Awesomenauts Interview: PS4's Power, 1080p Resolution, Cross Play Support and More

GB: "The indie line-up on the PlayStation 4 is nothing to scoff at. More surprising has been Sony’s approach to the genre, with key titles being presented as exclusives and touted as system sellers. And though there have been the requisite hard hitters, there are also a few understated titles that will be fighting to make an impact when the PS4 releases. Take Ronimo Games’ Awesomenauts for example, which is also slated to arrive on the console at launch, thus inserting itself into the fray from the get-go.

"We recently spoke to Ronimo Games co-founder Jasper Koning about the game, including features we can (and can’t expect) with the PS4 version, the advantages of the PlayStation 4′s architecture, the lack of an Xbox One release and much more."

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blackbirdi1696d ago

i m sick of all this indie bullshit hype

thrust1696d ago

Ouya 4!?!?!

atleast it has better hardware!

ThanatosDMC1696d ago

Have you played some indie games?

Magicite1696d ago

In time indies can become AAA games.

3-4-51696d ago

hype? This game has been out for a long time.

Had tons of fun playing on 360, have yet to try the PC version. I know there are more characters to chose from on that one.

It's a fun game though.

blackbirdi1696d ago

i'm talking in gerneral i will buy a console for 400 buggs to play mini-games i want the old good time triple AAA games ... indies belongs to mobile pc not on a game console . it s nice to have them on playstation but they never replace the fun of big titles ...end of the story that my opinion you don t have the right to judge me

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Sam Fisher1696d ago

Is the ps4 account shareable, like ps3? Can i buy something and my bros account can dl under my name at his room with an other ps4?

DeadManIV1696d ago

Yes, I think so, should work like it does now with ps3

believeland61696d ago

oddly enough this was one of my favorite multiplayer games this gen. My roommate and I spent countless hours on it. Can't wait for the new(ish) one.