3 Retro Games Based On Slasher Movies

Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween have become classic slasher horror movies during a time where slasher movies became popular with the audience. Since then, there have been sequels over the years such as merchandise including video games.

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MultiConsoleGamer1665d ago

I could never beat Friday the 13th until I bought a Game Genie.

XXXL1664d ago

I'd love to see these horror licenses used by some of the great developers out there- Rockstar, Rocksteady, Naughty Dog making a Friday the 13th game would be awesome

Thatguy-3101664d ago

Quantic Dream making one would just be killer!! I have always wished they tackle a slasher/horror game with the mechanics that they used in their previous game.

XboxFun1664d ago

I remember playing Friday the 13th for NES and having absolutely no clue on what to do at ALL!

Jason would pop up out of no where and I would just run the hell out of there.

We should get a Freddy vs. Jason game for these new systems.