Hands on with… Ryse: Son of Rome - Casually Addicted

At a recent press event Casually Addicted went hands on with one of Microsoft’s key launch titles for the Xbox One, Ryse: Son of Rome. Developed by Crytek, this brawl-em-up takes you back to when Caesar was on top of the world and the Roman audiences cheered for severed limbs and gruesome fatalities.

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Goku7811746d ago

Yeah...........less than two months.

Ohlmay1746d ago

Why are you on every Xbox One article hating, it's becoming rather sad. Also, you do realize the build they show at these events are old builds built months ago...

Goku7811746d ago

Try again, you only respond and read the ones you see as bad. Everyone has heard bad news about his game. If you had read it right you would see I'm tired of it too. They have less than two months to fix whatever is wrong if there is anything wrong. Some of you guys take this stuff way too serious. So quick to be on defense when there's no need to.

Eonjay1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


Please read the article...

"Glitches like these were there and glaringly obvious. The build that I and my partner played was on, was clearly not from a finished product, but with just weeks to go until the Xbox One and Ryse launches on November 22nd and I have to admit I’m slightly concerned."

UltimateMaster1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

The video CGI looks Picture Perfect.

UltimateMaster1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

but the game play however seems really generic.
I'd rather go with another game.

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Ohlmay1746d ago

Haha don't play the innocent card, I've seen you on plenty of Xbox One articles hating. I've heard bad news, I've also heard good news about this game. Why do you feel the need to portray some sort of negativity on anything related to Xbox One, it's really pathetic.

Hicken1746d ago

And we've all seen you in plenty of PS4 articles, doing your utmost to "portray some sort of negativity" on all things Sony.

So, again, hypocrisy out of the MS fanboys.

zeroskie1745d ago

If it smells like a fish and looks like a fish, then it's likely a fish.

slampunk1746d ago


Goku's friend says "what did you do today Goku"

Goku replies "i went on N4G and attempted to troll XB1 articles"

Goku's friend "WOW, you're awesome Goku"

troll troll troll your boat!!!

Bigpappy1746d ago

Cant wait to get my turn. My most anticipated launch title.

LonChaneyTV1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

My only anticipated launch title for now, need more slashers. Other than that Battlefield 4 will be godlike on My PC.

JuniorCE1746d ago

"While it’s atmosphere really smells and breathes of the era it’s trying to replicate, it’s looks, gameplay and all manner of mechanics come with more than just a whiff of last gen. Chuck in the raft of glitches and bugs encountered in the footage we tested this close to launch, and it smacks so far of being a rushed product. Hopefully the finished product will prove me wrong."

They didn't like the Ryse of BOMB LoL

Bigpappy1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

They don't like ryse and I don't like KillZone.

What exactly is your point?

His views and experiences make him very unique.

JuniorCE1746d ago

are you high? did i compare with killzone?

SaffronCurse1746d ago

Well fact is, Killzone looks and plays alot better . Crytek are great at making amazing looking games, but their gameplay department has always been lacking.

PFFT1746d ago

LMFAO! Sure Killzone plays better TILL 2 or 3 people shoot at the same time. Frame drop from 60 to 20 everytime that happens. Its sad.

memots1746d ago

Maybe they should delay it.

Its better to delay a game then releasing something that looks bad and get flamed for it.

Bigpappy1746d ago

Don't do drugs. I mentioned kill Zone to make the point that one mans garbage is someone else's treasure. This guys opinion is noted, but every one is going to have their own. His is not reflective of others I have read, so I will chose to discard it as just one bad experience. I don't know him so I will not be bated into making claims of bias or none of that stuff you guys like to run to when someone is negative towards anything PlayStation.

BobBelcher1746d ago

This is the first bad preview I've seen in a while. For the most part, everyone else has had a great experience.

Kuse1746d ago

Take these previews with a grain of salt, a lot of them are coming from non reputable sources.

objectivePSfan1746d ago

80% of the previews for this game have reported that it has not impressed, not sure what you've been reading.

BobBelcher1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

within the last couple months, there's been a complete 180 in perspective about Ryse.

Deividas1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Hmmm so its slowly improving for most people but this guy really did not like it...He had some great points, but also it is kinda close to launch...should not have that many bugs in it still i would assume..

Eonjay1746d ago

As hard as I am on Ryse, I have faith in Crytek. If anyone can pull it off, its this team. I think they were shortsighted by how fast the launch is approaching. They've changed a lot since E3. I wonder how long their average development cycle is. I heard some AAA developers say 2.5 years. I knew something was up when they made the comment that Ryse should have never been shown its is state at E3... well thats only 5 months from release so whats up.

Being a launch title means that you don't have the luxury of arbitrarily postponing your projects release. Expect a big day one patch.

BX811746d ago

Play the bf4 beta. The bf3 beta was worse and it got fixed in less time.

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