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A look at all three final evolutions for starter Pokemon in X/Y

Check out images showing all three final evolutions for starter Pokemon in X/Y. (3DS, Pokemon X and Y)

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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   519d ago
for the first time in a long time the final evolution for all 3 starters are good
TripC50  +   519d ago
Greninja was leaked a couple days ago. I thought it was dumb then but the guy has grown on me. Chesnaught is a beastly juggernaut that I think looks pretty B A. But the fox is just a bummer. I'm going with froakie. There is a pic online of Greninja in the Poke-amie thing smiling and he just looks great.
kalebninja  +   519d ago
delphox is great it seems like a fire spirit to me i would have liked a witch more but i do lke this one and froakies does look cool but chespins.....no it doesnt resemble it at all, it doesnt even have the same colors
Blastoise  +   519d ago
Im a bit disappointed tbh. Never thought Froakie would end up having the best evo. Fennekin is a massive wasted opportunity (no wolf) and Im not a fan of Chespins at all. Oh well.
lykazajik685   519d ago | Spam
TomShoe  +   519d ago
Not bad.

Chessnaught is OK, didn't really expect much different. Snivy was better though, that smug bastard.

While I saw a different Froakie final evolution previously (turns out it was from a guys DeviantArt, but it looked AWESOME) this is OK, pretty similar. The scarf is a nice touch though.

Fennekin is pretty meh. Just looks like a fox version of a witch. I wonder if it will be able to talk via telepathy.

Will be going with Froakie next gen :D
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webeblazing  +   518d ago
i haven't played pokemon since Gameboy u know screen green and grey(or more green sound like a pothead lol). so im guessing the did the whole alphabet
Everything  +   518d ago
Seriously! These suck. Unless you count them bringing gen1 starters back because those are good. And i don't even count gen5 as existing because that on sucked way too much. gen 1,2,3,4, were fine these look ok but not amazing like you are saying.
kirbyu  +   519d ago
Hopefully these are fake, becuase Chessnaught looks horrible.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   519d ago
they are not confirmed
kalebninja  +   519d ago
they are real there is gameplay footage
TekoIie  +   519d ago
Gameplay footage does not confirm it as real. There was a leak a while back which had a gameplay pic which was proven as fake.

xander70769  +   519d ago
@ pekolie

Faking a single still and faking actual footage are two completely different animals. It's as good as confirmed.
kirbyu  +   518d ago
Where is this footage? I'd like to see it.
Everything  +   518d ago
it's not fake
Lboogieskells  +   519d ago | Well said
Worst designs to date.
Lboogieskells  +   519d ago
Ok sure, Im hating on a game over been playing for over ten years.

-_- no, more like those are really bad looking final evolutions. I apologize for having an opinion.
Qrphe  +   518d ago
I think we've just outgrown them
Lboogieskells  +   518d ago
I'm excited for the game, just a little disappointed in the designs, although the frog looks cool.
Everything  +   518d ago
_QQ_  +   519d ago
At this point gamefreak needs to just make new adventures with the existing pokemon with the new 3D, maybe even on console? because other than the water one these look like trash. along with alot of the new pokemon. these are wayytoo anthropomorphic, a wizard fox standing upright on its hind legs? at least blazikin and the monkey make sense standing upright.... frog is cool though, the fire pig shouldve been on all 4's too.
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rezzah  +   519d ago
Only fire type looks good and has a good name.
AdmiralSnake  +   519d ago
Looks horrible.........
FlameBaitGod  +   519d ago
The water type is the only decent one
rezzah  +   519d ago
It would have looked good if it didnt have a scarf.
Embolado  +   519d ago
Looks like someone has been watching Attack on Titan. A nod to Mikasa Ackerman?
xtremexx  +   519d ago
water one looks like a ninja.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   519d ago
How could it be a nod to Mikasa? LUL...
Neo Nugget  +   519d ago
Greninja didn't even give the others a chance, huh?
HexxedAvenger  +   519d ago
These look good. So hard to choose! :-/

Why do you guys hate em so much?
SabreMonster  +   519d ago
I personally dont like delphox, at all. Whats up with the dress?
Then chessnaught looks like an overweight mummy...
Guess who's choosing froakie? :)
Beetey  +   519d ago
It really annoys me that, with a simple color swap, I think chessnaught would be pretty good. As is though, I'm not really a big fan.
Slowbrosef  +   519d ago
I Feel Like Chessnaught pulled a Samurott by looking like there should have been something in between to explain the changes.
kalebninja  +   517d ago
just lettin ya know that was the female form of delphox it was just leaked that the starters or at least delphox has male/female forms
AceBlazer13  +   519d ago
ugh, getting tired of humanoid pokemon.
Steelmanner  +   519d ago
I will agree that there have been alot of humanoid Pokemon lately. These do follow the trend, but they are different enough that I think they look fine.
KonsoruMasuta  +   519d ago
There were humanoid Pokémon in the earlier gens.
Y_5150  +   519d ago
Yeah I can name around ten from gen 1 2 3
blademaster09  +   519d ago
One word. Fugly.
A7XEric  +   519d ago
Holy fuck these are horrible. This is coming from someone who isn't a genwunner either.
kirbyu  +   519d ago
I still don't get the name "Greninja". He isn't green.
Mohawk-V85  +   519d ago
I think its meant to be Grenadier Ninja. From the free dictionary on the internet; Grenadier means "a member of the first regiment of royal household infantry (in the British army)".
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mitchell1188  +   519d ago
He's a green ninja can't you tell??lol jkjk
NintySony  +   519d ago
Hmmm i am still going with chespin my first choice... :D
Misaka_x_Touma  +   519d ago
those are not confirmed
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Beetey  +   519d ago
Ya about that...
feraldrgn  +   519d ago
Team Froakie.

There are some great fan arts going about that make the other 2 look better, kind of wish chespins 3rd got a different pose:



TheFutureIsBlue  +   519d ago
Those look a lot better =o
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   519d ago
HexxedAvenger  +   519d ago
RockmanII7  +   519d ago
I'm not buying until Nintendo is selling, but if so I'm interested if Chespin 3 is Grass/Dark like we originally thought or Grass/Steel. It doesn't fit with fire/psychic and water/fighting idea that was going around.
Y_5150  +   519d ago
Yeah it does silly
Do you get it now?
RockmanII7  +   518d ago
Yea, Chespin 3 is Grass/Fighting and Froakie 3 is Water/Dark. I was thinking the second types would be a reverse effective cycle, but instead both are going in the same direction as the main type cycle (Fire>Grass>Water>Fir e).
Y_5150  +   518d ago
Yeah but grass/Dark, fire/psychic, and water fighting would have been neat but looking at chespin's first evolution. it wasn't looking to be dark lol
RockmanII7  +   518d ago
Froakie doesn't look dark either though.
NineRealms  +   519d ago
The lovely people from ShowVideoGames on twitch are gonna be doing a 720 Hour Pokemon Marathon of X and Y on October 12th - November 12th. You'll be able to battle them during the marathon if you have the game.
capjacksparrow  +   519d ago
Sheesh... 720 hours o.0
CaptainPunch  +   519d ago
Yeah I don't like these starters at all, good thing I can use the starters from gen 1.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   519d ago
mrleo13  +   519d ago
For the first time i won't pick the water type for starter ... This frog is so WIERD ....
mitchell1188  +   519d ago
I like them all....they will be mine ^~^
HexxedAvenger  +   519d ago
Same here dude! For the first time I'm torn on which one to use!
Rai  +   519d ago
This might actually be the first time I actually prefer the water type..
truechainz  +   519d ago
Don't know why everyone is hating on these evos I think they look cool. Then again I don't remember a game since gen 2 where people weren't constantly berating the final stater evolutions. I think they look good considering they were going for 3 medieval classes with the assassin, mage, and knight. Chesnaught looks beast especially to me.
OMNlPOTENT  +   519d ago
Chespin-Squirtle-Torchic. This is gonna be fun :D Anyways I don't think any of the evolutions are particularly bad. Fennekin's is underwhelming but I think the other two look amazing. I think they're the best looking starters since Gen 3.
HexxedAvenger  +   519d ago
Froakie-Bulbasaur-Torchic for me.
HexxedAvenger  +   519d ago
Well the people that don't like these starters, which I still don't see why... Always have the gen 1. :-/

I like the fact that these were types that are rarely done... Only other fire/psychic is victini... And grass/fighting is breloom. I was hoping for water/fighting and grass/dark tho.
thepatientgamer  +   519d ago
Fire/psychic? Isn't the fire type overpowered enough
bigboirock  +   519d ago
this might be the first pokemon game i might start with the grass type
bigboirock  +   519d ago
i wish they would make a game like yellow were you dont start out with one of the 3 starters
PickAShoe  +   519d ago
It's evolving into Digimon.
TripC50  +   519d ago
you mean devolving
Slowbrosef  +   519d ago
Kind of off topic but have you guys seen the pokemon origins Mega Charizard X trailer, He's Fire/Dragon Type with ability Tough Claws. But... He's in a sky battle without flying type or Levitate, does this mean there are going to be obvious exceptions for pokemon that fly/levitate but are neither flying nor levitaters like; Venomoth, Beedrill, Magnezone and Chimecho etc.
General-Morpice  +   518d ago
They're actually quite nice, although I can't say I'm very fond of the fox witch thing.. would very much prefer it down on all four.
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