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So we finally managed to get our hands on the one game that almost every event-goer of the past 4 months has been salivating over, and it’s pretty damn good too, folks. Titanfall, 2014′s upcoming title from the developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts (EA), has left a roguish trail across continents after stealing the show at large events such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Gamescom, PAX Prime and now the Eurogamer Expo. Titanfall’s very own tour of duty has already begun, months in advance of its relatively vague ‘Spring 2014‘ release date, and its fan club is expanding with every new player.

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Bundi1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Rise, the heir apparent to the FPS throne.
My Microsoft gaming product is ready.

Ohlmay1815d ago

This is going to be a system seller for the Xbox One, even though I'm getting this for PC, I'm very much looking forward to Titanfall.

The_Truth_24_71815d ago

Can't wait for the PS4 version!

Ohlmay1815d ago

Could happen, all speculation right now ;)

CRAIG6671815d ago

If you can't wait but it for PC or X1. My money says this is a Microsoft exclusive and will stay that way in a similar vein to Gears of war.

Bundi1814d ago

You have no chce but to wait.