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Brian Shea wrote: The final piece to the authenticity puzzle is the way the playable characters handle. Olsen claims that a lot of care was put into the way that the gladiators will control during combat. “We didn’t want you to be a ninja who could leap 40 feet,” he says. “We wanted you to feel like a guy who was wearing metal, who had to put on his boots and armor. So it’s very heavy, very impactful, and you get a lot of the interactions with the bodies where [your character] slams into enemies and you feel the weight of it.”

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Kingthrash3601698d ago

ya know, i hope this game isnt as bad as i think it is...but the slow heavy pace they say the game will have mixed with the "ill just stand here until you hit me" AI i seen in the multiplayer footage my prediction seems true. but thats ME and my opinion is mine sure people will enjoy this game it looks good and sounds good on paper so fingers crossed for xbox1 adopters.

Eldyraen1697d ago

I'm personally looking forward to playing this however I do have similar concerns.

Hopefully any 'weaknesses' will be easily ignored (no game is perfect after all) as I'm mostly interested in it for the historical setting. The idea behind the game itself is great (Ancient Rome is ripe for some awesome experiences) and just hope it lives up to its potential.

I'm not really expecting a 10 though but hoping for a solid 8-9.

Insomnia_841697d ago

I said it wayyyy before and two days ago in a hands-on from a website the guy, who already played it, said the same thing, the game will become repetitive and will probably get boring after 3 or 4hrs unless the story is really engaging. They are rushing everything for the XB1 and it's going to be bad news, it's like they didn't learn with the 360.

Animal Mutha 761697d ago

@ Kingthrash360

You know you are partly right about the wait until he hits me thing although the AI did seem to try to gang up on you if it could which then meant you had to counter mid fight ala batman. It was better than the cqc of assassins creed and very similar to Batman perhaps with out quite so much flow and gymnastics.

My buddy and I played the co-op MP demo at Eurogamer and we had a lot of fun. Its easy just to button mash but that doesn't really work and you will get punished. The skill is in learning the moves and then stringing together some shapes. When it works it can be beautiful. We performed some gruesome co-op executions as well.

The game is stunning, better than the videos I had seen. No stuttering, loss of frames or tearing that I could see. And the AA must be powerful as the edges of the amour, swords and surroundings were all very smooth looking. The lighting engine is really impressive. Certainly as a launch title it really shows that the X1 is packing some punch and in my view looks better than it should if indeed it is a 1.3TF console. I think MS have some handy custom silicon inside as BF4 was also staggeringly fast.

All of this was running on an X1 in front of me. I could put my hand over the top and feel the warm air come out (the fan system pulls air in from the sides and back and blows it out of the top). Its a nice piece of kit and not as big (wide) as I thought.

byeGollum1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Dude, I'm trying to contain myself while waitin', and here you are gettin' me even more excited for the release.

JokesOnYou1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Gollum yeah me too. Animal Mutha thanks for the early preview. Sounds like you got just a good lil taste of whats to come. I'm jealous cause I was this close to going to ComicCon but hey I got to work too ya know.

Also all the latest previews seem to really like the combat gameplay. This is from the article:

"One of the biggest concerns we had going into our time with Rysewas that the gladiatorial combat would get old quickly due to the hack and slash nature of it all. That turned out not to be the case at all, since the coliseum changed as we went through the multiplayer mode, offering players a unique twist on the point A to point B mission structure."

"As we sliced our way through the barbarian hordes, we noticed a plethora of brutal executions at our disposal. Olsen states that the various types of executions were a huge focus for the Ryse team. “The final game will have over 100 executions in it,” he says. “Some of those will be co-op, but a lot of those will be environment executions. If you’re fighting near a cliff, you can throw people off of the cliff’s edge, if you see something sharp, you can probably throw somebody onto it. They’re dangerous to everyone, not just the enemies, so it’s being aware of your surroundings, but it’s also finding ways to use those traps to your advantage.”

"The characters handle very nicely, the environments shift around meaningful ways, and the different enemy types required unique strategies in order to defeat them. The rhythmic combat system was a refreshing change of pace for the genre, but the entire experience is driven home by the authenticity that Crytek has gone to great lengths to create. The only misstep we could potentially see for the multiplayer is in how repetitious the gameplay could begin to feel after multiple sessions; we won’t have enough time with the title to find out if that’s true or not until the final version of the game is in our hands."

-So only complaint is "how repetitious the gameplay **could begin to feel after multiple sessions"= yeah but thats true for alot of games especially this game type.

1697d ago
3-4-51697d ago

How do they know it's "authentic"...

Were they there to witness Gladiators ?

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byeGollum1697d ago

another positive preview. .

Septic1697d ago

I kind of wish this was more realistic though. A proper raw gladiatorial battle without all the lightning superpowers etc. That would be really cool. Other people spectating in the crowds as you go 1v1 with someone.

The combat mechanics leave a lot to be desired to be honest.

Bolts1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

The god powers just doesn't make a lick of sense. This is just another reason why I'm all mixed up about Ryse. WTF is this game. Is it God of War type fantasy game or is it a Roman legion based brawler. If it is a Roman legion brawler then WTF are you doing in the coliseum as a gladiator??

I suppose in a world where specs ops can fight terrorist and zombies in the same game, I shouldn't ask these kind of questions, but the general direction of Ryse totally confuses me.

Bigpappy1697d ago

The god thing is just a sign that you fight under. It grants you a few perks like additional health or attack damage. Kind of like how religious faith is supposed to work. I is nothing like GOW where you fight beast and gods, this is just a pissed off solder with strong faith and vengeance on his mind.

Lucreto1697d ago

It looks excellent and I am a sucker for Roman games.

If they wanted an authentic Gladiator experience all the Gladiators would have to look more like Danny Devito than Russell Crowe. :P

DeadManIV1697d ago

Game definitely looks beautiful, gameplay looks alright (if it's anything like Batman), but I really think this game won't have a decent story. For me, the games I play need a good story.

byeGollum1697d ago

would you take story over gameplay? like, you wouldnt mind if the gameplay isn't as much fun, so long as the story is deep.

DeadManIV1697d ago

I definitely take story above everything - i love reading through interactive fiction, which has almost zero gameplay.