Shuhei Yoshida Gives More Info on The Last Guardian, Blames Jack Tretton for Misleading Everyone

A couple weeks ago Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that The Last Guardian is still in development, and today he gave more info on what’s up with the game, mentioning that Fumito Ueda is still at work on it and that the game is being "re-engineered". He also blames Jack Tretton for misleading people into believing the game was put on hiatus.

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IRetrouk1753d ago

This game reminds me of ico, too much for the console its planned on so its been moved onto more powerfull hardware, still looking forward to this game as ico and sotc are two of the best games i have ever played.

Peppino71753d ago

Hey!!!!! Nobody blames Jack for anything!

abzdine1753d ago

i hope the game will be on time for Japanese release. definitely a system seller, especially how gorgeous it would look on PS4.

Thehyph1753d ago

Jack Tretton on stage:

"Now, for a bit of news on our upcoming Japan studio game, The Last Guardian; the long awaited game from the acclaimed makers of Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus."

Drops the mic and leaves stage.

Mustang300C20121753d ago

Please stop making claims this game is a system seller. The last game wasn't a system seller. It was a popular niche game.

nypifisel1753d ago


It's not about being a "cod" or any game like that, it's about being a marvellous never seen before game. Something that stand out and is a fantastic game nothing like anything else. That's why TLG is so revered and awaited for. Brown Shooter 37 just doesn't cut it for people any more!

mikeslemonade1753d ago

Things get lost in translation and I think that's what happened.

admiralvic1753d ago

@ Mustang300C2012

Sadly, every popular game that a small niche group wants will be called a "system seller" till it proves not to be. Way way way back in the day they also called Resistance Burning Skies and Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified system sellers, so this is nothing new. Also anything can in theory be a system seller, till it proves not to be one.

@ Nypifisel

TLG is regarded so highly because people enjoyed ICO and SOTC, which they assume TLG will match or exceed. However, being a unique take or super original game a "system seller" does not make. In either case, it's all about sales (as you can't be a system seller if you don't literally move systems...), which is something I don't expect TLG will be. It might be good, it might redefine everything, it might be the best thing ever made, but I don't see it passing 2 million in sales or motivating most people to get a system like Kingdom Hearts 3 or Uncharted 4 would.

Just something else to consider... here are the sales according to VG charts. Not the most accurate, but a good starting point for sales without doing a lot of work.

SOTC - 1.14 million (half were the US)
ICO - 470,000 (almost half were the US)
Collection - 1 million (rounded up, half were US)

SilentNegotiator1753d ago

They didn't really NEED Jack for people to think that.

The game has only been in development since 2007.

_QQ_1753d ago

@mustang, its a system seller for me.

UltimateMaster1753d ago

Shuhei didn't really blame Jack Tretton in the article.
He just said that he was misinterpreted.

If he had blamed him, that would have been poor leadership.

Hitman07691753d ago

@nypifisel false. vocal minority does not equal sales majority.

Hitman07691753d ago

@SilentNegotiator yup, my thoughts exactly.

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WitWolfy1753d ago

Well the creator did state this game is a mix between both ICO and SOTC.

ATi_Elite1753d ago

I'm happy to see The Last Guardian move to the PS4. TLG is really gonna push the PS4 and we can expect the Graphics to look better than the already fantastic screenshots of the PS3 version.

Magicite1753d ago

This game will be absolute killer-app and a must-have, the question remains - which platforms will it be on - PS3 or PS4?

oof461753d ago

Delayed or not, on ps3 or ps4, I still believe this point stands: http://www.eldesafiodigital...

Cryptcuzz1753d ago

What if the game is about the boy being locked up for whatever reason, grows a bond with the "gryphon" as their survival depends on one another. Then they grow up together and become much stronger (especially the gryphon) and ultimately saving the world with both surviving!

I'd still play that as the gameplay would revolve around the growing bond between the two.

Ico - Emotional bond with the girl for being both locked up, needing each other to survive, advance and escape from the castle.

SOTC - Emotional connection to the majestic colossus despite having to kill them to save the girl.

Last Guardian: Place your bets here guys.

esemce1753d ago

Yeah I'm sure being on the PS4 will be better in the long run, it's been a long wait but I trust team ICO to deliver especially now they have more power to work with.

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Bundi1753d ago

Wait until the VGA's right guys?

Abriael1753d ago

For this one I can wait even longer as long as it's good and it's not just a port to the PS4, but really fully "re-engineered" as yoshida says, to be a full fledged PS4 title.

Bundi1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Who knows what re-engineer means in this case? Could very well be a vita game now for all we know. Alas, the waiting game continues.

Honestly m just tired of Pedro/pogov77 sending me PS3 exclusive lists for the coming year and seeing TLG in it every year since he started doing that.
At least he has stopped using VS XIII

Kryptix1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )


A PS3 game turned into a Vita game exclusively...ok, now I know you're just spewing idiotic comments. First of all, why would they show it to the PS3 audience then downscale it for a much smaller audience. (the Vita didn't exist back then in 2009) Think logically next time...

It's originally a PS3 title so re-engineering it means that it can only get better than the original design. Either the engine got changed and it's going to look much better than what we already saw on the trailer, they pushed it for the PS4, or they're making a PS4 version that goes along with the PS3 version. I doubt they'll make a Vita version now that you'll be able to remote play PS4 games into the Vita.

It's been over 6 years since the start of development and according to Shuhei, the game was never on "hiatus" as in the team has been constantly working on the game. I'm more led to believe that a PS4 version is in the works with the long wait time.

Well, the fact that Shuhei brought up The Last Guardian and confirming it's still in development is a good sign that we'll be seeing more of it really soon.

Mustang300C20121753d ago

No one thought it would be 8 years later and people are still waiting on the game. Why would it be shocking now if it was a Vita title.

LoveOfTheGame1753d ago

The PS4 also didn't exist in 2009, mind = blown.

Also, I don't think you know what re-engineering means. If it was moved to any different system it would have to be re-engineered, including the Vita.

I want a full scale TLG, but having it portable also makes me kind of giddy.

Kryptix1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )


"Lead system architect on the PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny, said "the development of a next-gen platform started about five years ago""

Sorry for proving you wrong.

2013 - 5 = 2008

...just in case you don't know basic math and come back with the same comment.

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JimmyLmao1753d ago

I have a feeling that Sony is going to have a massive conference sometime at the end of this year/beginning of next year... and if they do, the bar will be set so high, because they have so much secrets that they are keeping, it's not fair. 9 unannounced first-party PS4 games for 2014 =( and then all the third-party exclusive stuff

JoGam1753d ago

Oh its very fair. ;-)

Bundi1753d ago

I don't buy consoles for unannounced games, I buy them for games I know are coming and have real release dates. Otherwise you buy a console to play FFVS13. . .

If it wasn't for Forza 5, I wouldn't even be concerned about going Xbox One. So far on the PS side, no games warrant an upgrade from my PS3 to PS4 just yet in my opinion.

Announced games with solid release dates > unannounced games, any time.

Hicken1753d ago

Man, I'm so glad that you're already out of bubbles by the time I'm getting around to commenting. I don't think I could take more of your ignorant "stealth" trolling.

Re-engineering the game could really only refer to the game being redone for PS4. Yeah, sure, they COULD be making it for the Vita, but even your feeble mind must understand how unlikely that is.

"I don't buy consoles for unannounced games."

Good for you, but we don't give a damn why YOU buy. Many- if not most- of us buy consoles for games we know are coming out, whether they have a release date or not. We buy games because we know the developers that will be making the games.

That must be a hard concept, with you being such a Microsoft fanboy. But us people with good sense know the PS4's got some stellar developers working on it, so whether their game has been announced or not, we look forward to it.

If only there was a way to prevent people like you from spreading your BS all over the site...

Mikefizzled1753d ago

We have already seen the mess contradictory claims leaves you in, Microsoft, so please Sony keep things straight.

Bundi1753d ago

I was wondering how this could be spun into a negative...for Microsoft, you managed in one sentence. *applause*

Mikefizzled1753d ago

But I'm a diehard MS fan? It was just embarrassing to watch the MS PR team screw themselves over time after time.

Bundi1753d ago

I'm sorry did I accuse you of not being a Microsoft fan? No I was simply wondering how TLG being in production still could be turned into a bad thing for Microsoft and you came to my aid.

Kryptix1753d ago


"No I was simply wondering how TLG being in production still could be turned into a bad thing for Microsoft and you came to my aid."

How can mentioning the past be a bad thing against Microsoft if it has already been done. lol

All he was doing is giving an example of past contradictions with Microsoft (Ryse originally confirmed as 1080p native then later on it's actually 900p native for example) and hopes that Sony doesn't do the same thing with The Last Guardian. He might be a diehard MS fan but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't also respect Sony in some way. He could prefer gaming on Xbox and own a PS3 on the side interested and waiting for this game to release. If Sony is contradicting themselves here, that means we might never see the game and a lot of us don't want that. Like me, I'm more of a Sony fan but definitely can't wait to see how the next Gears of War would look on the Xbox One. It's not the games that I don't like, it's how Microsoft handles their console and consumers.

Mikefizzled1753d ago

Good lord. Kryptix you're a gent, not only did you accurately depict my current situation and respect for Sony but you also suggested and accepted its 'OK' to like both consoles.

Kryptix1753d ago


Hey, man, no problem. I prefer Sony's way of doing things at the moment but before people say I'm a hardcore Sony fan, I also do own an Xbox 360 and had an original Xbox back in the day. I didn't get a PS3 till late 2009 because of many reasons with Sony's reveal and presentation.

But the tables are new and different now and Microsoft needs to fix up their act completely. That's why I'm getting a PS4 first because of better reliability, not just the exclusives, and still thinking if my next console will be the Xbox One or Valve's new console.

At the end though, I'll most likely own all the consoles next generation even if it takes 5-7 years to get the last one. The way I see it, it's not the game developers at fault, it's more of the console makers for not being professional and more prepared.

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Bolts1753d ago

This game managed to miss an entire generation, so it doesn't look good. Just cancel it and move on.

JoGam1753d ago

Just cancel the game because "You" said so and ignor all the people who are waiting to play it? Ummmm you might be on to something. S/

Sharius1753d ago

"this generation" isn\t finish yet, atleast in PS3 case

2cents1753d ago

Did you play ico and shadow of the colossus? If you did play them through to the end you'll know how unique they are in an ocean of mediocrity.

The last guardian deservese nothing less than the light of day, the people behind team ICO are some of the most talented individuals that gaming has ever seen.

Cryptcuzz1753d ago

With the head of Sony Santa Monica now the head of Japan Studios, I am convince his technical know-how will aid in the Last Guardian's development. I believe it was stated that originally TLG had technical problems in envisioning how they wanted to create the game.

andibandit1753d ago

Thats what we said about duke nukem, what a waste of time that was

DonMingos1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Yeah. And we said the same about Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption and GT5. Were they a waste off time?