Could This Be Chespin's Final Evolution?

8CN: Via 4chan's Pokemon board, a user uploaded an image of what appears to be Chespin's final evolution. Before you check out the image, take note that 1) this could very well be a fake, and 2) if it is not a fake, it's definitely a spoiler.

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majiebeast1781d ago

Best final evolution is Froaky. But that is mostly because the other 2 look shitty.

3-4-51781d ago

Froakie looks awesome, I think Chespin's final is awesome.

Am I the only one who thinks this? He's like a tank/pokemech

truechainz1781d ago

No Chesnaught is great. People always thing the starter evos suck when they first come out.

Drummerdude411781d ago

I just wish chestnaught had elbows. the design is solid it just looks like he put his hands in something god awful and is letting it drip.

Erikamotionless1780d ago

Or maybe it could be a mega form?