantly resume the game without booting up.
9) Updates download in the background without you ever knowing.
10) Instantly upload, share and stream your gameplay to different social sites.
11) Remote play built into its core. If you invest in Vita TV, you can play on other devices and screens whilst another family member watches TV.
12) PS4 camera can be used to navigate the OS using voice commands, and probably hand gestures. It can do facial and speech recognition as well as games.
13) Dedicated tablet and mobile support for second-screen gaming. Results already out there.
14) PlayStation app to view your profile, friends progress, statuses and purchase games to be downloaded to your PS4 remotely.
15) Sony is bringing in unprecedented indie support and pushing those games to the forefront, handing indie developers the toolset which provides them the means to create unique, fun and impressive experiences very quickly and easily.
16) MMOs on console as a standard.
17) Free-to-play as a standard.
18) Cross-buy and cross-play as a standard.
19) DualShock 4 is completely refined and re-engineered, but maintains the classic PlayStation style.
20) DS4 has a touchpad, which has already given developers interesting ideas, and now that Valve is pushing a touchpad on their controller, it's going to look less and less "gimmicky" once it's put to use.
21) The light-bar on the DS4, means that the camera can see where players are positioned and on split-screen games it will shuffle the screen order. And that is just one possible use of the light-bar and how it can impact gameplay and experience.

I don't really see how you can say PS4 is only about a graphics upgrade, when you're looking right past many of these new, generational leaps in system software and hardware.
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nirwanda  +   696d ago
Also I was playing 3d games as far back as my spectrum days elite, castlemaster etc.
PoSTedUP  +   696d ago

you didnt command seaman, you just talked to him and he'd answer back or some weird crap. socom voice command, commanding your team and controlling their movement is what i meant by command with a headset. not voice controls which im sure pc had something like that even b4 then?

i didnt say anything about motion controls, i dont think?

and i said sucessful online competitive game imo, i dont consider it sucessful by the sales, players who used online and on an unsucessful console compared to socom1 on ps2. , i mean it only sold 10m world wide... but thas just my opinion. there was online throuh bdoadband on 8bit sega too from what i understand.

ps1 made it the standard for games to be on cd, i didnt say it was the first, im well aware of the sega cd lol.

andi said dual anaogue controls. they came out with them in '96. dreamcast and xbox continued with the single stick, and game cube with an analogue stick and that weird friggin yellow nubb or w/e (good for melee on the up attack tho) (xbox even after the ps2 was out, and basically 3d printed a dreamcast contoller). now its the norm for the 4 shoulder buttons and dual stick controllers which sony had from their jump. kinda like how i give credit to ms for the online service, they didnt invent it but they made it the norm and improved on it.

and they had 3d back then?? like, 3d glasses gaming 3d? im unaware of that, then ok. if not, im talking avatar3D.

@digitalraptor: no, your list is Wrong. you need to switch #18 with #9. youre welcome = ].
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Anarki  +   696d ago
PS4 wont have close to the amount of games the PS2 had. Mostly due to development costs and development times. Costs a lot more to make games these days compared to back in the PS2 days.

Sony seem to be learning from their mistakes with the PS3 launch, they were quite cocky and arrogant about their console and it bit them in their ass. Now, they're doing everything right; listening to their customers and the game devs.
Army_of_Darkness  +   696d ago
You certainly are a special case... me worship a corporation?? Nonsense, but i would trust sony over ms anyday... I'm merely defending sony from your incorrect statements. I wont bother giving you examples of what they have done for gaming since a few above me already did that. Instead, i will just say sorry to hear about your motorcycle accident and faith in xb0ne and kinect cause i have yet to see anything that interest me.
Ezz2013  +   696d ago
awesome post as always from you
and let me add my own list as of why ps4 is truly the best next gen console

-better specs than xbox (GPU 50-60% more stronger,Better/Faster/more Ram)
-Free games with PSN
-have all TV features
-psn+ is as good as live
-movies, one of the best movie services available
-Records 15 minutes of game play ..xbox only 7Minutes
-ps4 Controller have touchpad
-Controller that don't need Batteries like Xbox D-Pab
-Free Party Chat unlike xbox where you have to pay for it
-Gaikai cloud streaming service
-Vita remote control feature
-Ps Camera (Which is not forced like Kinect 2.0)
-The best 1st/2nd party Support since ps1
-Ps4 is very Dev Friendly so no more lame ports
and for most part since it's the stronger console it will be the lead system for multiplat games
-Multi-screen functionality
-2000 friend limit for party chat while xbox only 1000
-Cheaper by 100$ more than xbox

some of those things xbox1 have as well
but ps4 give you alot more value for your money
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IceKoldKilla  +   696d ago
@JamieL VERY well said. I love Sony and have loved all their consoles that I've owned. Overall I prefer it over the competitors'. I also really wanna point out the way you phrased it was perfect. While telling the truth you didn't talk shit and said good things to compensate what you said. I wish everyone posted comments like that. Not just "Fuck Sony, only about graphics!"
nukeitall  +   696d ago
All the people listing huge list of PS4 features, have Sony shown any of these features in action?

There is a lot of promise, but little to show. Heck, I have barely seen the OS in action. In fact, Sony has been pretty mum overall and people is just running on hype.

Kind of like this article, completely lack of any substance. Says almost nothing about their experience of the PS4, and practically only list there are some good games, and oh, by the way a lot of developers are behind it i.e. empty hype.
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dantesparda  +   696d ago

I completely agree with you and everything you said. And i'll even go even further and say that TLOU is more than "decent looking" (i think it looks incredible), and i do think PS4 (and X1/WiiU for that matter) will look better in 3 yrs. But i cant ignore the fact, that these systems are struggling to perform now, and I honestly am not really impressed with their specs. They should have been able to at least run all modern games at 1080/60fps with high /ultra settings

And Nuke, shut it, and get off MS's nuts
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ala_767  +   697d ago
No doubt about that! PS4 set its next gen place to top when they rocked at E3 esp when they told used game will work!
hollabox  +   697d ago
The Wii Y U Hatin will be much more powerful than the PS4 in 2015, Nintendo won't make the same mistakes like they did with the Wii U and Virtual Boy. Mario Dogs Y U will simulate real dog behavior complete with real time fur and Nintendo Physics! Good luck playing the PS4 or Play Sh!t 4 suckers!

Nah Jk, I don't know about the greatest ever, the SNES for is time was pretty incredible, heck the SNES and Nintendo blunder is the reason why the PS even exist.
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nosferatuzodd  +   697d ago
Go out side lately take a break and relax you don't of to troll to get you're point across..
hollabox  +   697d ago
Me trolling? I guess some people can't take a joke these days. Playing off the words PosTEDUp "Wii U Me He" I even put Nah JK, I guess I need to put this is coming from an fanboy perspective.

But like I said we can't call it the greatest console ever for a console about 6 weeks from release. The author Matt S can probably make this statement in 2 maybe 3 years into the consoles life. If I'm not mistaken but didn't Sega come out swinging with great games, decent hardware and initially winning the PR campaign? Three years later the DC was dead and Sega tucked their tails waved the white flag and screamed software only.

I've been gaming since 1987 or 88, so far I can honestly say the SNES was probably the best system I've own followed by X360, PS3, Sega Genesis, Xbox, PS2, GC, PS1, Sega Saturn, NES, N64, Sega 32X, and Sega CD. My list is based off games own for each system, graphics, and sound. Heck I had a closet full of shoe boxes packed with SNES games. Probably owned 70 SNES games at one point, I can recall trading in over 30 to buy the Sega Saturn at Funcoland back in the mid 90s.
zippycup  +   697d ago
will only agree on Snes being the best console ever but that's my opinion not fact dam i need to pull out my psp and Snes emulator
andrewsqual  +   697d ago
Why won't they? They made the same fuck up with the Wii U as they did with the 3DS and naming it alone. The difference with the 2 is that the Wii U launched with the donkey masses loving Mario game and flopped then. It is NEVER going to take off. At least the 3DS took off after 9 months when 2 Mario games released within a week of each other. That was simply why the 3DS is a success. Not even the price drop after 6 months did anything for it. 2 Mario games.

Maybe they will release a Wii Y U Hatin in 2015 but with a bottle necked processor and no games for over a whole year will still hurt it. Plus don't forget the Wii U (the one that came with an actual controller retailed at €420 in Europe. The PS4 is going to be cheaper then that. How much will a next gen Nintendo console cost in 2015?
nosferatuzodd  +   697d ago
Indeed I can't wAit to get this bad boy
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   697d ago
Its literally impossible for me to get one at launch now ¬_¬
HugoDrax  +   697d ago
You could buy my launch PS4 for 3x the price hahahaha, I'll be glad to sell. I can wait as I'll have XB1 at launch as well. Oh I also have an extra dual shock, and KILLZONE pre ordered.
Armyntt  +   696d ago
Yea i have 2 extra PS4's and XB1's already paid in full and ready to sell too so if your interested i have one of each.
sonarus  +   697d ago
I actually think the launch games are pretty meh. But i do like the fact that sony embraces a wide variety of games as opposed to just shooter after shooter after shooter. I really think thats what made ps2 successful, the vast variety of games.

IF the PS4 is easier to develop for and is successful enough to ensure a wide user base i believe we will go back to more variety of games like shadow of collusus, okami, ico just to name a few. If this happens then ps4 can be considered as successful as ps2 but it will be a tough task with increasing development costs.
MazzingerZ  +   697d ago
That's correct, that variety of games came as a result of PS2 being a console easy to develop for, delivering fast and cost effectiv dev times

PS4 will deliver PS2 dev times! According to Cerny så don't be surprised if many new and old small devs chooses to release their games only on PS4, add to that larger installbase from day-one and thast make even more sense, in the worst case games will release on X1 some months later when the port is ready
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seroxat  +   697d ago
Nintendo next gen gaming console:

Wii Y U Little (Homers voice)
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PoSTedUP  +   697d ago
CyberSentinel  +   697d ago
I can't wait, I can't wait....I can't wait!
GT67  +   697d ago
Unless ps4 have disc slot not buying DIGITAL only console keeping my PS3.......

Goku781  +   696d ago
That was a good one man lol!
tordavis  +   696d ago
@postedup you can thank Sega for analog controls, not Sony.
Rainstorm81  +   696d ago
Yea everyone praises Nintendo for analog controls and totally forgets about Sega Saturn and Nights into Dreams
AbortMission  +   696d ago
Nintendo's next gen console is the iPhone 6 (yes, I said it and I don't care) Loljk

Honestly, I can't wait for the PS4
GribbleGrunger  +   696d ago
There was one aspect of the PS4 that has always puzzled me, and that was the claim that it had the ability to calculate what you liked and have it downloaded and installed ready for you to play. This seemed a risky strategy to me because it can't be perfect ... SO, perhaps Sony will allow you to download the complete game and test it for a given time?

This makes the concept completely doable because at a specific time (perhaps half an hour to an hour) the game could pause and inform you that if you want to carry on playing, you will have to buy it. If you say 'NO' it is automatically deleted from your HDD, and if you say 'YES' it is unlocked completely.
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ShinnokDrako  +   697d ago
Can't wait for it! Sadly the 29th of November is too far away ;(
tigertron  +   697d ago
8 weeks and a day for us. I'm counting down the seconds.
UltimateMaster  +   697d ago
I wonder if it'll hit 2 million.

I doubt it since they maxed out the pre-orders.
It will be out-of-stock, that's for sure.
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onyoursistersback  +   697d ago
It's not that long, time is flying!!!

I get it November 15!!
AlexanderNevermind  +   697d ago
15 November for me as well. I'm passing the time waiting to play GTA5 online. So much fun....
awesomeperson  +   697d ago
I leave for a 3 week holiday on the 27th of November... The wait is going to be hell.
Campy da Camper  +   697d ago
As do I my friend! But I'm in good old America so I'll have 12 days with this bad boy before I have to deal with family! Woot!
awesomeperson  +   697d ago
Lucky! Darned Australian tier-2 peasant here. I'm really bummed about missing the launch, seeing as the hype has been building for a long time now.

But hey, there's always next time :P
zippycup  +   697d ago
worse for me i dont have money to get one now so might have to wait till next year and work on finishing the backlog of games i have
parentoftheyear  +   697d ago
I am way too excited. Can't waiiitttt. Imma get battlefield 4 and watchdogs.
KwietStorm  +   697d ago
I haven't bought a console at launch since Dreamcast. I'm very excited. Getting BF4, Watch Dogs, Killzone, and a handful of indies. I will lose a portion of my life on Warframe. I don't even know what I'm gonna do first, because I want to check out the new UI too. I might forget to put in my hard drive first.
parentoftheyear  +   697d ago
I got a disagree for being excited. :( SMH
irepbtown  +   697d ago
Welcome to N4G parentoftheyear
a08andan  +   697d ago
Actually your disagree is positive in this case ;) You said "I am way too excited" which means that a disagree says that you can't be excited enough :D
T2  +   697d ago
remember, remember the 15th of november ....

DeadManIV  +   697d ago
MotoDot  +   697d ago
Can't wait T_T
WeAreLegion  +   697d ago
I couldn't be more excited!
Thehyph  +   697d ago
He mentioned the lack of a start button.

The ps4 looks like it will be like vita in this regard. The PS button is a way better button on Vita for pausing games. The start button, for me anyway, is really only an options button anyway.

Why wait to get past a loading screen to pause when you can just pause the loading screen itself. Also, the button is bigger.
DeadManIV  +   697d ago
Yep, totally agree, start is options
GryestOfBluSkies  +   697d ago
thats a good point. i also use the ps button to pause vita games. it will be odd not to see select and start. but im sure its a short adjustment period
yomammastank  +   697d ago
It's going to be a GREAT system. Don't has done it again. November 15 come quicker.
Thehyph  +   697d ago
My phone does it, too.
pabadamus1  +   697d ago
I won't go as far as to declare PS4 the greatest console of all time but I will say that PS4 is indeed MY number one console of choice thus far. I echo the writer's sentiments...from Sony's cultivation of indie games to the innovative changes in the DS3. I can't wait!
DigitalRaptor  +   696d ago
"I suspect that as the mass market grows increasingly tired with the generic titles that AAA-development throw out, that the broader audience that Sony is catering to will resonate with a critical mass."

Exactly why indies will play an important role this generation, more than any before.
Rainstorm81  +   696d ago
I agree especially with this new technology...Indie games will hit a whole new level

Exciting Times
chrissx  +   697d ago
Well the Ps4 when released will be the most powerful console in existence,along with how easy it is to develop for and the amount of love shown to indie developers,+ the first party exclusives that will be available along the years,I think it just can be the greatest console ever
gamer7804  +   697d ago
shouldn't it atleast be the one of the 3 greatest consoles ever if the industry is constantly innovating things hopefully wouldn't get worse.

If "for its time" was added, i'd have to say NES was for bringing games to the next level.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   697d ago
Eating so much Taco Bell...
AlexanderNevermind  +   697d ago
Wow lol

I'll pray for you and your colon. As tempted as I am to try and get one, the pain taco bell would present to my insides...wow just not worth it brother.
MikeNike310  +   697d ago
Yeah I never understood the contest they throw. It says a winner every 15min. does that mean you should only submit your code on the 15 min mark from when the contest officially started.

It started at 1201 am. So do I submit at 1216 am or 1231 am so on and so on?
MultiConsoleGamer  +   697d ago
@MikeNike, no you can only submit codes once a day.

@Alexander, it will be worth all the pain and suffering if I win a PS4 early.
Xsilver  +   697d ago
Damn November is Next month i don't even think i'm ready yet.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   697d ago
Get your motherfucking mind right xsilver...the day of atonement is almost upon us
Xsilver  +   697d ago
i know man i gotta get my shit together.
Tctczach  +   697d ago
That's a big statement after just a few games...
MetalProxy  +   697d ago
do you really think that there wont be any games? ...god damn people these days
byeGollum  +   697d ago
relax, he's right. It is more of a hype statement. . the console is still in its infancy stages. . a few years from now, maybe.
Tctczach  +   697d ago
Before you start to cry metal proxy. I'm just saying it a bit preemptive. The console hasn't even launched and we are only talking launch games. I didn't mean there won't be games in the future. Now wipe your eyes. Everything will be ok.

Edit: thank you Gollum. You knew exactly what I meant.
#14.1.2 (Edited 697d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
hankmoody  +   697d ago
Not to mention a meh lineup of launch title exclusives.
MetalProxy  +   697d ago
Start to cry? lol smh
Edvin1984  +   697d ago
The PS4 comes out on a friday, and its the last day for me to work since my 2 week vacation starts the following Monday. Then when I have had plenty of time to fiddle with my new PS4 I get to open up my new X-box One as well...oh gosh this will be a year to remember.
Sitdown  +   697d ago
"Sony, more than any other game publisher out there, genuinely cares about providing players with a range of different experiences"

So Nintendo does not do the same? And arguably more? Credibility shot...
WeAreLegion  +   697d ago
They did, at one time.
irepbtown  +   697d ago
That time was... (removes sunglasses)... long ago
No FanS Land  +   697d ago
There's a serious drought in Nintendo's catalog. the console came out too early or nobody genuinely knows what to do of the gamepad, and development is stuck.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   697d ago
U mean with more indie games lol
FanMan  +   696d ago
Nintendo makes the same games with new spins on them.

Wheres nintendos game like heavy rain, beyond two souls, flower or journey or a mature shooter or an open world sandbox game? Nintendo makes great plat-formers targeted to children and the general nintendo fan base, but they are severely lacking when it comes to games aimed at adults.
5eriously  +   697d ago
They have not tested the eXB0ne yet, so how can they claim this as a forgone conclusion or is it because the eXB0ne is not ready yet?
Sitdown  +   697d ago
Simple, I believe the quote is....."I see your true colors shining through" How else could one explain this potential declaration with limited use.... Just like people love to say this will be the most powerful console ever.... Console power naturally progresses from generation to generation, and with only 3 major consoles out, one released about a year ago..... it's not necessarily the hardest thing to accomplish.
#17.1 (Edited 697d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
5eriously  +   697d ago
Then again Sitdown and appreciate reality. The facts on the ground at the moment entirly due to M$ and their poor PR is that
1)Microsoft was never ready
2)M$ were caught with their pants down
3)They continually deny, lie and deceit to their own customers
4)We know more facts about the one console than the other so reality has it there must be a smoking gun
5)Games suddenly gets gimped down
6)Where are the eXB0ne previews at this late stage of the game?

As I said in another thread. The "good" news of GPU clock increase makes me worried more that consoling me. Why?
just-joe  +   697d ago
I don't what console you talk about, when you go on to say it the greatest console ever, I can't help but cringe.
abusador  +   697d ago
Ps4 is tht beast, no denying that. I haven't grrrrrrrr this excited since my Sega Genesis.
Kuse  +   697d ago
Consoles haven't even been released yet and these guys think its the greatest console ever? A little biased much?
Nerdmaster  +   697d ago
Vita was also the greatest portable ever - until it was released.
#21 (Edited 697d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
byeGollum  +   697d ago
true. . the hype is always strong in the community. Theres more hype for the console itself than games for it. Software > Hardware.
Rainstorm81  +   696d ago
That's probably because the system hasn't launched yet....surely you don't think most people are going to buy the console without games
abusador  +   697d ago
Speak for yourself, it is the best portable ever in many respects. I wouldnt even think of buying a 3ds because it does nothing for me and imo is a hige downgrade.

With vita/ps4 remote play im in gaming heaven and even further validates my Vita purchase and does things no other portable does.

Yes greatest portable of all time!
saimcheeda  +   697d ago
Loving the hype
Just a little time left and we're all happy :)
buynit  +   697d ago
I guess im with the few that think xb1 has the better launch games, please dont take a bubble away for that its just my opinion and at the end of the day I will have both consoles im just a little more excited for xb1 with the games, kinect and especially the tv tv tv input
byeGollum  +   697d ago
I'm with you. . I mean we ^_^
5eriously  +   697d ago
Why do all eXB0ne addicts claim they will have both consoles? Strange really.
bumnut  +   697d ago
Maybe he is a gaming fan, he who has one system misses out on the most games.
buynit  +   696d ago
Wtf! 5seriously... I have nothing to prove to you all i will say is i have both consoles reserved and paid off..

I know it seems out of this world for Sony fanatics to think that real gamers enjoy great games no matter what console its on.

I assure you my gaming library will not be gimped like yours but i understand its hard to believe...
#23.2.2 (Edited 696d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
zippycup  +   697d ago
lol i read news here and post here and there and i still dont now what the hell are these bubbles you guys keep talking about im slow
Shakengandulf  +   697d ago
That makes two of us zippy.
buynit  +   696d ago
Look at the top right of your post you see that red negative and green positive and the bubbles in the middle, ppl can down and up vote you obviously the more down votes you get more bubbles you lose.

So if you want to keep your bubbles at 5 or you wish to say more then post nothing but wonderful news about Sony and the ps4..

Oh and since you have 5 bubbles that mean you can post up to 5 times in this thread once you use all 5 no more posting is allowed in this thread..
Douchebag696  +   697d ago
Good article. Made me wish for November all the more. Bring on the next generation of games!
AceBlazer13  +   697d ago
only complaint i have with the ps4 is its launch date. i mean seriously the year with so many great titles? why not last year? causing the less fortunate gamers to pass on some great titles to go next gen
5eriously  +   697d ago
For guys like me that would have both the PS3 and PS4 for many years to come with great games for both of them. Still many games to be played and replayed on the PS3.
Clarence  +   697d ago
If you don't know you betta ask somebody
The_Truth_24_7  +   697d ago
Correction, WILL be the greatest gaming machine ever!
isarai  +   697d ago
the 4 month wait after launch till i can get one is going to be excruciating
TheOneEyedHound  +   697d ago
I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a feeling by the end it will be the greatest console ever.
#29 (Edited 697d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
denawayne  +   697d ago
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