Let's Play - GTA V

The AH Crew finally bring you the first Grand Theft Auto V Let's Play. Enjoy!

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ZBlacktt1660d ago

What a cluster... can't wait for Next Gen.

GarrusVakarian1659d ago

Cluster? Seems like friends having alot of fun if you ask me.

What does wanting next gen have to do with this video? Just because GTA5 is a current gen game you hate it?

ZBlacktt1659d ago

lol, yeah... No hate, just hacked, glitched, broken, bad player profile maker. I guess been there done it so many time over the last 10 years. Oh yeah, lets crash some more cars into people!!! I'm ready for the 10x more powerful console running 10x better graphics and games is all. No hate....

SeanScythe1659d ago

I want this.....Please get it working so I can play R*.