New Gran Turismo 6 Screenshots Focus on Bathurst, Show Fantastic Visuals

Gran Turismo 6 is going to be released on PS3 at the outset of the lifetime of the PS4, but despite being on a last generation console, it showcases some really great visuals, as demonstrated once more by the new screenshots released today.

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Chaostar1749d ago

Hello, who's there? Is that you PS4? Oh it's you PS3, I could've sworn you were next gen just then.

Bravo PD, bravo.

level 3601749d ago

Graphics on par with Forza 5.

Physics will be better than Forza 5.

JackStraw1749d ago

really? come on now. look at it lol. what in forza 5 looks better? graphics-wise. be honest.

Ezz20131749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

name one thing F5 is doing better in GFX or any thing?!
i can't believe this game look like that and have dynamic weather and realtime lighting and night/day shift which non of that in Forza 5

TXIDarkAvenger1748d ago

GT6 stacks up well against F5 but by no means is it visually better. If they are on par, I feel sorry for you console peasants. The graphical jump isn't very big but still a gap between this gen and next gen. So to say its on par is just stupid.

Hey you Sony fanboys can enjoy your "amazing" visuals but what does that mean when you have over half the amount of cars being imported PS2 models?

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thereapersson1749d ago

Considering this is running on PS3, I'd say it's impressive they could even reach the level of Forza 5 at all. Hopefully dynamic weather and real-time lighting amongst the physics improvements and refined engine sounds set GT:6 apart from the pack.

blakstarz1749d ago

Remember, Sony said the PS3 has a 10 year life span and its being proven even with the new hardware....gotta hand it to Sony....their stuff lasts!

TechMech21749d ago

You sir are a fanboy. Or you've never actually played gran Turismo, because the graphics are absolutely terrible. Screenshots might look fine, but during gameplay it's just awful.

DarkHeroZX1749d ago

I've played GT5 and it looked good. This looks amazing. Only a Forza fanboy would deny the quality of this game.

SoulSercher6201748d ago

You need glasses if you think the graphics of GT5 and GT6 are terrible.

TechMech21749d ago

I'm not a Forza fanboy, I simply hated the graphics of gt5 and the gt6 demo

Aceman181748d ago

Wasted 3 bubbles hating sad

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Holeran1749d ago

Showcasing what the cell can actually do. PS3 always was a beast.

Jamaicangmr1749d ago

Seeing this brings me to tears to think i'm a miss out on this masterpiece because i promised my friend my PS3 and the PS4 isn't backwards compatible.

Damn you Sony damn you to hell.

Destrania1748d ago

When Gaikai fully launches you can just stream it to your PS4 :-)

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