Rumors about Battlefield: Bad Company 3

GameSpace: "Also we have got a rumor from Lars Gustavsson - the creative director of Battlefield game series. He has told that the team is going to return to the Battlefield: Bad Company sub-series."

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gaelic_laoch1752d ago

MW has Black Ops
BF has Bad Company

Rinse and repeat!

Abdou0231752d ago

Am i missing something here ?! what is the difference between BC & Normal Battlefield ?! I played BC2 then played Battlefield 3 and it felt like a natural sequel. It's not like BC is set in the WW2 era or anything. Speaking of which, i would like a new Battlefield in that era again.
Would be a nice change of pace.

InTheLab1752d ago

Bad Company has an open ended single player with an enjoyable cast and unusually good story for a military shooter.

BF3 possesses none of that as it's a linear cod clone that abandons wide open battlefields for corridors and QTEs

cpayne931752d ago

BF3 felt like an extremely different game than bc2 to me, and I liked bc2 better in almost every way.

dcj05241751d ago

Play battlefield 2. Big difference.

InTheLab1752d ago

Except there's only two Bad Company's and they are both superior to Black Ops in every way aside from zombies.

3-4-51752d ago

They don't release one every year or every other.

There have only been 2 bad company games.

It's literally different than regular BF though.

Black ops is the same as Modern warfare and ghosts.

Ohlmay1752d ago

I honestly don't see the point of making another Bad Company, the Multiplayer was exactly the same as any other Battlefield game, except only 24 players. Battlefield 4 seems to be returning to Bad Company 2 roots with full destruction, so making Bad Company 3 seems pointless, unless you want it for the campaign, which I have no interest in, but if you do, kudos.

Sam Fisher1752d ago

You havent played the beta yet?, the destruction is better than bf3 but is no where near bad company

Hope bc3 brings ground damage thats the next step in destruction. "Getting beat up, no worries make your very own trench"

Ohlmay1752d ago

It's a BETA, the destruction will be better in the full page and other maps like the map they showed at Gamescom

ATi_Elite1752d ago

A. Battlefield
B. Bad Company
C. Battlefront
D. Mirror's Edge

Which one of these is not the same and how does it fit in with EA's shoot'em up schedule? Gamers wanna Know.

ExCest1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

In defense, those are all DICE games and their engine is a shooting engine.

Unless this is a legitimate question. Then D and I'm confused by the question.

GarrusVakarian1752d ago

I would love a Bad Company 3. But only if they keep the heavy clunky feel of the guns and not the light call of duty type of feel of the Battlefield games.

snipab8t1752d ago

Yes, I know exactly what you mean dude. The weapons handled and felt better in BBC2, it had better sound design, destruction was better and it was much less frustrating as each player had a bit more health than in BF3, meaning usually you wouldn't die from some unknown person across the map with a pistol.

SeanScythe1752d ago

Oh how I miss the Shotgun from BC2 with the slug round. I could out snipe anyone since it had no bullet drop and was a one hit kill from across the entire map.

hollabox1752d ago

I loved BF Bad Company 2! Liked it better than BF3 for both SP and MP, heck still installed on my PC.

snipab8t1752d ago

Bad company 2 was the most balanced BF game in a long time.

Hufandpuf1752d ago

Um, no. Bad Company snipers ruled up close. Red dot M24 all day.

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