Battlefield 4 creative director says that Bad Company franchise will make a comeback

Lars Gustavsson, creative director of Battlefield 4, at the Battlefield 4 event stated to reporters that a third installment in the Battlefield: Bad Company franchise will happen. He clarified that it won’t happen immediately because of the many EA-DICE developed titles happening.

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pedrof931813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Well Medal of honor also made a comeback. Aparently it didn't had any differences from other FPSs.

0ut1awed1813d ago

No this is Bad Company. I've played every BF to date (including bf4) and BC2 is by far the best.

I really look forward to more info on this.

Kemistri1813d ago


I completely agree. Are people still playing BC2 online? I haven't had time to check.

joe901813d ago

I still play BC2 on PC, there is plenty of server and a few on the Veitnam DLC.

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B-radical1813d ago

Bad company has characters tho I mean real characters I use to laugh my head of at some of the crap they said prob the best battlefield sp campaign to date was bad company 2

0ut1awed1813d ago

Yup they way the characters played off each other was fantastic.

hiredhelp1813d ago

Yeh i agree look battlefield series 1 2 3 and now 4 has its place That being i found it very differnt to bad company 2.
BC series was fun ALOT fun actually smaller maps well designed so your squad worked together even if you didnt know your team mates the way they designed the mp was great.
Destruction what can i say soo much better than bf unfortunatly i dont know why dice couldnt bring that to bf3 on the same scale. but hey.

I WANT BC3 love the comedy SP love the MP

GiggMan1813d ago

Multiplayer was awesome too. I spent almost as many hours in Bad Company MP than I did in Killzone 2.

xKugo1813d ago

Good. I would love to see a game that lives up to Bad Company 2's destruction because as of right now, the beta for BF4 is still lacking when compared to it. Would be interesting to see what Bad Company 3 would look like on my PC.

Ko_Uraki1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

IMO Bad Company was the best multiplatform fps for current generation. I hope that they'll return to its unique style. Bad Company 2 disappointed me.

HeyImBen111813d ago

Why? Yes maybe the bc2 campaign was worse than 1, but online was waay better.

Sam Fisher1813d ago

Vietnam was superb, it shouldve been a 20$ stand alone. My god it was soooo well balanced

Drummerdude411813d ago

Since when was bad company not doing awesome. If i recall the whole EA community including myself have been asking for bfbc3 way more than new battlefield games. Kinda like how the pc community have been asking for a new unreal game forever now and cliff keeps pumping gears games. Just my opinion but i still enjoyed bad company over bf.

0ut1awed1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Cliff hasn't been with them for quite a while now...

But I agree with you on bc3. That is a game I want on my PC.

Drummerdude411813d ago

Really? I thought he just stopped coding. Was under the impression he still made managerial decisions.

Avernus1813d ago

I had allot more fun with BC2 than I did with BF3. The maps were epic! Rush mode was the sh!t!

BF3 Rush mode was meh...maps were too big for 12v12 on consoles, and destruction was meh. Really hope they bring BC3 and NOT destroy the name and memories I have of the series.

0ut1awed1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

It's funny becuse some maps on the PC for bf3 are way too small.

Imagine rush on grand bazar with 64 people. It's the definition of clusterfuck.

DeadlyFire1813d ago

Instead of developing maps with wider/smaller radius like BF2, BC2 and so on BF3 left all maps the same size pretty much so 64 player map on a console = deserted area with only 24 players.

solar1813d ago

Same. I loved the hell outta BC2. I played hundreds of more hours of it the BF3

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