Battlefield 4 beta impressions: any good?

Battlefield 4′s beta is online now and VG247′s Dave Cook has been playing it. It’s fun, but doesn’t seem to represent the new features all that well. Find out why in his opinion blog.

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ArchangelMike1748d ago

I know it's a beta and all, but on PS3 the game feels empty, the graphics look quite terrible, and the levolution is fun the first time you see it, and the it's just... 'meh'... Here's hoping the next gen versions for BF4 look and play much better.

Goro1747d ago

Agreed, It's a mess on PS3 at the moment...i know it's a beta but when i say "mess", i'm not referring to bugs/glitches...It's a mess, full stop.

ion6661747d ago

i was wondering why does bf3 look better than 4?. i scratch my god damn head.

TopDudeMan1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

It's not bad on PC, but it clearly needs a bit of optimisation. It looks great, but to get it to look great you take quite a hit on the frame rate.

But please be reminded that NO ONE was impressed with the BF3 beta yet it turned out to be a pretty awesome game.

Convas1747d ago

I don't even really know why people are considering getting this game for current gen.

Honestly, you'll have a MUCH better time on either PC or next-gen, the wait will be worth it because it's just ... meh on 360 and PS3.

KwietStorm1747d ago

I don't think there's anything to "hope" for. Next gen has better graphics (obviously), it has higher frame rate, higher player count, and more detail in the textures. The graphics in the current beta on PS3 are not only on lesser hardware, but the high res textures are not active like they will be in the final game.

angelsx1747d ago

The graphics are bed becouse there is no hd texture pack in the beta.With Bf3 was same.The final version will look beter.Any one know how to spot enemies on Ps3?

kassler1747d ago

R2, press it to spot and hold it to bring up commo-rose(i think it's called) )

DaMist1747d ago

I downloaded it for PS3 and man, it looks like dog pile lol, im waiting till friday to download it on the pc to try it out. i am not sure how this can look worse than bf3 beta

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Hufandpuf1748d ago

It plays really well. I just need to get used to the controls

tigertron1747d ago

I'm looking forward to the open beta tomorrow.

Soldierone1747d ago

Sucks pre ordering it with the ps4 doesn't grant you access to the beta.... really thinking about just switching it out with Killzone.

Goro1747d ago

That's exactly what i'm doing, Battlefield is no as crappy as COD is now.

KwietStorm1747d ago

Doesn't grant you access to the beta? I don't get what you mean. Obviously there's no beta on PS4, but the beta is open to everyone tomorrow.

venom061747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

the beta is not bad at all... actually pretty fun and fast paced (ESPECIALLY DOMINATION)... but just like the BF3 beta, people complained and whined like crazy and when the game was released it was awesome, sold 20mil and won all kinds of awards... folks just need to remember its a beta and many, many changes will be made before release... PLUS BF3 was release with HD texture pack that made a tremendous difference between BF3 beta and release. They will more than likely to the same for BF4 on current gen consoles. This will be GLORIOUS on next gen consoles with 60FPS and 64 man servers.

this article has some constructive criticism but is mostly positive of the beta overall..

PeaSFor1747d ago

the beta way too badly optimized, its night and day with my rig going from bf3 to bf4, and my gaming isnt the problem as many other peoples suffer the same shitty stutters, DICE better get their shit toghether before bf4 launch.

ion6661747d ago

bf3 is smooth considered to this. when levolution happens it creates a texture blackhole. all textures dissapear.And where the fuck is the boats?.....ps3

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