Impressive PS4 Exclusive Action RPG Reborn Debuted, Kickstarted

At Tokyo Game Show last month, I got an early peek at Elemental Labs' Reborn, an action RPG with a sci-fi twist that they're aiming to put on both PS3 and PS4 next year. New publisher acttil hosted an event where Elemental Labs' Franz Tissera, CEO, showed off his last year of work on Reborn and announced a Kickstarter campaign.

Reborn is an interesting mix of old and new, folklore and sci-fi. It pulls from the history of Japanese swordsman Musahi Miyamoto and works the famed tale into a bit of a futuristic retelling. They've set this story in Neo-Tokyo, a world where huge corporations rule, and body augmentation is a regular thing.

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xKugo1813d ago

The concept art for this game is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely impressed by what I've seen so far

abzdine1813d ago

not even PS2 had this many quality games announced before it released!

Army_of_Darkness1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Since the ps4 is much easier to develop for, I'm sure we are gonna see shitloads of exclusive titles coming from japan Unlike this gen:-D

Section81813d ago

To be fair though, there isn't a lot of exclusives at launch yet either.

Magicite1813d ago

Oh boy, if PS4 reaches at least 80% of PS2's success, then it will be amazing.
I knew that Sony wont fail, new exclusives will be coming one by one non-stop, they dont want to announce everything at start, so the hype grows steadily.

EXVirtual1813d ago

@Armyofdarkness, exactly. That's what excites me most about this gen.

UltimateMaster1813d ago

Really Impressive.
If they can make this happen on the PS4, then it's truly next-gen.

Enemy1813d ago

This is some seriously incredible art direction holy god!

egidem1813d ago

The exclusives just keep on coming! ...and I thought I would conclude this gen with enough for next gen's games and exclusives.

Clearly I was a FOOL.

creepjack1813d ago

The PS2 had a horrid launch lineup. seriously, it did. Almost any console had a better launch line up then it.

pkb791813d ago

speaking of ps2 i want a new Onimusha game.

KwietStorm1813d ago

Well PS2 had a pretty boring launch lineup. I think the best thing about the indie explosion is it's bringing creativity, diversity, and "risks" back to the mainstream market.

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Ame_No_Shiryuu1813d ago

anybody knows when the kickstarter funding begin..?, i couldn't find any info yet...

Neixus1813d ago

Indeed, look at hands of the monster, he's holding a person. Huge badass bosses confirmed?

specialguest1813d ago

Definitely love the concept art. It looks like a cyber samurai punkish world with a blade runner city look.

AngelicIceDiamond1813d ago

This game looks beautiful holy crap lol.

AlphaJunk1813d ago

did the image of the polygonal character display the boss would be increased to over 20k Tris? Is that for for ps3 or PS4?

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Godmars2901813d ago

Though this one is coming through Kickstarter which means its coming in low quality. That it would be better if it was coming in with Sony's support and likely more polish.

Ame_No_Shiryuu1813d ago

do you know when will the kickstarter funding begin..?, i couldn't find any info yet...

Hicken1813d ago

How does it being Kickstarter-related directly impact its quality? I'm sorry, but I don't see the positive correlation.

Godmars2901813d ago

At the very least, it being an independent production that relying on outside funds beings its level of quality into question.

DOMination-1813d ago

Has there ever been a good (big budget) kickstarter game?

Godmars2901813d ago

Kind of my point: all of this is early production with a kickstarter which which hasn't even started or announced its goal. We've just heard about high targets for what they hope to do.

KwietStorm1813d ago

So that automatically means low quality now? How ignorant is that?

jmc88881813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Star Citizen says hi and disagrees.

In fact, it's the opposite.

Godmars2901812d ago

I said nothing like that. This whole thing, on the fan side, is just another case of overly high expectations however.

Yes. This dev team has as much if not more general recognition as the Wing Commander people. Its exactly the same situation...

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Neixus1813d ago

I like their adaptive a.i.
''the game's social perception system, which has the game changing based on how you approach it. Careful players might have an easier time in the world, where as your guns-a-blazin' player could have, for example, NPCs reacting in a more hostile manner''

Lol at the fact that microsoft says only the clouds can make an a.i improvise.

But damn, sci-fi ninjas? this sounds like a game for me =D

showtimefolks1812d ago

MS says a lot of things just ignore them since they won't reliever half of them anyway. It's MS slogan we will over promise and under deliver

nick3091813d ago

Ill wait for gameplay rather than be impressed and hyped for concept art.

andibandit1813d ago

I did some further research and found its a kickstarter game being developed from the CEO`s garage. Not really getting my hopes up.

aawells071813d ago

Thats kinda what i was thinking rather than act fake and pretend its the most amazing ive ever seen. Concept art for all games "looks" cool but the final product is a different story.