Rumor: Is Naughty Dog’s next game Uncharted 4?

Lost actor Dominic Monoghan was seen hanging at Naughty Dog’s office today. He tweeted his picture next to Jak and Daxter statue. Before you ask how this is related to Uncharted 4 – let me clarify – Dominic Monoghan has previously spilled beans on a “new” Uncharted in one of his live conference call and now he is visiting Naughty Dog’s office – exciting, isn’t it?

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DarkBlood1811d ago

I sure hope it is, would love to play another in the series

Abash1811d ago

I will ALWAYS look forward to going on a new adventure with Nathan Drake, I can't get enough of the Uncharted series and hope we hear about Uncharted on PS4 soon

abzdine1811d ago

i wuold love me some next gen Uncharted.
unbelievable how that could look

thechosenone1811d ago

When that game finally does come out, they're going to sell a buttload of PS4s for Sony.

Ripsta7th1811d ago

Yet you guys bitch MS for doing this.

Hellsvacancy1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )


ND make GOOD games, you know, some of the highest rated of games this gen

Take your trolling suit off and get the fu<k outta here

I personally want more Last Of Us, ND made three Uncharted games in a row, why not two Last Of Us games?

Destrania1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

There's a difference between rehash and refresh. Hint: Sony does the latter. Even though there's been three Uncharted games, they've all felt exciting and new in their own ways.

LoveOfTheGame1811d ago

Your right it is a high rated series, actually it's number 2 or 3 for highest rated exclusive series, right behind Gears of War, this gen.

I hope ND starts a new IP as this is why I have respected them throughout the years.(Always starting fresh each gen)

itBourne1811d ago

Two conditions, dont ruin my entire first experience/play through because somehow ND completely fucks up the controls (that one still baffles me beyond belief), and fix Elena's model please, like what the hell.

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Eonjay1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

"How does this link together, you ask? Geoff [Keighley] is the producer of VGAs at Spike TV. Check the tweet below..."

Oh Sh*t - Incoming Megaton. It going down 9PM ET Friday, December 6, 2013 at the VGAs.

Kryptix1811d ago

Same here, but whatever the next game from Naughty Dog to be announced for the PS4 is, it's going to deliver.

My opinion is that Naughty Dog should do a sequence of Jak and Dexter, Uncharted, and then Last of Us with new IPs created from a smaller team. That way, Naughty Dog can practice their art on different genres, satisfying many different gamers and at the same time defining the console. Hopefully, some day, we can see Naughty Dog and Santa Monica or a different studio share ideas and create brand new games. I think the future should be studios combining to make brighter ideas happen.

Deadpoolio1811d ago

They've already said a few times now that they really have no ideas for Jak and Daxter and wouldn't continue the series if they had no good ideas for the series

Kryptix1811d ago


"We tried and failed. :( Maybe in the future we'll try again." -Naughty Dog

It's still a possibility. Maybe they picked up the project again after releasing Last of Us. We'll see what happens at the VGAs but I'm just excited that Naughty Dog is working on something for the PS4 at the moment. Even if the cycle doesn't consist of Jak and Dexter, they know how to make new IPs that match the greatness of their older franchises. It's all good for all of us either way.

showtimefolks1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

uncharted is a series where you can make as many UC games as you want because the characters are well fleshed and connect together. also with each game there is totally a different story and world

uncharted is one of sony's best selling IP from this gen so people can't expect it to disappear. That's why ND have a 2nd team and most likely will even make a 3rd team

that's what many of sony's studios are doing, even though its one developer but they may have 2-3 different teams within that studio. sony santa monica has 3 teams

but if ND tells sony they want to do new IP, sony will most likely let them.(that's the level of trust and respect in ND)

pyramidshead1811d ago

As long as there's long lost historical cities of myth and interesting artifacts to find there will always be room for another uncharted. Just as long as they work them into a sensible plot line they could all be done.

UC1: El Dorado - City of Gold(turns out to be a statue)
UC2: Shambhala - Cintamani Stone
UC3: Iram of The Pillars - (some brass holding evil Djinn?)

But yeah, there's loads more cities and ancient power items to base stories on. As long as they make them look fantastic then I'm up for the ride. Love how they've portrayed these ancient cities in the previous games.

colonel1791811d ago

I want another one just because I want them to make a game better than Uncharted 2. Uncharted 3 wasn't as good with the story, so I wish they come up with something better. Also, the gameplay needs a lot if improvement, and I think that with the PS4, they could do that. However, since they are still using the same engine, it might not be possible (Although I can't say since I don't know anything about game engines).

1811d ago
HardcoreGamer1811d ago


at least sony exclusivs are better all the time. games that get way crapper shouldnt have sequels.

so bring on uncharted 4

LoveOfTheGame1811d ago

Did you play UC3, cause it wasn't as good as UC2.

Halo 4 was miles better than Halo Reach.

GW2121811d ago

I agree with LoveOfTheGame.

I thought UC2 was the better storyline. UC3 had better graphics but I didn't think the story was as tightly wound (still amazing obviously).

Uncharted is my favorite series and I cannot wait for UC4. I prefer Xbox overall but Uncharted made me go out and buy a PS3. I'm guessing it'll make me go out and by a PS4 too.

Looks like it's time to start saving up for all of this. PB&J sandwiches will be the go-to meal for the foreseeable future.

Big_B0SS1811d ago

Lets just hope that the real ND team, the one that made the TLOU is working on it instead of the ND team spin-off that made Uncharted not get me wrong UC3 was good but not great compared to UC1 and UC2.

supes_241811d ago

I would love to play another Uncharted game! They've made some of the most memorable games I've ever played, great voice acting, amazing graphics, puzzle solving, huge open worlds to explore, great gun play, finding hidden artifacts! What a great series and a fourth on the PS4 would be phenomenal. X

Magicite1811d ago

I totally love Uncharted but ND have proved that they can develop new and awesome IP's, so I wouldn't mind if they bring something completely new like they did with The Last of US.

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Majin-vegeta1811d ago

I know i'll get flamed for this.But its to earlt for a new uncharted.come back to it in like 3-4 years.

DarkBlood1811d ago

too early? dude i dont want to wait that long by then it 'll be half way into the ps4 lifecycle and if they plan to do more after this one we wont even see the trilogy be complete on next gen lol

LOGICWINS1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

UC3 ended the trilogy on a sensible note. Nate implied at the end that he would be a devoted husband to Elena and give up his adventures. Yet another adventure would be ridiculous from a story perspective. The only way I could see it work is if Elena or Sully died and it would be a revenge tale, but that would hurt the lighthearted tone thats a facet of Uncharted games.

I see three options:

Option A: There will be no Uncharted games built from the ground up on the PS4, but there will be at least one more UC game for the Vita.

Option B: There WILL be a new Uncharted game for the PS4, but the characters will change entirely.

Option C: ND makes yet another UC sequel because Sony tells them to.

I see Option A as the most probable as TLOU proved that fans will buy anything ND craps out regardless of what the words on the cover says.

God of War is a different scenario. Its allowed a fourth sequel simply because GOW3's ending ended in a cliffhanger...not the case with UC3.

Indo1811d ago

The Mummy Returns comes in mind when I was reading your comment. NaughtyDogs next game, Uncharted or not, will be incredible based on their track record so far.

LOGICWINS1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

The Mummy Returns was actually the best film in the franchise. I facepalmed big time when I found out Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was being made and Jet Li was the mummy lol. Maria Bello did a good job though.

As I said, money makes the world go round. I'm not saying Uncharted 4 doesn't exist, I'm only saying that its existence would bring to light a dangerous trend of top tier devs not wanting to try new things.

GiggMan1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

A lot of titles were "crapped out" over the last few years, The Last of Us was not one of them.

LOGICWINS1811d ago

I knew people were going to take that "crapped out" comment the wrong way smh. The point is that people like what ND puts out regardless.

PoSTedUP1811d ago

UC is crtically acclaimed and has built a fanbase, deff gonna be another one.

im all for devs trying new things. this gen was filled with great new ips from big devs. but they are always going to lean more towards the money (fanbase).

i wanna see UC4 with new shooting mechanics, climbing mechanics, (this one is delusional) but an open world as well...
regardless, the new tech is going to blow our minds especially comming fom ND.

i want a golden abyss2 that would be super dope, bout to run through GA a third time now that im all riled up, lol.

KwietStorm1811d ago

Option D: It's a prequel

Option E: Married life is boring. Who cares about details what he said to Elena. An adventure is an adventure.

GiggMan1811d ago

How many different ways can you take the phase "crapped out"? :/ smh.

Crap is usually used in a negative or derogatory context by most people. Apparently not you though, so disregard my comment.

Hell, never mind, you said that crap on purpose.

Omegasyde1811d ago

Uncharted games dont need to be chronologically order imho. Story usually goes as Nate is looking for something.

Hellsvacancy1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Uncharted 4 could be set 16 years after U3, Nathan could have a 15-16 year old son/daughter that decides to follow in Nathans footsteps, gets in trouble whilst exploring etc, and the generic story would continue..........

LoveOfTheGame1811d ago

Isn't that the exact plot for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

GW2121811d ago

Or another option - Elena and their newborn son are kidnapped. Drake and Sully to the rescue?

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Deadpoolio1811d ago

really cause by the time it came out them it would be 3 or 4 years later considering that Uncharted 3 came out 11/11/11

Xsilver1811d ago

Anything from Naughty dog will make me happy.

wishingW3L1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Uncharted or not I don't care.

In ND we trust.

Rask1811d ago

Hopefully not, i want a new IP. Don't get me wrong people, i love Uncharted, but i want new groundbreaking experiences from Naughty Dog.

GiggMan1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Something like The Last of Us???

People are hollering "no new Uncharted" like it was the last game Naughty Dog did. They took a break and went with The Last of Us (thanks by the way ND), now I'm ready for some Drake again for the Next Gen.

PopRocks3591811d ago

Well not everyone shares your opinion. I've played and finished the Last of Us and I'm more than ready for another new IP from Naughty Dog. If not then I'd love for them to at least revisit Jak.

Riderz13371811d ago

@PopRocks - I understand where you are coming from. I'd love a new IP, even though we just got one, but you have to understand that Sony wants to sell consoles and a guaranteed way to do this is to have Uncharted 4 on the PS4.

I know even if Naughty Dog made a new IP it would still sell quite a bit, but it won't be a system seller as much as Uncharted 4 would because Uncharted already has the brand recognition behind it.

Plus I would just love to see what an Uncharted game would look/play like on the PS4. 1080P 60 FPS =)!!

Majin-vegeta1811d ago

@poprocks The Last Of Us was originally a new jak &Daxter game xD.

LOGICWINS1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Hmmm, TLOU is a new IP, but its not exactly "original". The concept of people trying to survive a brutal post-apocalyptic world is nothing new. ND simply give its own spin on the genre.

Its not like The Order 1886 which looks like something different from what we're used to.

Fez1811d ago

so what you're saying is, logicwins, you want naughty dog to create an entire new genre. ok...

And this, "Nate implied at the end that he would be a devoted husband to Elena and give up his adventures. Yet another adventure would be ridiculous from a story perspective."

Just hilarious that you would consider a fourth Uncharted ridiculous based on that.

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