This is Without a Doubt the First PlayStation 4 Trophy List

Hardcore Gamer: A few days ago, we posted news that the first ever PlayStation 4 trophy list had likely leaked for "Tutorial Shooting Game." Although it sounds like quite possibly the most exciting game ever created, the trophies were as generic as its title and didn't give us a whole lot of insight into the next-gen awards. We now, however, have trophies for a known game.

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admiralvic1753d ago

At least we know something about this game, but I really wish Sony would stop teasing us and throw up Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club or Knack.

KwietStorm1753d ago

What do you mean about teasing us?

FamilyGuy1753d ago

I think he wants to know more about those games as trophy list give you an insight on more of the activities associated with a game.

This Playroom list let me know a few new things. Can't wait till they add more to it with the already mentioned free dlc from devs support.

Ripsta7th1753d ago

Try to make trophy/achievements useful next gen. When i had gotten an xbox back in 08 i thought u could biy stuff from the xbox marketplace w achievement points

FamilyGuy1753d ago

When achievement points first started I thought they would translate into microsoft points, it seemed like a great idea. By the time MS actually did anything similar (recently just happened after all these years) they got rid of the "points" system in favor of real money.

princejb1341753d ago

can this day end and fast forward to November 15

grumpc1753d ago

Won't fifa 14 be the first known trophy list? Since It's out on ps3 currently...

BLAKHOODe1753d ago

I don't remember where I saw it, but they said trophies/achievements on next-gen versions of games could be different than they are on current-gen.

grumpc1753d ago

Oh okay fair enough, could be interesting.

admiralvic1753d ago

Well, these posts are based off the literal first trophy lists, since the version uploaded IS the PlayStation 4 version. We also sometimes see changes / revisions between versions and regions.

Spelunker Collection PS3 had this trophy...

Dark tourism
Finished the first level without blowing off the ghost in "Spelunker" (Console)

Where as Spelunker Collection Vita removed that for this trophy...

Reached the final goal in "Spelunker" (Arcade) without using all keys

You can also see that in Rayman Legends, which are pretty different. The point being, this is 100% a PlayStation 4 game and the version uploaded was PlayStation 4, thus it's the first 100% (Tutorial Shooting Game could have been an error, since we know nothing about it) official trophy list for the PlayStation 4.

Soldierone1753d ago

I wish they would implement the reward system that was in beta then dispersed. Hell if all we earn are avatars and digital stuff, i'm fine with that. I just want to earn something.

KwietStorm1753d ago

That reward system was pretty under cooked. That's why it was canned. But yea, I wouldn't mind seeing it come back, reworked.

Soldierone1753d ago

Yeah no doubt, but they had lots of positive feedback from the forums. It just needs to be revamped to an extent, and not lie about rewarding trophies. Reward trophies, who cares?

They also had a program going with houseparty that worked well too. They could cross promote the two programs. Have set weekly goals to earn things etc... The more points you earn, the better stuff you can get. I mean one free game in return for someone telling people about PlayStation all year seems fair.