New PS Vita PCH-2000 Gets Another Wacky Commercial in Japan with…Colorful Penguins

Looks like the advertising campaign of the new PS Vita PCH-2000 is going to be seriously wacky. The first one, focused on the game’s evolution, was wacky enough, but the second one possibly beats it.

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Thehyph1508d ago

I love the wackiness.

I was going to learn what was being said in the first commercial, but I think it would have ruined it. I think it's just better left in the dark.

Abriael1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

It's something like "packed lunches evolved, automata dolls evolved, nail polish evolved, purikura evolved, ps vita evolved too! this is how is supposed to be-zo!"

purikura are sticker pics you get at vending machines in japan.

Thehyph1508d ago

So much for leaving it in the dark.

Abriael1508d ago

Information is power :D

Sam Fisher1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

You took out the mystism straight from his lore and raped it :(, i didnt want to know either

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3-4-51508d ago

That tan/beige Vita looks pretty legit.

They all do except the pink one.

xxPillsxx1508d ago

Guys, don't you get it? The Vita 2000 will be so famous even penguins will know how to use it.

imXify1508d ago

Pimp mah penguin : Vita edition

GdaTyler1507d ago

Glad they are making advertisements. I swear I have never seen a US advertisement for the Vita...