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This sequel to the game that started it all is the epitome of what a new Disgaea game should be. It improves on mechanics while retaining absolutely everything that fans love about the series, all while ensuring newcomers can find their way around the complexities of the game. While the cast is classic and the dialogue is witty, there’s definitely an over-abundance of pointless chatter to wade through sometimes, but it doesn’t reduce the game’s impact. Endlessly replayable, deep and customizable, and revised in all the best ways, Disgaea D2 is the ultimate Disgaea experience.

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AceBlazer131783d ago

glad to hear, the disgaea games r always fun. still slap on a promise unforgotten every now and then

TomShoe1782d ago

Ridiculously good game. With funny characters and a great battle system. One of my all time favorite series and one reason I'm a Sony guy.


A Vita version for Disgaea 4 is going to come out first.

3-4-51782d ago

Thinking about playing Afternoon of Darkness (psp), as my first Dishaea game. good place to start ?

GrandpaSnake1782d ago

so this is not coming out on vita?

Inception1782d ago

Right now only in PS3. But maybe you can wait for a year like Disgaea 3 / 4 if you want it to play on Vita.