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Sunset Overdrive isn't a timed Xbox One exclusive - "no need to beat the proverbial dead horse"

We've seen and heard little of Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive since the Xbox One exclusive's announcement at E3, which is rather disappointing for me personally - a world in which little is said about a game that looks like Crackdown's spiritual successor isn't a world I want to inhabit. Accordingly, I've just been on a jaunt round the developer's forum, and there are some asides from community web developer Tim Salvitti that you may be interested in. (Insomniac Games, PS4, Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One)

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dirigiblebill  +   602d ago
Sony owns the IP, doesn't it? Anybody know for how long they've got the rights to it?
Ezz2013  +   602d ago
""as the IP is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. ""


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blitz0623  +   602d ago
Ratchet on the Xbox just sounds weird. I feel as if Insomniac is just bitter Sony bought Sucker Punch instead of them
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The_Con-Sept  +   602d ago
I don't think Xbox people would even bother with it. Especially since certain YouTube fanboys consider it a "kiddy game."

Solidrev for example.
WeAreLegion  +   602d ago
In all fairness, Sucker Punch is a better developer.
P0werVR  +   602d ago
It's just a silly title. No one expects that.

Either way, Sunset Overdrive looks real good.
Kran  +   602d ago
Did you really just use wikipedia as a source? :/
Sevir  +   601d ago
Sony owns the ratchet IP, but they say it may end up on Xbox, because Sony has sold Ips before, IE, Crash and Spyro.

In anycase Insomniac isn't bitter, theyve always wished to remain independent, Sony has approached them numerous occasions to acquire them and they've declined, so I don't think they care if Sony doesn't acquire them, they are considered Second Party World Wide Studios Partners, and they've made plenty exclusives for Sony and Still have a great relationship with Sony.
SilentNegotiator  +   601d ago

If you don't like those sources, pick up any Ratchet and Clank game and flip it over. I have Crack in Time in my hands right now:

"Ratchet and Clank is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc"
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gaffyh  +   601d ago
Ratchet will never go to Xbox, unless Sony decides to sell the franchise like they did with Crash. There's a possibility that the Ratchet movie might change things though, but can't see it going on Xbox unless Sony allows it.
Jeff257  +   601d ago
@Sevir & gaffyh

Sony never owned the IPs for Spyro or Crash. They were developed under deals that Naughty Dog and Insomniac had with Universal. Universal owned those IPs hence the reason that Naughty Dog and Insomniac both went on to doing new IPs that were owned by Sony. ND got bought by Sony before they started J&D and Insomniac decided to stay independent but work with Sony acting as the Publisher.
Saigon  +   601d ago

If I am not mistaken, Sony offered Insomniac deals several times over to be apart of their organization and each time they were turned down. In honest, I am not certain where this bitter taste came from, but it is getting a little nerving. Seriously, they did a lot for Sony and Sony did a lot for them, so why the issue. In my opinion, I believe the issue is with Sony owning the rights to R&C and Insomniac does not want another company owning their products. And on that, there are suppose to a cartoon in the works/movie or something, and maybe Sony has more rights than Insomniac.
kickerz  +   601d ago
Definitely getting Sunset Overdrive. Another great game heading to X1 :) come on nov 22
Kran  +   601d ago

I never said he was wrong.

I just make a joke that he used wikipedia as a source

:/ that was all. Obviously no one got it. Even if it was bad.
ShwankyShpanky  +   601d ago
"Definitely getting Sunset Overdrive. Another great game heading to X1"

So you've seen some actual gameplay footage, I assume? Care to link?
nukeitall  +   601d ago
Ratchet could turn up on Xbox if Sony went the way of Sega (Mario and Sonic on Nintendo platform?) or MS bought up Sony.

It is possible, just unlikely.
nosferatuzodd  +   601d ago
yep insomniac is traitor
kickerz  +   601d ago
@wank and spank - all I needed was that e3 trailer and that was enough to tell me that this game will rock.
showtimefolks  +   601d ago

Sony tried buying insomniac but they didn't want to be bought so Sony moved on. Insomniac games have lost its magic over the last few games and really need to regain the top form soon

Whether insomniac likes it or not sooner rather than later they will be bought, this industry is becoming too big for smaller developers to exist without backing of a huge publisher

The con sept

Thing is when someone is exclusive than its no good to the other side but if there is a chance of the, getting it than its all forgotten and praised

Fanboys on both sides are bad for business, they yell the loudest even though they are in minorities but I losers listen to their feedback more because like I said earlier they shout the loudest
hellzsupernova  +   601d ago
@blitz honestly if you knew anything you would know sony offered to buy insomniac games but Ted price wanted to stay independent. Your comment stinks of Sony fanboy.

OT ratchet and clank are not going anywhere Sony owns them.

Sunset overdrive looks cool and different hope it works out for them. I will not be playing it as I do not plan on buying the xbone
ShwankyShpanky  +   600d ago

Uh... that's stupid.

I thought the trailer for The Order: 1886 looked pretty damn slick (you know, the one that said "rendered with in-game engine"), but at the end I thought, "Nice... now show me some gameplay," not "totally gotta get that!"
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Aceman18  +   602d ago
everyone knows Sony owns the IP so this franchise will not be showing up on any other platform unless IG buys the rights back from Sony.
malokevi  +   601d ago
He literally said "anything can happen" before diving into the statement. I read people here interpreting that as "Ratchet and Clank might come to Xbox".... and even more ridiculously, some sort of nuanced confirmation that Sunset Overdrive is headed to PS4.

You people are messed in the head. What he's saying is obvious. For now, R&C is a Playstation exclusive, and Sunset is an Xbox exclusive... but there is no man or woman alive that can guarantee this dichotomy forever. He's merely saying "never say never"... and you all blow it way out of proportion.

SilentNegotiator  +   601d ago
"Ratchet could" and "Ratchet Might" are exactly the same for its intents and purposes. Either statement represents a ridiculous unlikelihood. This isn't 1999 anymore; Sony isn't going to let big exclusive IPs slip through their hands.

Employing Quantum physics logic doesn't justify saying anything.
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malokevi  +   601d ago
exactly... could... "never say never".... same crap. I'm not saying that R&C has any likelyhood of ever coming to playstation, I'm saying that THE DEVELOPER says that nothing is impossible.

You ppl are way to sensitive. I don't give 2 craps about exclusives, because I'm getting both consoles. Oh the joys of not limiting yourself to a single console because you feel some misguided need to lambast the alternative at every opportunity.
SilentNegotiator  +   601d ago
What are you so riled up over?
What do you mean "you ppl"?

I'm aware that we're talking about what the developer said. And what they said is downright ridiculous. It's not "impossible" for Nintendo to sell Mario, but it isn't going to happen.
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malokevi  +   601d ago
Yes but waht I said about what he said is still true, regardless of whether or not its actually going to happen. Nothing is impossible, thats it, no argument, stop talking to me.
Aceman18  +   601d ago

Listen my statement wasn't made out of angry or whatever you think it is, it was made to let people know who seem to still be confused about whether or not its own by Sony.

Where the hell are you getting this "you people" from?
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   601d ago
lol How come whenever someone makes a comment that slightly goes against what Malokevi states he gets all upset and goes on a rant about how people are over sensitive and that they should leave him alone lol?

Malokevi, what's really funny is that person you replied to, Aceman18, actually acknowledged that the franchisee could end up on other platforms if someone buys the rights from Sony. So he actually stated that it is possible for Ratchet to end up on another platform, yet you STILL felt the need make a comment about how people are messed up in head and are blowing it out of proportion when in fact no one is...

Everyone knows that anything can happen, nobody is denying that. You need to relax.

-- Edit @ below --

***"and yet we're still having this discussion..."***

lol How? Who's arguing AGAINST the claim that "anything thing can happen" "never say never" "nothing is impossible"?

No one is...
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malokevi  +   601d ago
and yet we're still having this discussion...
SilentNegotiator  +   601d ago

I'm saying this as an earnest person to person; you need to stop and evaluate this situation.

Aceman18 said that it could happen if someone bought the rights from Sony. You responded by suggesting that he "blew it way out of proportion" and calling him "messed up in the head"

I suggested that the likelihood was so slim that it wasn't worth Insomniac even saying. You responded by going into a tirade about not caring about exclusivity.

I clarified my comment and you hammered in your irreverent point that no one was arguing against and then stuck your head in the sand to further conversation.

You are being too sensitive.
MELMAN26  +   601d ago
This may be true, but why is everyone so obsessed, with the xbones exclusives? Are people not happy with what Sony is offering?
solidjun5  +   601d ago
"You ppl are way to sensitive..."

You later then said: "Nothing is impossible, thats it, no argument, stop talking to me."

Irony. Who's sensitive? You're getting riled up for something that doesn't affect your life.
Kryptix  +   601d ago

Damn, malokevi got pwned left and right.

Aceman put in the possibility of it going to the Xbox if Insomniac bought the rights back and here you got malokevi going apeshit for no reason.

This guy...

...so sensitive I bet he watches soap operas and gets heart broken with mommy.
extermin8or  +   601d ago
The difference is Sunset is more likely to come to ps4 as don't Insomniac own the rights to it themselves? All they'd need is for EA or Sony to publish it as MS certainly wont publish it on the ps4. Whereas Ratchet and Resistance would require sony to sell the IP's first, something they've not done since the Crash and Spyro days- I believe maybe they learned from their mistake? Although really since insomniac went on this multiplatform vendetta their games have gone downhill even the exclusive ones. Resistance 2 wasn't the best but it was good, resistance 3 and crack in time were both awesome then after that it's just been a downhill slide.... Maybe into nexus can help redeem them but I'm doubtful.
alejandroelputo  +   601d ago
I am really sad, insomniac was my favorite developer at a time. Now they are just a pile of shit trying to get successful as naughty dog is. They went multiplataform to get more fans and money, ND has way more fans staying exclusive. I just want Insomniac to go back and stop making mistakes like going multi, working with EA, and now they working with M$ -_- seriously WTF! They have pissed me off, Sony is a great partnet, when do you see studios leaving sony? That is right, studios love sony, now look at M$ when studios like bioware, bungie, hell even epic games have stopped working exclusive with micro$oft. Rare went to shit. Like fukking come on Insomniac, open your eyes and go back to what make gamers love you.
3-4-5  +   601d ago
Sunset Overdrive actually looks pretty fun.
irokster  +   601d ago
To each his own I guess. I think that game looks goofy as hell.
Faztkiller  +   601d ago
Guess I wont be playing it then :( insomniac is one of my Favorite developers but I am probably not going to get an Xbox One and if I do it will be so late into the life cycle that I won't be interested. Hope they make some PS4 or atleast multiplatform games this coming generation

Edit. Sorry didn't mean to reply to a comment
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itBourne  +   601d ago
WTF did no one read the article, also the journalist should be ashamed. Talk about blowing up a whole lot of nothing.
NatureOfLogic  +   602d ago
Insomniac is still trolling Sony I see.
UnSelf  +   602d ago | Funny
That's Ratchet
solidjun5  +   602d ago
LMAO!!! +1
king_george  +   601d ago
Lol that made me actually laugh a little

Funny +1 :)
ALLWRONG  +   601d ago
"Insomniac is still trolling Sony I see."

In other words "I hate Insomniac because they went multiplatform"
XabiDaChosenOne  +   601d ago
Why are you so defensive?
showtimefolks  +   601d ago
No in their words their last few games have sucked and they miss Sony. Sony offered them to be bought but they stay independent and more power to them but now it's time to move on

Insomniac till resistance 3 were awesome but all 4 one,fuse and that other ratchet games have all been mediocre. Time for insomniac to regain its form as a top development house. But as of now they are not even in top 20
Chevalier  +   601d ago
To be fair Fuse sucked pretty hard so yeah if they continue the way they do then multiplatform or not garbage games are terrible anyway you slice it. So yeah I'll start caring about Insomniac releases something amazing.
refocusedman  +   602d ago
Honestly who really cares. Insomniac has not been the same for quite some time. The resistance games were great but, its all been downhill since R3.
noctis_lumia  +   602d ago

i dont expect nexus to be good
they went downhill after RES2
ShinMaster  +   601d ago
Hey R&C: ACiT was excellent!
Hellsvacancy  +   602d ago
I didn't even like the Resistance games personally, played all 3, only completed the first though (my trophy list will show that) and i'm not a big fan of R&C, bought one thinking my daughter would like it, and she didn't

Insomniac should bring back the early Spyro, that would make me one HAPPY gamer
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lodossrage  +   602d ago
@ Hellsvacancy,

Not to call you a liar or anything. But I have to call foul on your comment man.

How can you have a trophy list show that you've played Resistance 1 when Resistance 1 was NEVER patched for trophies?
Snookies12  +   602d ago
@lodossrage - I believe he was saying you can look at his Resistance 2/3 trophies to see he hadn't finished those. :]
Hellsvacancy  +   602d ago
Forgive me for leaving out that minor detail, I did finish it though, it was one of very few PS3 games I had at the time, it wasn't all that bad, I liked the big look it had, BIG cables and pipes etc

But Resistance 2/3? no, I got bored too quick, moved on to other games
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lodossrage  +   602d ago

Ah ok, in that case I'm sorry and stand corrected
princejb134  +   602d ago
Agree I didn't like the resistance game much. Bought 1 and 2 and got boring quick. However I love the ratchet and clank games. Had many fun times with those.
Even though I'm not buying a xbox. im looking forward to see how sunset overdrive comes out
cell989  +   601d ago
you are a big liar sir, the first game doesnt even support trophies -__- why even troll like that sigh....
soljah  +   602d ago
insomniac lol a developer that is one flop away from bankruptcy.
and to think at one time they were right up there with naughty dog and ssm
Ron_Danger  +   602d ago
I would say they were up there with SSM and Naughty Dog in the PS2 days, but still below them. I completely forgot this until I played the Ratchet and Clank HD games, but Naughty Dog created the game engine of the Ratchet and Clank series for Insomniac.
cell989  +   601d ago
I wouldnt say bankruptcy especially now that they got support from Microsoft, but for their own sake, Overdrive better sell well. Had they picked PS4 as their platfomr of choice, I think this time around their games would sell better because the PS4 has mad hype and support right now. I still thank Insomniac for all the awesome things theyve done for us gamers, heres to hoping they one day return to their former glory. Ill be waiting for them on my PS4
XtraTrstrL  +   602d ago
That's what I was thinking.
KwietStorm  +   602d ago
Seriously what has happened to them?
OrangePowerz  +   602d ago
I liked R3 actually, the Rachet games went downhill after the great Crack in Time. I still have hope for Nexus to be a good R&C game again.

As for Sunset Overdrive I reserve my judgement for now as Insomniac his very hit and miss with games that are not platformers.
tehpees3  +   602d ago
Insomniac is just another example of a company leaving a platform and going downhill after.

See Rare, Sega and SK for other examples.

Companies should stick by their own platforms. I think Insomniac has been foolish to turn Sony down just for freedom.
creatchee  +   602d ago

So Rare should still be developing for Nintendo 64? I haven't seen that console on NPD in a while. Is it Japan exclusive now? I love my Dreamcast too but Sega hasn't given me a game for it in years. What gives???
tehpees3  +   601d ago
I'm saying that Rare should have stuck with Nintendo and Insomniac should have stuck with Sony. As people below pointed out Insomniac went from being critically acclaimed to many reviews of mid 70 scores and that came from the release of Fuse.

I bring up the point frequently yet many people don't consider it. Companies like that are better off in their own barns and staying there.
cell989  +   601d ago
I still have hopes that once Insomniac sees the great success the PS4 is bound for, that they change their stance and go Sony exclusive again, I miss that dev, used to be one of my favs
ALLWRONG  +   601d ago
Most of the comments above are more or less just hate because Insomniac went multiplatform. There is only one fanbase who does that.
LetoAtreides82  +   601d ago
Shinmaster, A Crack In Time was good but I like Tools Of Destruction better, I was actually a bit disappointed in ACiT.
moegooner88  +   602d ago
For those wondering Salvitti is trying to validate his never say never quote regarding Sunset Overdrive on PS4, and Ratchet and Clank on Xbox, but for the time being Insomniac has no current planes for either. Also, in 2009 Insomniac's Bryan Bernal stated that the R and C franchise property is owned by Sony.

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DeadManIV  +   602d ago
So why is he saying that it could end up in xbone?? It's impossible, Sony would never allow it
Insomnia_84  +   602d ago
I think he is indirectly saying that Sunset OverDrive will eventually be on PS4.
jackanderson1985  +   602d ago
enough money and sony would allow it... or if sony are trying to keep devs happy or gain another exclusive of it's own... it does happen just extremely rarely
Deadpoolio  +   601d ago
Well since Insomniac has NO say whatsoever when it comes to Ratchet Yeah you can say never....They have 0% control over the franchise and I highly doubt Sony would ever sell it.....Not sure why he feels the need to act like never say never, when he knows Sony owns it
DA_SHREDDER  +   602d ago
The day Insomniac makes a game as good as FTOD is the day I'll care what they do with any of their franchises. They used to be the cream of the crop. Now they are barely the cream in a fanboys pants.
dirigiblebill  +   602d ago
I don't think they've ever made an utterly terrible game, though, have they? Fuse is probably the worst thing they've done, and that's a 6-7/10 for my money.
majiebeast  +   602d ago
All for one was pretty bad and so was that R&C tower defense game.
BigShotSmoov007  +   602d ago
Yeah, Insomniac is a good gaming company and have made good games. I liked the Resistance series but not big on the R&C series but I know it's been a great franchise of games, especially for sony as I'm sure they made sony alot of money with that serious. I had a feeling Fuse would be an average game at best cause you can clearly see they were in a transition period being a first party only company with sony to now making multiplatform games. I have a feeling Sunset Overdrive is going to be good and will put Insomniac back where they need to be, I think they do their best work when they focus on just one console rather then making a game for all consoles.
Ilovetheps4  +   602d ago
Well you are in luck then. A Crack in Time is the best in the series in my opinion.
Captain Qwark 9  +   602d ago
thats not even the best in the series man.

1. going commando
2. a crack in time
3. up your arsenal
4. ftod
5. the first
6. psp one

the others are all meh
majiebeast  +   602d ago
Ratchet and Clank is a IP owned by Sony it will only come to xbox if Sony sells it back to Insomniac or some third party publisher.

I love how both Insomniac and Naughty Dog started at Universal studios. Now Naughty Dog is one of the best devs in the industry. While Insomniac has been reduced to being a B tier developer that just came of a gigantic flop. Should have taken up Sony's offer of becoming first party, maybe they wouldnt have become a B tier developer.
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Ron_Danger  +   602d ago
Insomniac better be careful. Sony could troll them and sell the Ratchet & Clank IP to, say, Activision, which would mean Activision would own both R&C and Spyro... The 2 IPs that really made IG stand out in the 90's and early 2000's

Or better yet, make a trade with Activision. Ratchet and Clank for Crash Bandicoot. Then ND could make a new Crash
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Deadpoolio  +   601d ago
UM What? If Sony wanted to troll them they would have someone else take over the franchise...They wouldn't sell it just to say ha ha ha we trolled you we sold a profitable franchise just to spite you.....They would just give it to naughty dog or Sucker punch and have anyone else make future Ratchet titles
Ohlmay  +   602d ago
Resistance 3 was awesome, the campaign was great.
noctis_lumia  +   602d ago
was crap i think too short and nothing happening till credits

my fav remains resistance 2
TheFallenAngel  +   602d ago
Resistance: Fall of Man! Best story and best multiplayer man.
GryestOfBluSkies  +   602d ago
i agree with noctis. r2 was clearly the winner in my book. 3 took an unlikeable character and tried to get players to care about him.

plus the large mp matches in r2 were fantastic. i just couldn't get into r3s mp
FunAndGun  +   602d ago
Fall of Man was the best MP. 40 players, 2 distinct races (human and Chimera) with completely different abilities and play styles, crazy weapons and weapon wheel selection, weapon spawns.

Resistance 2 changed everything chasing the CoD fame. Took away the weapon wheel, introduced loadouts, kill/score streaks, only being able to carry 2 weapons, humans and Chimeras played exactly the same...what happened to heat being the weakness of the Chimera??? The co-op being the bright spot in R2 which they dropped in R3 to make a full co-op game in Fuse.

Fall of Man was a classic invasion story. Aliens try to take over world, but humans use smarts (map radar) and the aliens weakness (heat) to overcome a force that should be destroying them.

By the time R3 comes out, nobody cares. How do you build a successful franchise if each game in the series is completely different from the last?

I used to say I was a Resistance fan, but now I just consider myself a Fall of Man fan.
Ron_Danger  +   602d ago

Totally agree. Both the size of the competitive multiplayer and the 8 player co-op sealed the deal with me with R2. Resistance 3 had a decent single player (online co-op campaign was a nice touch), but the multiplayer was more CoD than Resistance.
WeAreLegion  +   602d ago
Agreed. R3 had the best FPS campaign since Half-Life 2. It was brilliant!
Ezz2013  +   602d ago
i could care less if Ratchet and Clank stay exclusive or gone multiplat
#8 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
italiangamer  +   602d ago
That's just bullshit, Sony owns Ratchet & Clank IP
Alexious  +   602d ago
Complete bullshit.
ZHZ90  +   602d ago
Maybe by R&C be on X1 maybe a Spirtual Successer just like Mighty No.9 is a Spirtual Successer to Megaman?

But if he means R&C not spirtual successer but R&C itself to be in X1 is impossible because Sony owns R&C IP unless Sony sells it to them, but I really do like R&C and I'd rather see Sucker Punch handles the franshise.
#11 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
lodossrage  +   602d ago
People are taking this Ratchet comment too seriously
Read that interview. All he was doing was giving reference to the old "never say never" ideal. The Ratchet comment is even in parenthesis.

Plus, this isn't like Crash Bandicoot where Universal owned the IP and not Sony. Ratchet's franchise is FULLY owned by Sony.

People need to stop hanging on every little word
Nabbic  +   602d ago
Wrong, OXM. So very wrong.
Just like Bungie did Halo, yet Microsoft owns the IP, Insomiac did R&C, yet Sony owns the IP.
This is backed up in this article, were Tim Price, CEO of Insomniac, stated that Sony owns the IP and that they have no interest in keeping it.

Therefore, unless Sony go under (which is very unlikely given the momentum of the PS4) and sell their assets then Ratchet and Clank will never appear on an Xbox.
You have just as much chance as Halo PS4.
Ilovetheps4  +   602d ago
The difference is that Bungie owned the IP while they were making the Halo games. They sold the rights to the Halo franchise to Microsoft after they were done making games in that series. So theoretically, Bungie could have brought the Halo games to Sony platforms back then. Sony has always owned the rights to Ratchet and Clank.
#13.1 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
QuantumWake  +   601d ago
Hmm, I'm quite confused with your comment. Halo was announced in 1999. A year later, Bungie was acquired by Microsoft thus giving MS the rights to the Halo franchise before Combat Evolved released.

So technically, while Bungie owned the IP for a little bit, MS has always held the rights to Halo pretty much since the beginning even before Bungie separated from them in 2007 post-launch of Halo 3. After ODST and Reach Bungie stopped making Halo games but they never sold the rights because they never had them in the first place.

If by "back then" you meant when Bungie were still independent then yes. But after that, don't think so.
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pabadamus1  +   602d ago
I would like to see Sony assign Resistance to one of their internal studios. Maybe one of the guerilla teams. It is a good enough franchise that could benefit from a reboot down the road. I enjoyed them all and I would hate to see the IP die. As for R&C I am not as interested in playing the newest entry nor am I that interested in future iterations on PS4.
#14 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Nabbic  +   602d ago
Guerilla Cambridge did a fantastic job on KZM. Main Guerilla team should focus on Killzone, but give Cambridge Resistance.
pabadamus1  +   602d ago
That would be ideal. GC just wrapped up Mercs and could take on Res4. The other team is focusing on a new IP after shipping KZSF. If they rejuvenate Resistance, Guerilla could indeed become one of the prominent FPS devs for the next gen...much like how Naughty Dog has fully owned story driven action adventure.
colonel179  +   601d ago
Resistance is dead, and should stay dead. Sony's studios are doing better thing that Resistance. Just look at the Order.
pabadamus1  +   601d ago
I would like to see it rebooted and I believe it could do well. Just my opinion. Also, The Order is not being developed by a Sony internal studio. Ready At Dawn is the main dev with some assistance from Sony Santa Monica.
Drakesfortune  +   602d ago
I enjoyed resistance and a couple of ratchet...however fuse was dire...and their new game doesnt interest me personally.

vigilante_man  +   601d ago
Whatever they do in the future they made amazing Resistance games and some Ratchet & Clank games are legendary.

It is a shame they got bought over by Microsoft's dollars but I also thought Sony never backed them enough with advertising for the Resistance series.

But they do seem to be making decisions on games based on bad feelings rather than the love of gaming. Just my take on it..
Drakesfortune  +   601d ago
i do agree that resistance wasnt marketed all that well.
TheFallenAngel  +   602d ago
Damn sellout. Just pray that Sony gives the ratchet franchise to a decent developer not this mediocre team
BigShotSmoov007  +   602d ago
So they are a mediocre team cause they are a sellout? Would you feel the same way about them if they were only making games for sony like they were in the past?
TheFallenAngel  +   602d ago
Have you looked at their latest games? Tell me that that's not mediocre. Same way sunset overdrive looks. If I was a Xbox fanboy I wouldn't buy it.
#16.1.1 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(3) | Report
BigShotSmoov007  +   602d ago
Well luckily I'm not a xbox fanboy and I'll wait and see actually gameplay footage of a game and hear more about it before I decide whether it's a game that interest me. Their last game was average at best, didn't play it and didn't want to after what I have heard and seen of it. Resistance is a great and fun serious and R&C is a great and fun serious so since they made 1 average game recently that makes them a mediocre company all of a sudden? Plus, when you start your statement out by calling them, "sellout" that kinda suggest that it's not about the games soley with you but more of the fact that they are making a game for another completely just driving your opinion cause I'm sure you didn't think they were mediocre before. Would you consider Guerrila games a mediocre company? I'm sure your interested and looking foward to The Order: 1886 right? Why are you looking more foward to that game more than Sunset Overdrive? These are 2 games we know very little about other than the first trailer we saw at E3 so whats exciting you more about one game than the other? I base my decisions on games being a gamer on knowing all I can about a game then I make my judgement if I want it or not so for you to say Sunset Overdrive looks like it's going to be average when we don't know anything about the game yet is kinda ridiculous.
#16.1.2 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report
TheFallenAngel  +   602d ago
Guerrilla games is average at best. Will killzone shadow fall make them an A team? We'll find out. Shadow fall does look good and I have played previous killzones but only liked killzone 3. The guys that are making the order:1886 made God of War for the PSP and they were amazing! The story was so much better than Ascension. I trust those guys to deliver a good game. Don't get me wrong I used to trust imsomniac but I got burned with Resistance 2 and Fuse.
vigilante_man  +   601d ago
Gotta say after playing Fall of Man I had an amazing time with Resistance 2. Different ambience, different healing method but another awesome game. And I was a wee bit sad at the ending.

Plus Guerilla Games were an instant hit with me after Killzone 2. Even today when I load the disc I always watch the opening sequence. The graphics are killer! They did a great job of creating an intensive battleground.

I value another viewpoint but I do not think many will agree with you on R2/KZ2.
Picnic  +   602d ago
History suggests that when a heavily stylised game like Sunset Overdrive is released as an exclusive it really does stay exclusive forever (unless it's a Dreamcast port). Hence why the PS3 ended up getting a HD Jet Set Radio but NOT the Xbox exclusive Jet Set Radio Future.

Sunset Overdrive is a big feather in the cap of the Xbox One as far as I am concerned. Hopefully it won't end up with Jet Set Radio's relatively underwhelming sales (for such an ambitiously fun series). The presence of mutants and game in the game should give it wider appeal and the art style has been well received - don't 'mature' it up!

As for Ratchet and Clank- I've only played the PS3 games briefly. Not my cup of tea. I prefer purist platformer games, not sci-fi style shooter ones. Sony do overkill the same genre some times and then they end up with fewer sales for each series than they might have done. I mean, if they didn't have R&C it wouldn't be the end of the world. There'd be Sly Cooper and many indie/downloadable games. I think R&C will go multiformat to squeeze the greatest possible amount of people who happen to still be interested in the series. I don't personally see Microsoft wanting to pay for R&C as an exclusive series. It's not different - and certainly not new- enough.
#17 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
DigitalRaptor  +   601d ago
Their business logic makes no sense to me.

Ratchet is a fairly successful series on a successful series of consoles. They chose to go multiplat for the sake of a nice idea turned ridiculously sour with a project called FUSE. That game ended up selling abominably, for all the supposed improvements they took from focus groups. The game was trash.

Now they're going exclusive on a platform of unproven success, that is working its way towards being the least successful of the two they probably considered. It seems to me that in recent years, Insomniac have just been going through a list of things that they think will work for them, and crossing them off one-by-one, rather than listening to logic. It also seems like a case of "well PS4 has Ratchet, so it's only fair..." which is strange.
#17.1 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
the worst  +   602d ago
Insomniac is done. overrated devs.
gamertk421  +   602d ago
Feathers officially ruffled, haha.
P_Bomb  +   602d ago
Tabloid journalism will do that. It's the same line of thinking as if someone were to say "..if I win the lottery one day I'mma buy the Phoenix Coyotes and move the team back to Canada." Difference is Sports Illustrated wouldn't run a parenthesis daydream as a header to an article, whereas Official XBox magazine just did.

Sony owns the Ratchet&Clank IP. Ted Price and others have reiterated this ad nauseum. Insomniac and XBox have no say in the future of that franchise.
SynestheticRoar  +   602d ago
Insomniac is a shadow of their former self. It's miserable to witness.
gjruk  +   602d ago
All of a sudden a lot of Sony fans are saying Ratchet and Clank is a load of shiz, well to be honest yes it ain't as good as the older ones but it's still a francise i'd love to have if I were Sony and not only that, when into the nexus was announced you were all like 'wooooop' can't you just appreciate something for once?
For someone like me who was an avid PS2 user but now play xbox (because I actually prefer it - don't hate it's opinion) it could be good news, i'd love for Playstation users to be able to play Halo and if news broke that Halo was coming to Playstation I wouldn't be bothered because it allows the gaming community to play these types of games, remember not all of us can afford two consoles and I miss games like Jak and Dexter, Ratchet and Clank, SLY and the others.
DigitalRaptor  +   601d ago
Cause it's the truth.

No Ratchet & Clank game has been remarkable since A Crack in Time, which was such an awesome game.

All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault were not close to the calibre we're used to seeing. Into The Nexus is a return to the classic gameplay that fans wanted Insomniac to return to and so they have. It looks really good.

Fuse (AKA Overstrike) was terrible because of the decisions they made mid-cycle of development.

Sunset Overdrive looks intriguing, but now with Insomniac, we always have to wait to see the gameplay to judge, as their track record in recent years has been fluff.
#21.1 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Xsilver  +   602d ago
there's a reason Sony never bought Insomniac they fell off literally their last 3 games were just plain bad and its funny because their whole fanbase are on the PS side so its hard to tell what support Xbox fans will give for Sunset Overdrive i guess we will wait and see.
CRASHBASHUK  +   602d ago
if R&C go 3rd party it will die like crash and spyro :(
Jdoki  +   602d ago
Insomniac need to take a long hard look at themselves.

They've gone from being the 'Pixar of video games' to completely average.

I have no problem with them going multiplat, but their recent output is lacking in all the magic that made their earlier games brilliant (especially their PS2 Ratchet games).
christocolus  +   602d ago
looking forward to sunset overdrive...looks like it will be so much fun..
XboxFun  +   601d ago
I agree, it looks like it will be a blast to play.
Really looking forward to seeing more of the gameplay.
christocolus  +   601d ago
dude im in love with the art style..insomniac actually stated that they chose that style intentionally and created that trailer from the game engines assets...really hyped for it bro.
DigitalRaptor  +   601d ago
Curiosity itch. When you say "more of the gameplay" when have they released any?
XboxFun  +   600d ago
They released a trailer that I can only assume showed the style of graphics and type of gameplay.

Which is why I said "more of the gameplay".

I can re-write it in French if you like.
SlyFamous02  +   602d ago
R&C owned by Sony, end of story. Of course if R&C ever go multiplat Sony will be the ones smiling all the way to the bank.
buynit  +   602d ago
Lmfao! Now sony fanatics dont like insomniac and their games anymore, you ppl are just fvcking cold..
Jdoki  +   602d ago
This isn't a fanboy issue.

It's clear from review scores, public opinion and personal experience that their games are not as good as 'back in the day'.

Fuse was poor. The more recent Ratchet games have been weak. Resistance has always been a bit of acquired taste (I liked 1, wasn't keen on 2, and found 3 a bit boring).

Whether their decline is due to talent leaving, because they no longer have the safety net of Sony bankrolling them or something else, I dunno. But I really hope they don't go the same way as Rare.
CGI-Quality  +   602d ago
The fact that anyone even considered that Ratchet would be brought to a competing company tells me some people don't understand the works of an Intellectual Property. I.E., Ratchet belongs to Sony and will NEVER go multiplatform. It can't. Done.
saimcheeda  +   602d ago
By the beginning of the 7th gen
ND and Insomniac were basically neck and neck in quality, I actually liked Insomniac better because of Ratchet but this gen it's been all ND. Sadly Insomniac quality has gone way down!
tehpees3  +   602d ago
I'm not sure who owns the rights to Sunset but I am pretty damn sure the Ratchet franchise is owned by Sony. Therefore it will only be on Xbox if Sony allow it.

Eternal Darkness was highly rumored to try and jump to 360 and PS3 in the past. But something went wrong there. Nintendo didn't allow it. I find it hard to believe Sony would allow this.
#30 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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