Will Assassin’s Creed IV Revitalize the Series?

"To start things off, the Assassin’s Creed franchise is a mighty fine one. The mechanics introduced in the first game intrigued many people because of how fluid the game ran. Being able to pull of tricky assassinations from rooftops with hidden blades in an open world seemed like one of the greatest things ever, not including the fact the players took control of an awesome looking hero. Even though the concept of the game was great, the repetitive nature of the missions rubbed people the wrong way, and people became bored. Assassin’s Creed II improved on a lot of the mechanics and quest structure from the first installment, and the titles after ACII kept the tradition, and kept the series relevant. The only issue with the Assassin’s Creed franchise at this point is that it lacks meaning. Why should people play Assassin’s Creed? The novelty of playing as a hooded assassin has worn off ever since the early entries, and for a good portion of the franchise, the story was focused on one...

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phantomexe1754d ago

It didn't need revitaliveing......the last game sold like crazy even if you didn't like it. Books,comics, toys and games and a crazy fan base thats buys it if it has AC printed on it. Yea it's a safe bet they don't feel pressure to revitalive.

MAULxx1753d ago

I've never been a fan of the series but I keep coming back to look at Black Flag for a launch day pick up.
I don't know if it's the pirates, the beautiful gameplay or the ship battles. IDK, maybe I'm just getting sucked into the hype. The more I look at it & think about it, the more I see myself playing it. I'm only getting one launch game. There's a lot coming next year I'm more interested in.
As far as PS4 launch games...
Killzone: I might pick it up cheap later but it isn't the shooter I really want. That is Wolfenstein the New Order.
BF4 & COD falls under this as well.
I don't play sports games & Watchdogs has failed to impress me so far.
So, AC: Black Flag is looking like a purchase right now.
I will also be playing Resogun.
I'll be trying out DCU, Warframe & Drive Club for free.
I'm hoping these will keep me busy till the 2014 games start dropping.

ZBlacktt1753d ago

This game is so incredibility good. You could good look at it and be very satisfied. Over 100+ hours of open world adventure.... sold! Already pre order with the PS4.