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Submitted by PandaMcBearface 860d ago | opinion piece

The laws of war: a positive step for realism in gaming

The International Committee of the Red Cross suggests that the real-world rules of war be incorporated into war-inspired videogames like Call of Duty. MWEB GameZone writer, Stephanie Duchenne, feels that this may have positive consequences beyond solely enhancing the immersive gaming experience. (Culture)

HanCilliers  +   860d ago
Great read. I fully agree with the Red Cross, incorporating heavier consequences in video games, especially military shooter will add weight and immersion to the game.
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DeadManIV  +   860d ago
I agree to an extent, but it must not be forced on devs
HanCilliers  +   859d ago
What he said
GabeSA  +   860d ago
I do see a shift in thinking by developers to provoke thought and understanding of consequences from gamers. Of course a lot more should be done if a more dynamic result is obtained, but right now failing you on a level if you kill a group of bystanders is as good as it gets, imho
Choc_Salties  +   860d ago
Sure it sounds great and all, but I'll bet it would be turned down or around due to potentially hurting sales of popular games. Spec Ops: The Line seems to do a good job on highlighting the stupidity of what we currently understand as popular shooters, but if Activision and friends don't push this, it'll never gain support
Hicken  +   860d ago
Again, it's cool if it's added where it makes sense, just like anything else. But it doesn't need to be forced into games just to be there.

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